A study on Absenteeism in Hyundai Motor India

A study on Absenteeism
1) Age: a) 20-25 c) 26-30 2) Monthly Income: a) 15,000-20,000 d) 35,000-40,000 3) Cadre: a) EXE e) HTA 4) Marital status: a) Single b) married c) widower b) J-EXE c) N-EXE d) GTA b) 20,000-25,000 c) 25,000-30,000 b) 31-35 d) 35-40

5) How is your work environment? a) Good 6) Do you work over time? a) Yes b) No b) satisfactory c) Bad

7) If Yes, how many hours on an average you work over time? a) 1 hr b) 2hr c) 3hr d) more than 3hr

8) Are there adequate welfare facilities provided?


A study on Absenteeism in Hyundai Motor India a) Yes b) No 9) Are you happy/ satisfied with your work? a) Yes b) No 10) For what reason you take leave? a) Sickness b) Lack of interest in Job c) Poor working conditions d) Long working hours e) Personal reasons 11) Is your work monotonous? a) Yes b) No 12) Do you have options of job rotation? a) Yes b) No 13) How often do you take leave in a month? a) 1 days c) 3 days b) 2 days d) above 3 days 14) How do you rate your relationship with your superior? a) Satisfied b) Highly satisfied c) Neither satisfied or Dis-satisfied d) Dis-satisfied 15) How does your organization manage absenteeism? a) Extra payment to work on Sunday / festival holiday b) Have some staff in reserve / temporary staff c) Use over time in case of vacancy 2 Questionnaire .

We value your Comments… Thank You for your Time & Effort!!! 3 Questionnaire . Good employer relations b. Incentives and bonus provided based on performance. Work environment c. Recognition of work e. Your Comments…… Thanks for taking your precious time to answer my Questionnaire. Future prospects d. how absenteeism can be controlled? a) Change management style b) Change working conditions c) Provide incentives d) Develop an attendance policy e) Others (specify) ____________________ 17) Which factor will motivate you to attend regularly? a.A study on Absenteeism in Hyundai Motor India d) Train employees in various functions 16) In your opinion.

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