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Power Transmission Gears

Power Transmission Gears

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Published by: Shyam Babu R on Jan 14, 2011
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Power transmission gears: 1. Single and double helical 2. Spiral bevel and 3. Spur gearing.

The one with the larger number of teeth is called the ‘gear’. The pinion is the gear with the smaller number of teeth.

s t r ig h t b a n d S i n g le - h e l ic a l d o u b l e - h e l i c a l

S kew - bevel

S p ir a l- b e v e l

Z e r o l- b e v e l

Other types of gears: 1. Hypoid 2. Face 3. Angular bevel

Axial Gear minimum speed: Np = (70. Normal 2.Pitch circle diameter in inches GEARS: Made of alloy steel. & pinion 2 Rc more than gear Surface hardening up to 60 Rc Gear backlash: For shaft diameters up to 2. the maximum backlash 2 ½% of the bearing diameter.4. hardened alloy steel Maximum hardness value 38 Rc. for shafts over 2. Planetary and 6. Crossed helical Types of backlash: 1.440/ d)5 Np = minimum speed rpm d. Transverse 3. Elliptical 5. Radial and 4.500 inches. .500 inches in diameter of figure is 2%.

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