Lesson Plan: Valentine's Day

Class: ESL Level:Intermediate Materials: Computer with WWW Access Teacher: Ms. Huck Aim: How is Valentine's Day celebrated around the world? Objective: Students will be able to discuss what they know about Valentine's Day; read about the history of Valentine's Day customs; read entries from students around the world; submit their own entry; write a cohesive composition about the tradition of this holiday. Motivation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What do people send each other on Valentine's Day? What kinds of gifts do people buy? What food do you associate with this holiday? How do people decorate? What kinds of flower do people receive? How is Valentine's Day celebrated in your native country?

Development: Send students to websites: • • www.kidlink.org/KIDPROJ/MCC www.teacherzone.com/holidays/valentine98.html

Task: Read about the history of Valentine's Day, then read the student entries about this holiday in your native country. Medial Summary: 1. 2. 3. What did you learn about Valentine's Day celebrations in other countries? Was your native country represented? What could we contribute to this student page?

Application: 1. 2. Students write an entry about Valentine's Day celebrations in their native country or in the U.S. The entry could include poems, songs, personal essay, etc. Submit entry on-line to the KidProj Multicultural Calendar page.

Homework: Write a composition about "Valentine's Day Traditions Around the World". Extension: • • Students could design their own webpage about Valentine's Day, or begin a class "Holidays" page to work on all term. Alternatively, students could seek more information by posting questions on student

• The class could publish their entries as a newsletter for teachers to use in other ESL classrooms (particularly those without computers).list-serves or asking their key-pals in other countries. .

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