EM1 Clutch Master Cylinder into 06+ Civic Si

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Features: 100% Brand new material Stainless steel line for increased resistance against high pressure No-plastic master cylinder dampener Improved pedal feel Proper clutch engagement/disengagement

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Package Contents: (1) Nissin Clutch Master Cylinder (2) Adapter Fittings (1) SS Braided clutch line

Important!! Please read the entire install guide twice before starting your installation. No, really it’s a good idea to read it twice before you begin so everything goes smooth These products are not made to work together from the factory. This is an upgrade only, and the main function is to allow the clutch plate to successfully disengage from the flywheel when the pedal is depressed. In most cases this has improved gear engagement and has shown in tests to improve quick shifting engagements. This WILL NOT fix broken transmissions. If your transmission’s synchros grind or catch because of damage, this WILL NOT help. Please understand that this can / will void any factory warranty from Honda Motor Co. All parts should be installed by trained professionals that have experience with such repairs. *NOTE* Since the install of these parts require the use of brake/clutch fluid, be aware that this fluid CAN AND WILL damage painted surfaces if left un-cleaned. This is guide will not apply for every situation and reader discretion is strongly advised. Please continue for tips on how to install.

These are the tools that you will need to have in order to complete this job.
• Metric ratchet & Socket set • Metric Wrenches • Metric crows foot wrench • Snap Ring pliers • Extension set • Brake Fluid (MOTUL RBF 600 pictured & Recommended) • Speed bleeder valve (not pictured) • Shop or flash light (not pictured)


Install Guide


Disconnect and remove the battery. **NOTE** If you have the stock air box or a different style cold air intake, remove it now.


Install Guide

Unbolt the clutch line bracket on the transmission, then unbolt the bracket on the driver side frame.


Install Guide
Remove the clutch hard line from the clutch slaver cylinder. If possible, use a crows foot wrench.


Install Guide

Remove the driver side lower dashpanel to access the clutch master cylinder bolts.

Remove the (2) 12mm nuts from the back of the clutch master cylinder, then remove the pin and clip from the clutch master cylinder fork.


Install Guide

These are very important. Do not loose or damage the pin or clip!


Install Guide

Once the stock master cylinder has been unbolted, pull it out of the firewall and remove the reservoir line. **Note** Removing the master cylinder is difficult with the OEM hard line attached, you will have to bend the line to get it out. If you DO NOT want to bend the OEM line, you must remove it prior to removing the master cylinder. Since we are using the supplied SS line, we bent it. :-)


Install Guide

Loosen and remove the fork from the end of the rod.

Take snap ring pliers and remove the snap ring holding the retaining clip in place. Once it has been removed, the internal piston will come out.


Install Guide

Do the same thing to the EM1 CMC. **DO NOT MIX THE

USE all of the parts from your stock OEM CMC on the new EM1 CMC. You will need to adjust the shaft for proper engagement.

Install Guide

Once the CMC is reassembled, it will look like this.


Install Guide
Install the and tighten the adapter fitting onto the EM1 CMC.

Next install the SS clutch line. NOTE: keep this fitting loose and do not tighten until the CMC is mounted in the car.


Install Guide

Installation is reverse of removal
**NOTE** Priming the CMC may be necessary to do if you do not have a vacuum bleeder. Simply pour the fluid into the opening on the CMC until it drips out of the out of the adapter fitting. Install the EM1 CMC back into the car, reattaching the fluid line first. Push the CMC through the firewall and bolt it back in. Reattach the pin and clip. Tighten the SS clutch line down on the CMC. Install and tighten the adapter fitting into the clutch slave cylinder. Install and tighten the clutch line onto the slave cylinder. Fill the reservoir with fluid and start the bleeding process. Reinstall the intake and battery!


Install Guide
Once everything is back together, it is a good idea to make sure the pedal is adjusted correctly. To do so, follow the steps and pictures as show below. 1- Unplug the sensor. 2- Loosen the locking nut with a 15mm wrench. 3-Turn the sensor counter clockwise until the pedal has slight play in it and then tighten the locking nut to hold it in place.

Next, go outside of the car and locate the slave cylinder, make sure you can press it in by hand in the direction noted. If not, the sensor needs to be adjusted some more.

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