The broken sailor sits on the shore Not believing the wreck that the storm has left

in its wake He looks at the tattered sails Of his ship and of his life As his empty gaze Takes in the oceans and the sky He feels the emptiness He winces in pain As the shadows of loneliness Envelope his hurting heart For that is all there is left That is all he can call his own As he sits on those forlorn shores The wind blows a fine mist his tongue tastes the salt From his tears and the ocean spray Slowly he rises, feels the weight Of his burdened heart That once so light Had given sprite to his walk He dusts off the Stands still and Upwards, towards Which he thought sand looks those heavens he had reached

Fallen he has He cannot find his feet The flight gone from his wings Stolen by those storms That shredded his heart The ragged ship of his life Beckons, once again aboard To travel the horizons Of many a distant shore He knows very well That this is his voyage And it will be his last Alone on these waves Will his journey slip For him there will be No bucket list, no final wish Yet, that horizon is far away Till then he has to live his life of atonement Alone, to suffer and to ponder Of his life and his love of it The patched up sail Takes wind and slowly tugs

The sailor knows he can delay no further slowly he hoists himself takes the wheel and points his ship to yet another distant shore the sailor he knows that his final voyage has begun

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