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My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows…

AP Does Not Balance to GL [ID 344367.1] Modified 12-AUG-2009 In this Document Purpose Reconciliation Process Troubleshooting Opening a Service Request References @ (AuthWiz 2.3.2) @ Click here to edit in wizard. Type TROUBLESHOOTING Status PUBLISHED

Applies to:
Oracle Payables - Version: 11.5.2 Information in this document applies to any platform. NOTE: This document does not apply to Global Accounting (AX) installations. AP Trial Balance Report Payables Account Analysis Report GL Account Analysis Report Posted Invoice Register Posted Payment Register

It is the application user's responsibility to reconcile AP to GL and, when appropriate, to make adjustments to bring the ledgers into balance. However, support recognizes that there are cases where unbalanced ledgers could be caused by a bug or where the source of the difference is difficult to find because of the quantity of data. This note sets out the process for reconciling the ledgers, troubleshooting, and logging a service a request if necessary. If you have completed the reconciliation and troubleshooting process below and have not found the problem or have questions about how to correct a problem, you can open a service request by following the steps in the section labeled Opening a Service Request. The AP subledger may be out of balance because of inconsistent data created by the application users, for example, when a GL manual adjustment has been made to an AP liability account. In any case like this, it will be the application user's responsibility to determine the correct entry and either make an adjustment in the General Ledger, add a transaction in AP, or both. Oracle Support cannot recommend entries when the resolution of the problem requires the interpretation of an accounting issue. This Note does not apply to all situations where an invoice appears incorrectly on the AP Trial Balance Report. In many of those cases, the information will also be incorrect in the GL. If so, the troubleshooting steps below will not apply.

Reconciliation Process
Make sure all AP batches are imported from the gl_interface and posted in GL. Reconcile the current period Use the following as an example of how to balance. In this example, you are closing your accounting period for April and you have just posted your final invoice and payment batches to your general ledger system. To reconcile your accounts payable activity for April, make the following calculation: "Accounts Payable Trial Balance" as of March 31 + "Posted Invoice Register" for the period between April 1 and April 30 - "Posted Payment Register" for the period between April 1 and April 30



This can quickly pinpoint any transactions incorrectly charged to the account. This will show the payables source group ids that need to be imported into the GL and posted before the reconciliation process can be performed. AP batches not imported from the GL Interface If the AP batch is still in the GL Interface.1 Bug:3385847 Failure In Gl Transfer Program Did Not Rollback All. Any AP batches that are unposted in GL will cause a difference between AP and GL. If you have done this. Consider known bugs that can cause this problem: Bug:4449844 AP Trial Balance does not honor as of date. If you performed a datafix in the past where you used the undo accounting script and swept a transaction forward from a closed period to reaccount it. this will cause AP and GL to be out of balance. please complete the reconciliation process for all prior periods from the most recent to the earliest until you get to one that reconciles. Please run the diagnostic in Note:205624. See step 1 below for a query to check the GL Interface. AP batches not posted. it will not be reflected in the GL reports and this will cause a difference between AP and GL. Reconcile prior periods (if necessary) If the current period does not reconcile. they should be corrected in the AP subledger before they are transferred to GL.1 support.com/CSP/ui/flash. this will cause an imbalance between AP and GL. As a general rule. but not in AP. Corrections made during the journal import process Any correction you make during the journal import process will result in the line being changed in the general ledger. The trial balance total should be the same as the balance of your GL liability account.oracle. as detailed in Note:282520. Troubleshooting Most of the problems with AP not balancing to GL are caused by the following: Manual Entries Manual journal entries in the general ledger that involve an AP liability account will cause the AP Trial balance not to reconcile to the GL.html 2/8 . To check for manual entries: Run the GL "Account Analysis" report for the liability account and for the date range in question. GL information is not included in the reports until it is posted. Any datafix that involves undo with sweep from one period to another. This is the expected result and is not correctable. if possible. Look for transactions with a source other than Payables. you will have a permanent imbalance that will need to be corrected with a GL adjustment.1 to determine whether unposted AP batches exist. as detailed in Note:315147. Instead. These entries are not included in the AP subledger so they will not be reflected on the AP Trial Balance Report. please open a service request and. Deletion from the GL Interface If you have deleted any AP batches or lines from AP batches out of the GL Interface. you should not correct AP transactions during the journal import process. If you did not make a GL adjustment to account for the fix.26-Nov-10 My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… = "Accounts Payable Trial Balance" as of April 30 You can also compare your AP liability accounts to GL by doing a query of the accounts in GL to identify the account or accounts out of balance. AP data should never be deleted from the GL Interface except as directed by AP support in a service request. provide details about what was deleted. The imbalance will be corrected in the period in which you made a GL adjustment to account for the fix.

batch_name . h. 6.gl_sl_link_id) gl_sl_link_id . Please upload One for the One for the One for the Please upload One for the One for the One for the three Accounts Payable last day of the period last day of the period last day of the period Trial Balances that is out of balance.accounted_dr) .je_line_num and nvl(l. One for the period prior to the period that is out of balance. sum(g. create table Note_344367_1_gl_t as select l. ******************************** 1.26-Nov-10 Opening a Service Request My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… If you cannot resolve the reconciliation problem after completing the steps above.period_name = '&&Period_Name' and l. USER_JE_SOURCE_NAME .gl_sl_link_table = 'APECL' group by x.code_combination_id .gl_transfer_run_id . ******************************** Note the following steps will create some tables in your database.status .batch_name .set_of_books_id .je_header_id and l. g. select x. g. enter the name of the earliest period that is out of balance.je_batch_id from gl_je_lines l .gl_sl_link_table. ir. h.je_header_id = h.group_id = g. prior to the period that is out of balance.je_line_num = ir. When prompted for a period name. Please upload two Posted Payment Registers One for the period that is out of balance.application_id = 200 and g.group_id .je_header_id and l. l. two periods prior to the period that is out of balance. you can open a service request by performing the following steps and uploading the requested information. 2. x. gl_import_references ir where l. x. ir.html 3/8 .gl_sl_link_table) = 'APECL'. Please upload two Posted Invoice Registers One for the period that is out of balance. If the following query returns any rows this data must be imported and posted into the GL before following through with the rest of the action plan.status . GL_INTERFACE g where x. period prior to the period that is out of balance. Please be sure you understand the effects of these steps and have appropriate permissions before proceeding.status . create table Note_344367_1_ap_t as support. x. l. sum(g.oracle.je_header_id = ir. First verify that there is no data in the GL Interface that has yet to be processed.group_id and x. three Payables Account Analysis Reports period that is out of balance.accounted_cr) from XLA_GL_TRANSFER_BATCHES_ALL x . Create a couple tables to work with to compare AP and GL. 3.com/CSP/ui/flash. nvl(l.group_id . x. gl_je_headers h .accounted_dr . 4.gl_sl_link_id. USER_JE_SOURCE_NAME.accounted_cr . 5. l.gl_transfer_run_id . period two periods prior to the period that is out of balance. One for the period prior to the period that is out of balance.

ae_header_id and h.ae_line_type_code from ap_ae_lines_all l . l.gl_transfer_run_id from Note_344367_1_ap_t l where not exists ( select a. l.26-Nov-10 My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… select sum(l. l. select l.org_id .gl_sl_link_id = l. create index Note_344367_1_ap_ccids_idx on Note_344367_1_ap_ccids (set_of_books_id. analyze table Note_344367_1_gl_t estimate statistics.code_combination_id . select l.gl_transfer_run_id.gl_transfer_flag = 'Y' and l. 8. l. Upload output in Excel format if possible. create table Note_344367_1_ap_ccids as select distinct l.accounted_cr support. This query will compare all those entries that are in both AP and GL yet have different CCIDs or different amounts. l.org_id .accounted_dr) accounted_dr .com/CSP/ui/flash.set_of_books_id from ap_ae_lines_all l .code_combination_id . ap_ae_headers_all h where l. code_combination_id). analyze table ap. 9.gl_sl_link_id . analyze table Note_344367_1_ap_ccids estimate statistics. l.period_name = '&&Period_Name' and h.gl_sl_link_id from Note_344367_1_gl_t a where a.gl_sl_link_id). h.ae_header_id and h. Create some indexes to get the rest of the queries to go a bit faster create index Note_344367_1_gl_t_idx on Note_344367_1_gl_t (gl_sl_link_id).ae_header_id = h.gl_sl_link_id .set_of_books_id . l.accounted_cr) accounted_cr .code_combination_id .accounted_dr . create index Note_344367_1_alb2 on AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE (ae_header_id). a.accounted_dr .org_id .set_of_books_id . l.accounted_dr .gl_transfer_flag = 'Y' group by l. l.ae_line_type_code . This query will check all those entries in AP that do not seem to be in GL.html 4/8 .gl_transfer_run_id . 7. h.ae_line_type_code = 'LIABILITY'.accounted_cr .set_of_books_id . create index Note_344367_1_alb1 on AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE (ae_line_id). If this query returns rows it indicates that data was changed in the GL interface prior to import. sum(l.oracle. ap_ae_headers_all h where l. l. h.org_id .gl_sl_link_id . create index Note_344367_1_AP_t_idx on Note_344367_1_AP_t (gl_sl_link_id). l. l. h. l.period_name = '&&Period_Name' and h. l. l. analyze table Note_344367_1_AP_t estimate statistics.ap_liability_balance estimate statistics.ae_header_id = h. If this query returns rows it may indicate that data was deleted out of the GL interface prior to importing into GL.gl_sl_link_id . Upload output in Excel format if possible. h.

l1.com/CSP/ui/flash. select b.gl_sl_link_id .org_id . a.gl_sl_link_id . l. l1.code_combination_id . probably due to a datafix.accounted_dr. l.0) != nvl(a.name . l.set_of_books_id . l1.accounted_cr) accounted_cr .code_combination_id from ( select sum(l1. l1. sum(t. l. If rows are returned from this query it may indicate that the standard AP to GL transfer program was not run or some type of datafix was performed.set_of_books_id .status != 'P' group by b.accounted_dr) .je_batch_id and t. a. l.gl_sl_link_id is null. l1.accounted_cr . l.26-Nov-10 My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… .name . select l. Upload output in Excel format if possible. sum(l1.code_combination_id) l . l1.code_combination_id from Note_344367_1_ap_t l where l.accounted_cr .code_combination_id from Note_344367_1_ap_t l1 group by l1.set_of_books_id . select a. l1.code_combination_id from Note_344367_1_gl_t a where not exists ( select l. support. count(*) from gl_je_batches b .accounted_cr. Upload output in Excel format if possible.org_id . l1. a.code_combination_id). b. Note_344367_1_gl_t t where b.accounted_cr.html 5/8 .accounted_dr . This query will check the AP side for any entries that do not have GL_SL_LINK_IDS. This query will check all the liability accounts in GL that were used in AP for this period for data that did not come from AP.0) != nvl(a. Note_344367_1_gl_t a where l. 10.code_combination_id != a.gl_sl_link_id . b. This query will check for all those batches that have been transfered to the GL and imported but not posted.org_id .oracle. l.gl_sl_link_id). a. This query will check GL for any entries that are not in AP.accounted_cr . a. sum(t.gl_sl_link_id . 12. If this query returns rows then the reason these are not posted should be investigated.accounted_dr .status.0) or nvl(l.set_of_books_id .gl_sl_link_id from Note_344367_1_ap_t l where l.gl_sl_link_id = a. 11.accounted_cr) .gl_sl_link_id and ( nvl(l.status .0) or l.accounted_dr.gl_sl_link_id .set_of_books_id . l. Upload output in Excel format if possible. If this query returns rows it indicates that somehow the AP side was reset. 13.je_batch_id = t.org_id .accounted_dr) accounted_dr . a.gl_sl_link_id = a.

ae_line_id from ap_liability_balance a where a.org_id support.accounted_cr . ap_ae_headers_all h where l. select jl.je_header_id = ir. Upload output in Excel format if possible. Upload output in Excel format if possible.ae_header_id .accounted_cr . l. accounted_cr . jl. select h.ae_line_id).ae_header_id and h.code_combination_id from Note_344367_1_ap_ccids t).je_header_id (+) and jl.code_combination_id from Note_344367_1_ap_ccids a). This query will validate that the accounts used as Liability Accounts do not have other line types.je_line_num . b) The Update Accounting Entries screen was used and the wrong account was entered. t. jl.gl_sl_link_id) is null and (jl. gl_sl_link_id from Note_344367_1_ap_t where ae_line_type_code != 'LIABILITY' and code_combination_id in ( select a. Please explain why these were entered into the GL.ae_line_id = l. or c) User entered distribution line as CHARGE type but against liability code combination select ae_line_type_code . l.code_combination_id) in ( select t.set_of_books_id.created_by . 15.gl_transfer_flag = 'Y' and not exists ( select a. h.html 6/8 .je_line_num = ir.ae_line_type_code = 'LIABILITY' and h.creation_date .ae_header_id = h. If this query returns rows it most likely indicates: a) A setup problem.invoice_id . l. 16.user_id (+) and nvl(jl. b. This query will validate that all rows in AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE exist in AP_AE_LINES_ALL.gl_transfer_flag .ae_line_id from ap_ae_lines_all l .user_name from gl_je_lines jl . jl.oracle. u. ir.period_name = '&&period_name' and l. select b.period_name = '&&Period_Name' and jl.je_header_id . If this query returns rows the AP to GL transfer program may have aborted mid run.accounted_dr .created_by = u. 14.26-Nov-10 My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… If this query returns rows it means that either two products are using the same liability account or that entries have been manually entered into the GL. fnd_user u where jl.set_of_books_id . If this query returns rows it indicates that some type of datafix has been done and the AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE table needs to be rebuilt.period_name . jl.gl_sl_link_id. jl.code_combination_id . l. jl.je_line_num (+) and jl.accounted_dr . accounted_dr . This query will validate that all LIABILITY lines in AP_AE_LINES_ALL that have been marked as transferred are in the AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE table. gl_import_references ir .set_of_books_id . jl.com/CSP/ui/flash. h.

ae_header_id = h.ae_header_id = h.gl_transfer_flag = 'Y' and l.ae_line_id and a. Note_344367_1_ap_ccids_idx.ae_line_id and (nvl(l. h. Run Gather Schema Statistics for the AP schema to reset the statistics modified.oracle. Upload output in Excel format if possible.zip support. 18.1 and upload the output.ae_line_id = b.set_of_books_id b. Drop the tables created drop table Note_344367_1_ap_ccids. ap_liability_balance b where l. ap_ae_headers_all h where a.accounted_dr b.0) or h.ae_line_id b.ae_line_id from ap_ae_lines_all l . 24.oracle.0) or nvl(l.ae_header_id . l.com/support/hidden/patchsets/AP/scripts/Check_Trial_Balance_h.ae_line_id = b.accounting_date). object_name . 19. select created . drop table Note_344367_1_gl_t.General Ledger (GL) Period End Reconciliation Please download ftp://ftp.accounted_cr.ae_header_id and h.ae_header_id b.com/CSP/ui/flash. Check the backup and TAR tables on your system to see what datafixes may have been run.accounting_date between '&&Period_Start' and '&&Period_End' and not exists ( select a. Drop the indexes created. select h.accounted_cr . 22. l. drop table Note_344367_1_AP_t. 23. .1 . .accounting_date != b. Note_344367_1_AP_t_idx.accounted_cr b. owner from dba_objects where object_type = 'TABLE' and (object_name like 'BAK%' or object_name like 'TAR%' or object_name like 'SR%').accounted_dr.gl_transfer_flag = 'Y'). Please Run the script from Note 205624. 21. . 20.accounting_date from ap_liability_balance b where b. This query will check that the values in AP_AE_LINES_ALL are the same as the values in AP_LIABILITY_BALANCE.sql from note 416696.26-Nov-10 . ap_ae_headers_all h . drop drop drop drop drop index index index index index Note_344367_1_alb1. . l. Note_344367_1_alb2. 17.0) != nvl(b. . If this query returns rows it indicates some type of datafix has been done. l. h. Note_344367_1_gl_t_idx. My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… b.period_name = '&&period_name' and h.ae_header_id and h.0) != nvl(b.set_of_books_id .accounted_dr .gl_transfer_flag . Run AP_Patches_Applied.period_name .accounted_cr.html 7/8 .ae_line_id from ap_ae_lines_all a .accounted_dr.

1 . This script will list all versions of all the AP forms.RDF . Select Applications DBA from the Application drop down box. Related Products Oracle E-Business Suite > Financial Management > Procure to Pay > Oracle Payables Keywords APXTRBAL. My Oracle Support | Knowledge Brows… Please run Check_Trial_Balance_h. packages.1 .1 which is a read only diagnostic script. Both Orphans and Inconsistent dates can throw off balancing. The run will create two reports. you can use the following steps to get the report we need: a.com/CSP/ui/flash. The note contains more detailed instructions.html 8/8 .Apxtrbal Ap Trial Balance Does Not Honor The As Of Date NOTE:106740. however. Answer Y when prompted for detail. Please email us your comments for this document. Please run the ACT script for short_name=AP or SQLAP (whichever is on the list) If data corruption exists. Please upload any other data requested while this is running. RECONCILE. etc. This script is best run after accounting has been run for all eligible transactions and all transactions have been accounted transferred to the GL. Recommended method is to run sqlplus from the server. MANUAL ADJUSTMENT.RDF. This script will show any orphan data or transactions that have inconsistent dates. MANUAL~ADJUSTMENT . c.Accounts Payable Trial Balance Frequently Asked Questions NOTE:205624. Please upload any other data 26. Select the responsibility id you were using when the problem ocurred from the list of values and enter the Application Shortname: AP or SQLAP (whichever is on the list) References BUG:4449844 . a read only diagnostic script to show all invoices that have 0 remaining on the payment schedule but the liability lines do not balance to 0. This script requires SQL*Plus 8. once the diagnostics are installed and you have logged in. Enter your username and password. 27. requested while this is running. Please run APAtgHealthCheck.oracle. Help us improve our service. d.sql from note 416699. This takes a while to run on larger systems. RECONCILIATION .26-Nov-10 25.7 or greater. RECONCILIATION Back to top support.General Ledger (GL) Period End Reconciliation Keywords APXTRBAL. Click the Advanced tab in the upper right hand corner. this will help support determine the root cause.1.zip. RECONCILE . b. reports. Upload both reports (summary & detail). Instructions on how to download and install the ACT script are in Note 183274. This script will show any invoices that may be accounted incorrectly.1. Select the Application Collection Tool (ACT) on the left-hand side. This report can take VERY LONG time to run on larger systems. Use 01-JAN-1995 as the start date (type out all 4 digits of year).

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