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Magic the Gathering Comprehensive Rules

Magic the Gathering Comprehensive Rules

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Published by: xenoash on Jan 15, 2011
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Objects can be removed from the game. Some effects may provide a way for a card to return to a zone and
use the term “set aside.” Cards that are set aside this way are still removed from the game, even though
that removal may be temporary. Objects that aren’t cards that would return to a zone remain removed from
the game instead.

Cards in the removed-from-the-game zone are kept face up and may be examined by any player at any
time. Cards “removed from the game face down” can’t be examined by any player except when instructions
allow it.

Cards that might return to play should be kept in separate piles to keep track of their respective ways of


A card may have one ability printed on it that removes one or more cards from the game, and another
ability that refers either to “the removed cards” or to cards “removed from the game with name.” These
abilities are linked: the second refers only to cards in the removed-from-the-game zone removed as a result
of the first. If another object gains a pair of linked abilities, the abilities will be similarly linked on that
object. They can’t be linked to any other ability, regardless of what other abilities the object may currently
have or may have had in the past.

Arc-Slogger has the ability “{R}: Remove the top ten cards of your library from the game: Arc-
Slogger deals 2 damage to target creature or player.” Sisters of Stone Death has the ability
“{B}{G}: Remove from the game target creature blocking or blocked by Sisters of Stone Death”
and the ability “{2}{B}: Put a creature card removed from the game with Sisters of Stone Death
into play under your control.” Quicksilver Elemental has the ability “{U}: Quicksilver Elemental
gains all activated abilities of target creature until end of turn.” If a player has Quicksilver
Elemental gain Arc-Slogger’s ability, plays it, then has Quicksilver Elemental gain Sisters of
Stone Death’s abilities, plays the remove-from-game ability, and then plays the return-to-play
ability, only the creature card Quicksilver Elemental removed from the game with Sisters of Stone
Death’s ability can be returned to play. Creature cards Quicksilver Elemental removed from the
game with Arc-Slogger’s ability can’t be returned.

If an object in the removed-from-the-game zone is removed from the game, it doesn’t change zones, but
it is treated as a new object that has just been removed from the game.

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