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Magic the Gathering Comprehensive Rules

Magic the Gathering Comprehensive Rules

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Published by: xenoash on Jan 15, 2011
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Permanents that phase out are placed in the phased-out zone. (See subsection 5.3.14, “Phasing.”)
Face-up objects in the phased-out zone may be examined by any player at any time. Face-down objects
in the phased-out zone are covered by the rules for face-down permanents. (See subsection 5.3.25, “Morph,”
and section 5.5, “Face-Down Spells and Permanents.”)


Phased-out objects are not in play, so they do not count as tapped or untapped, nor are they controlled
by anyone. However, an object in this zone “remembers” the state of the permanent as it phased out and
returns to play in the same state as when it left. (See subsection 5.3.14, “Phasing.”)
Tokens in the phased-out zone cease to exist. This is a state-based effect (see section 4.21, “State-Based
Effects”). Any phased-out Auras, Equipment, or Fortifications that were attached to those tokens remain
phased out for the rest of the game.

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