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Published by: Shaima Abd Alghafoor on Jan 15, 2011
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Born to be wild . .

an 'American Icon Harl y Davi s s P rs ality Fr m P w r I ivi uality A ventur us Attitu American Pri e .

Target group Mostly enthusiasts males in the 35-44 age group ABs who feel free and rebellious .

Requirements Male Famous Symbolize the American Dream To be a Rebel To be a Bad Boy To can Ride A Harley .

Strong. he is still very expensive. . Always a Rebel Fame: He used to be one of the hottest Hollywood celebrities. Fit: He is Tough. but always the guy next door Finance: Although he is not in his peak.The 4f approach-potential celebs Bruce . But is he still hot? Facets: successful.

But He used to look like this Now .

Famous Girlfriends ‡ Facets: Rebel. 5 times World Champion. Self Destructive. Crazy.Dennis The Menace ‡ Rodman ‡ Fit: The Bad Boy!!! The toughest basketball player ever!!! ‡ Fame: Former Athlete. Everyone loves to hate him! ‡ Finance: He is almost broke so we can afford him . The Demolition Man . Self Created.

He is crazy! And there is always the possibility to .But Too much Risk ..

an American Icon. He rides a Harley ‡ Fame: After the Wrestler . He won 30 awards for his performance ‡ Facets: Self Made. Self Destructive.Mickey ‡ Rourke ‡ Fit: Rebel. Sexy. the American Dream. From Heaven To Hell and Back to Heaven again ‡ Finance: He earned lots of money last year but he still owes much more . He is back He was nominated for the Oscar Last Year. Tough.

Although He is also not so young he was always a bad boy .

.And The Winner Is .

Budgets .

Thank you The Rollers Dalal Shaima Vince ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The Barracuda That s the way we roll Dalal Vince Shaim That·s how we roll« .

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