1. INTRODUCTION SRS is a document that completely describes what the proposed software should do without describing how the software will do it. The basic purpose of SRS is to bridge the communication gap between the parties involved in the development of the software SRS is the medium through which the client and the user needs are accurately specified. A good SRS should satisfy all the parties some thing very hard to achieve and involves trade offs and persuasion. Another important purpose of developing an SRS is helping the users to understand their own needs. 1.1 PURPOSE The purpose of this system is to implement the computerization of the vehicle details, vehicle allotment, vehicle bookings and also vehicle stock management. This is developed to reduce the login of customers into different sites simultaneously to select or purchase vehicles and our project provides a platform for more than one company’s vehicles where it reduces the time and cost for customers. 1.2 SCOPE Hence this project implements the computerization of the vehicle details, vehicle allotment, vehicle bookings and also vehicle stock management, it reduces labor cost, data misplacement etc. The project provides the following facilities to the customers.  It reduces the time and cost of the customers.  It provides platform for more than one company’s commodity.  It provides updated information about the vehicles of all the companies. The project provides the following facilities to the administrators.  It reduces the labor costs.  It gives fluent administration overhead. The project provides the following facilities to the companies.  It provides competitive market for their product.  They get constant feedback form the customers. 1.3 DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS Customer – The person one who purchases the vehicle through online. Administrator – The person one who is authorized to keep record of the site content. Login_id – it is an ID which is unique to Administrator.

1 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE This software is totally self contained and works relatively as efficient as other packages related to the subject. 2. OVERALL DESCRIPTION 2.  Once the franchisee gets the orders products are delivered sequntialy. 2.1 EXTERNAL INTERFACE REQUIREMENTS .4 REFERENCES Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft)) by Michael Halvorson 1. 3 SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS 3. The entire SRS is documented in the view of customer. This project works well in PCs having VB. enters the site and books the vehicle. 2.1. its perspective.  When he books for a vehicle.  Franchisees are provided with unique ID and interface from which they can retrieve data related to them from the database. 2.4 GENERAL CONSTRAINTS The system should have windows XP operating system.5 OVERVIEW The following subsections provide complete overview of the SRS documentation for the product “Vehicle Showroom Management System”. 2.5 ASSUMPTION AND DEPENDENCIES This project works to cover the needs of the customer.and records of him are maintained in database.2 PRODUCT FUNCTIONS  The person who wishes to purchase vehicle. System requirements and users know how’s.admin and franchisee and the following subsections are arranged to complete outlook of the and SQL Server installed properly. The product is user-friendly. he is assigned a ID. It provides simple database rather than complex ones for high requirements and it provides good and easy graphical user interface to both new as well as experienced user of the computer.3 USER CHARACTERISTICS    Should know English Should have knowledge of internet Should be able to use and do according to the graphical user interface. features.

1.1 CUSTOMER Customer is the one who enters the showroom with the intention of purchasing vehicles.NET 2005 2) SQL Server 2005 3. The work of admin can be divided in two levels.1.3 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS • Good working pc with all requirements stated above. He maintains database and keeps it updated. If he is satisfied with information provided and wants to proceed.3SOFTWARE INTERFACE 1) VB. The administrators will have all the controls over every activity. 3. 3.2 ADMINISTRATOR This module is developed particularly for the administration of the TVS vehicle Showroom.2 HARDAWARE INTERFACE 1) 40 GB hard disk 2) 256 MB RAM 3) Peripheral devices 3.1 USER INTERFACE The software provides good graphical interface for the front end of the database so that new users can make use of the system with ease. Franchisee level: Admin assigns unique_Id for each franchisee (companies). . • Should not be overloaded.4 DESIGN CONSTRAINTS *Customer can book the vehicle only after getting the ID from the admin.then he can place an order for the vehicle. 3. 3.2. Customer level: Admin assigns unique_Id to customer when he places order for vehicles.1. Where the site provides him all updated information about the particular vehicle which he wishes to purchase. The payment is done as per customer’s wish(online/DD/cheque/cash) and vehicle is delivered to him where ever he wishes.1.3. Admin also collects feedback from the customer and reports to the concerned franchisee.2 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENT 3.2.4 COMMUNICATION INTERFACE 1) LAN 3. He allows franchisee to retrieve data and update data of their product.

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