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Specialty Gifts Business Plan

Specialty Gifts Business Plan

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Published by: noomitta on Jan 16, 2011
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Each of the market segments have their own needs. By maintaining
a variety of products and price points, we will serve these needs. By
tying our chocolates and confections into the women's health cause
through a visual indication, such as the pink ribbon, or pink lady
bug, we strongly influence the buying decision of the fund-raising
and gift-giving markets. Our image is enhanced by providing
distinctive products that make their event or occasion more

Favor - Based upon our research, the majority of fund-raising
events will offer a favor at each event. Dinners at these fund-raisers
will most always have a favor at each plate. This favor-sized item
can also be used as a fund-raiser itself.

Favor/Gift - The intermediate-sized products can transcend both
the favor and gift segments. From a favor standpoint items such as
four and eight piece boxes, in addition to the "business card"
products, can be used for upscale lunches and dinners. These
products can also be used for gift-giving.

Gift - A range of elegant chocolates and confections are being
developed to market to special occasions, i.e.; birthday, anniversary
of successful treatments, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.

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