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Kanwal Kinect Final

Kanwal Kinect Final

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Published by: Kanwal Haq on Jan 16, 2011
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Kanwal Haq Abeera Tariq Seher



What is Gesture based technology interaction Introduction to Kinect Capabilities of Kinect (gesture control system) Future prospect of Kinect based gesture systems

we need to understand its core components There are two main elements:  Gesture recognition (Algorithms/software/ . In order to understand the whole process of this gesture based technology interaction.

‡Gesture Recognition is a combination of two field of research. Many approaches have been made using cameras and computer vision algorithms to interpret sign language. computer science and language technology with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms. Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originate from the face or hand. . Current focuses in the field include emotion recognition from the face and hand gesture recognition.

Play station move) Single camera (Simple gesture .    Depth-aware cameras Stereo cameras (3D) Controller-based gestures (Nintendo Wii.


"you are the controller" . Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 opts to get rid of buttons altogether. relying on body gestures and voice commands. As the (estimated to be $500 million) ad campaign says.


" and its November 4th release date. here we are.At the Microsoft E3 press conference. so much so that by the time the original 3D breakout title made it into the bundled Kinect Adventures title (c. The final price ($149 standalone. So.  All the pieces started falling into place in June 2010.f. when Microsoft ceremoniously unveiled the final name that's "Kinect. . Rallyball). $299 with 4G Xbox 360). that the sensor then known as Project Natal made its official debut. Since then Project Natal (Kinect) gone through various stages of development ever since.

though both have their limitations.‡ The Kinect dashboard can be navigated two ways.  Gesture Based Control  Voice control . through either voice or hand gestures.



Kinect can be used to project Virtual reality. Kinect finally fulfills its Minority Report destiny Two Kinects join forces to create better 3D video .     Kinect can be used in medical treatment for gesture control of medical images Kinect can be used as a universal remote.

‡ Kinect is used with medical equipment that allow doctors to swirling medical images around with hand gestures .

Kinect is been used to control TV through gestures. Soon in Future TV will have build in some Kinect¶s systems into them directly .

A pair of 3D LCD glasses with kinect can send user to a Virtual Reality World. In which he can act as if in dream .

This is the closest thing to Minority Report .Kinect can be used to recognize the position of both your palms and fingers. This let user to control his/her computer through gestures.

Kinect can be used as 3d video recording. It is able to rotate the camera perspective and basically film from a new camera angle that exists somewhere in between the the two Kinects. . and do-so in real-time.

. It makes user the controller.‡ Kinext offer a unique gesture based control system that totally eliminates the need of any hardware for a user to control the technology.

‡ Kinect kind of technology will become integral part of all computer and multimedia device in near future. ‡ Kinect is the best and most idea for the entertainment based technologies. . and watching movie on computers. ‡ Kinect will make user an ultimate remote which can operate any digital device will his/her normal physical gesture. games. such as TV.

‡ Kinect with all its glory and cutting edge technology has one very important flaw: ‡ Gorilla arm ‡ "Gorilla arm" was a side-effect that destroyed vertically-oriented touch-screens as a mainstream input technology despite a promising start in the early 1980s. .

‡ Human can not function for long time. business and office way of . ‡ This means that for normal offices the mouse and keyboards will still be the champions. So any thing that let user operate in vertical direction (touch screens or gesture) are NOT work efficient. waving hands in air because this makes there hand tired. ‡ Kinect may change entertainment but not the corporate.

WE THANK YOU ALL ‡ Any Questions Please! .

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