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When writing your  : 0 You may use all the notes 0    on the given notes to make it more interesting 0 Add any other relevant information 0 Make sure it is  ! . You would like to write a   about it.           The pictures below show how Encik Rusli saved a girl¶ s life.


have the same name. the mother kangaroo cannot call it by name because she has no voice and can only make a variety of grunts. even if she could call her baby name. Write a summary on  #  . a native Austral ian dog. Kangaroos live in groups called µmobs¶.c     "     Read the passage and complete the following task. it would not help much because all kangaroo babies. male or female. So what happens when a dangerous dingo. the mother will not reject it unless her pouch is already full. approaches and a joey needs to find its mother qui ckly? Well. Even if it is the wrong one. They are called joeys. If a baby kangaroo is lost in the crowd. coughs and sucking sounds. I t just jumps into the nearest pouch. which usually consist of one adult male and two or three females and their young. However. it does not bother.

  #$ Your summary must: 0    %! .

Begin your summary as follows: | | || . . including the 10 words given below 0 Be in J  !  # (not note form) 0 Be written in   paragraph Use your own words as far as possible without changing its original meaning.

| | | | || | | | | | | | | | |   .

1.Angela Wright 2. Your reasons should be: 0  &! . Jekyll and Mr. Potato People . Hyde . Give reasons why you choose him/her. The Phantom of the Opera .Daniel Defoe 3. Robinson Crusoe .Anthony Hope Hawkins Choose   of the novels above.c          The following are the novels studied in the literature compo nent in English Language. then write about one character that you would like to meet.Gaston Leroux 4.Robert Louis Stevenson 5. Dr. The Prisoner of Zenda . Support your answer with evidence from the novel.

 0 In J  !  # (not in note form) '  (  )     .

Then.   . he did not panic. The girl. Susan. Encik Rusli dived into the river. " Kangaroo live in groups of one adult male. help´. he saw one children playing hide-and-seek near the river. Instead. Encik Rusli warned them not to play hide-and-seek near the river again.  The character I would like to meet is Robinson Crusoe himself. so a mother kangaroo calls its young by a variety of grunts. He would usually go to the river bank every evening and sit on the bench there to read the newspapers One evening while he was reading his newspapers. two or three females and their young. Crusoe proves to be a courageous man. he was able to figure out how to make things like furniture and jars on his own. I want to meet him because of his amazing qualities. Without wasting any time. he worked on setting up a place to live in.c     ANSWERS: m m   Encik Rusli lived in a house near a river. In the book. coughs and sucking sounds. Since he was pretty intelligent. As he went back to reading his newspapers. the joey will jump into the nearest kangaroo pouch. The rest of the children also thanked him. which is why I would like to meet Crusoe. He looked around and saw that a blind -folded girl had fallen into the river. Kangaroos have no voices. He then took the trouble to teach Friday how to communicate and about God. She was not able to swim and was struggling to stay afloat. ³Help. The young kangaroo is called a joey. His kindness was repaid as Friday turned out to be a good companion. he suddenly hears a shout. When Crusoe was stranded on the island. he remained calm and was very methodical. He managed to pull the frightened girl out of the water. I have never met anypne with so many wonderful qualities. When a dangerous dingo approaches. He was alone but he was able to successfully rescue Friday. was grateful to Encik Rusli for saving her life. He swam back to the ship to get supplies.