Afrikan 365

January 4
1789: Benjamin Lundy is born in Hardwi k! "usse# $oun%y! &J 19'1: $(L()( James is born in *rinidad and *oba+o 19'4: ,ary -..en /.easan% )emembran e 0ay1 dies in "an 2ran is o! $A 1936: ,ary -.i4a ,a5oney )emembran e 0ay1 dies a% a+e 8'1 buried a% 6ood.awn $eme%ery in -7ere%%! ," 1959: *5e /remier $on+o.ese & /ar%y! %5e ,&$! .ed by /a%ri e Lumumba! ous%s Be.+ian o.onia.ism 1983: 8ori..a Jones dies from ar%erios .erosis a% a+e 75 in Los! $A 1983: 6i.. Bynum is born in $5i a+o! 9L 1991: 6i..iam Byrd )emembran e 0ay1 dies in /5i.ade.:5ia! /A ;&e+ro Lea+ues<

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