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VOLTAS LIMITED MATERIALS HANDLING BUSINESS DIVISION ATATA Enterprise HIGH RELIABILITY EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE GREATER PRODUCTIVITY Rough Terrain Hydraulic Mobile Crane 40-M T @ 3.00 mt. radius Model : VLRT40 Tip height maximum 52.1 mt. etailed Specification Excellent reach afford by febscoping 423 m 4 section boom. Add 10.4 m latee boom extension and 7.6 ib fortetallengiot 0.3m. Telescope rated loads ‘or precise placement. Somitixoc cylinder mourts decrease eyiinder detection undar loos and inciecse telescoping capcety. Superior iting pertormance Provided by Isctanguir ful depth tourpiote beom ‘rat Is weldedinside ard aut. Industry's most monouverable RT crane — foul whee! dive # sloor wth co-ordinated steerng hos the shortest fuming racius ordinslowesttiovalncignt Fast, solid setup with scissors ‘ype. outTiG Exceliont stably due jo 4.71 m auligger stance. Total operator comfort macns less foligue ond greater production, Spocious cab module allows efficient plooement of coniras, fois of leg and elbow fom and tl vision of work a1es8. Acuity cycle machine —Powertu ‘wine? offer high Ine spesds 8 pull Non-comweting rydroulic system orcuides optimum tov forfeal crane ‘unctiong, Less donntime Voltas crcne is PrStop maintenance-proven. i Pdustys mot sewvicectle one engineered for pasts commonality, cecesstality and fastfeaionr BOOM Ni Boor sections aie of ful dopth, reciongulr. fcurplaie constucton. wolsed iasieo ard out. wilh ‘ourtoble nylon aloe 2095 on tp. Eetom and aces. Boom goin anvrins fur ran sheaves and one a shea TAKS OF Por ratalie win rll Heaargs. Sor fxaci Teloscope oyindot_moun's provide caacclly #0 telescope ful revoctoads. Four (@) secon boom wih pinned secton. 99 weraced Brg 32.3 m atondos longth, Consstrg ‘of one base seston 2 ocweree clans ard ore marucly prod rekon wih oom pant wich can bo nydraulcally extendec 0% rehaeloa franca) Boom Extension (Optional For exendrg tne reach of ior 1H em, suing araunrdtageres alice luce, si angle rotatic boar point thoave, Fest instoled ftom Sound level by pivoting lien is sowed postion on raht side pam base ond ph correcting 12 oom por iB ptionel) For exfenging reach of bo erlension 76 rm Alrarne stucture sah angie metal: fo pon! sheave ‘yin comevesson snr ond Guy Ccoblee provid. Ps end guy Ine omected ‘union Sheave Optional Sng mowlic stoo or ance snglecunilonwencnire, HooxBioce(stondar) Fy coisa sneanvas in Saved hook ‘onc atety even, Lor 18 mam whe rope. 1) 20M) ereave wth grivel nook, ore sce keh, for 1 mm wre 5) 8 Skar—worghed hot wh swivel cons salary ete, fon 19 mm we rope omit UPPER STRUCTURE Opereterscab Abwoome: enaonrreni cab eel nas hinged celing wrdiow. Fagnt sine wrclow mi quad, kao ‘rides wn ful iow al aiections and lacking side by door, Solely flats usec Hhoughaut. Cperaiors fouray cdlustable seat has ‘orson roasng cre n certok. nfont of operat fa0! ped lorboom he, sang cvice sraken, and erin 2° ting levers tov swing vil hom buten ond lelossope. #t ine sant c Qui wren (alien. mar finer ond boom how also Font Gf operater ars loar Host center lore oxo Ieokcut overnde.buter Sptioncl} On tne ligt $90 of fe sec ofe fos! meunieg loves fo! Tock ond sing nolaing ko. lopeirts rht ae consol ined swienes fo) mule ignten, sfoomg “made, cakes Sioke. wineshiald wiper. and Sumgger cones Aso. on I Conselo ore angre sor muon waning Ight ang burer monrosng poner plant gouge pane, engre op burton, dash igh “Gel gauss, ar pesue gauge, ciovla! level (Gea fomard reverse selector ev ‘ond postive han trots nek pie-siied removable rrodules omnercontols ecredesownee ore power pint jeuge panel fear oF engine fsmpattinen) vith geugh Fyctoule ol tempees Prosuio, onging empararure, feaue, comvare ol empaiatre, rersnision euch of creseuro, vat mreerandrcurmarer Hchaulc o fechouts en 1eor 0% ‘clase Gre activaied when Door is cihersde, Seis2t70) wales lech Dace upaam, WINCH Moin vinch fingls soe mounted on evoleng fore, eneran Gesing for pow! raising ond owelig infritely viene 2 sping. Qpeied jeosed lec Poli Campero wth Whe Rope 18,19 mm aia EngPulta! 7,000 18 lay2r inageocal veg 95r-n in ove Auiliny winch (Oprione!) Same geman wren, butyath Shwre rope ord adeiars! boom ‘einticlersnecve. BOOM HOIST Two eylingars. double-ceilng, yerourcely powered ras” and lowering netaing vow us) DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS FOR VLRT40 CRANE Boom felescope Two eyinger double acting. Hydrauiccily powered extending and retiocting “nih Poking vel, Supploctiy engishese loop, Hydraulic system This stern uiizes ¢ purrps ena is derignod to poviee emple vome and pressure fol optimum sefomance, Pumps a1 gear diver cern two FTOslocatec on rear ofenghetoquecorverter, The sant Fend main tandem gear pump, at 2500 ior ‘engine Ul Tooe!, prowess 160 om te fhe Mcin ‘ane 108 pra #9 Outegger anc The lat hend main tandem gear pump, st 2600 1pm (conesponcing ‘0 tu load) provides 138 pro he boom hoist anc foiossop= creuts main end jor auiiary winch ekcute end édipmiostezing cial High preset leave he puna to Inoswing, Seerangounggerercuts S ‘tered to 20 mecons to piotect seals in cylinders, values ane rrcters olor entering. Ihe ‘unctionrg circus “AL refuning of (100%) § fitered a twobyrescs hype fitersto 10 Mitons Defoe ontoring the The 481 the resenoi is acatod on Ihe ight sas or comer Fume, valves cyindets ard motor ss ‘eccily accesible ard omy “0 sonics, Canlol vaves ae Tee. wi INteo peation Noe wath ow ation spoo candpiotoperalee relat SWING UNIT yercuic motor diving though Jouble ‘eduction akis angie Danclary gear ‘educa to ainen eur. 360" continuous rerationto PM Swing Brake Tales cise brove intecrel wth sins renuclly copies wit forsow oynamic floppNg or Manvel apriled ‘ih swing noleing arcko Isawar fer stato ralaing 1d PycOLICaYy rnloas Geiering swng brews Ese 4ouse Lock 2 porition ginin hole lock anuoly engegec with Neuse oc eeerinconisstanaard ‘asiening 10 Lower JnclorowSelibeatna Shing Ci Integial wih suing gear Welded a bolle fo carer name ang notes ‘© ‘lating tame. Besing is protected rer dust by ovis Rotary Monifeld Sealed rotary swivel for alt anc hycroullc nose connections behweon roroing yoper an carrer Quickly remorchle fiom coove 0! below fo: earvesng. Clectioal svivo: i mountes on lop of al are hhyaoute seve CARRIER 4 «Ax 4 Four wheel dive Four wheel sieei Frame Alenecec unis constuction assures “Igcily and ‘Germanent cligrment of swing. booming ant fo'eting upper _mashinory Fapreatse mctarguler 20x section main fisires bear isot Nigh sein lbw olloy steal, seinforced a ngulor bax cicss member af nighstengin ew aloy steal OUTRIGGERS Fotonted hydrauilc: acisors tyoe wil removable Irae sotleg. eals soenod vole caniclles, ean ouble-cchrarycreuc cyinetor tor ino@panserr rarzote| ord vertical metion o* bach boom, Hoxdng saves on al verical cringe, fatented “emote contoleg alt operated atcrstand powers, Outrigger Housings indonersert housingationt anc rear, pin canage'ed ang Femovable. High yiels hgh stergin Glloysieelconstucnen Outrigger beams High sttenatn_clloy sleel_ box, edtancing [oa mexinnurn ef 334m homeerite af earn Outrigger Floats Removable floats with storage or rds inenarne, STEERING 1d Rear Axle Slee — pressure comoensotecl nycigstalie power fuser fuly cortolod by vane! for Hon hive tear FrontAxle Drive-siear axle ckiven though GHorertiol wih olan (Axis in nghs rourred one ha: power seeing, font cxle car sisconnected Io: higwey travel. for Rearaxe Recr drives eva ctven through iferenich win panatary in hu, Powar slewing axles pivot Mounted win) culernatic nycroule: lackoul Sviinders fo pravent oscillation voricalmnovarnont ot Ave) for over se’ His on tuber, Tole cseiston ationanie is (203-rm}at sents ‘yr9s Service Brakes Ailrcues on all joursneels, Oran & Insrtype brakes. Porking Brakes Pakng gale on fear éxle. Some ‘gape’ anccirreleasedtforsofely syie Options Std '€.60 25 —24 ) 32 PRtuenaar/ lubotoss Opt, = 21.00 25 tubeless POWER PLANT pe water cooled clese! enane: ofadequase hone po TRANSMISSION Movel: Clark Type — Powsrshift with torque cerwetet, 6 speeds forward ane 2 speed revowse. Eeciicaly coeratec coashit Nolua safer sr, Lower Equipment (standard) Fencels. ‘ool box, engine hood. age poral wih engi oi ergne water lop, mission clutch oll_oressure, cenveter ot toma, hydraulic oi lomo, hourrerer, voltmerer, readighis, Kal Ighis, Sibo IgM, & drectorclsignas,oeck-up ale. Vehicle Weights Inclise Sender angina, coor Fomor in reve. positon), éondere ain wneh ang cools, sander es, ur uclara nyciauic tanks, ana counterwegnt Siw 83.8431g, FAW — 0.28389, Ray —17.265Ng Performance Moxmum grace i snder idea cone slimvted by esi. ven. Max. Soeect aBkman SAFETY SYSTEM Eechome iM! system Gtandarg) Panel ocoted n ‘operator’. cabin relates Boem angth, angie, loos ‘adits, Scio load, Ibad Hed ote Aucio visual gioim atic overibasng condition ofl uinen ehernair Mablockpiuded 479, tubuer | DIMENSIONS L res OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Gperatng insnictions mis YOuAS ‘crane meets ine sequiemerts of ANS! B30.15)/973}. Boom stuctue boon, iattce foxtrsion ond jis) has ben tested por SAE J 1068, machine stapity tested pet SAE J765. LOAD RATINGS shown apply ony to inane. Os ‘originally monulactured ana eauippedby ¥OLAS ID. Warning: Operation 01 tit machine in excess a rated loacs., 1 areas of chert not rated, or wth disregard to inchuction: voice this weranty. 1. LOAD RADIOUS fi the hoszontel distance fem xs of ition Ibefcre toadng) 10 certel_ oF yercol host Ine (ene! 1eaang) AAStual working ral sna Be an aecuiate measuarner, 2 boom, latice extention ond jo aint height cimensiors oro roasted fromm greurd to centor ofleed sheave, LOADED BOOMANGLE's the arate bohwoen the koom bose section ‘and the horieowiolanis ofr tng fated load of iaied Tadius loaded boom angles shan ore \wihioiedioads epniisc ana -219m—+ provice on aoxor nation of me LOAD aus oF he. spacnen BOOY LENGI ticutes tance Seansin) the Boor ange botox locaing snoud ne si3hy Gjeater 19 account ler cor Selector LOAD RAINGS sown cre for mosnine wih countenweignl at shoan, leveeed ord eonding on firm. unter eusperting sutaeo. Ratings ae coved on treaty suspendiad leads & are nol moe than Beko minmnurn. pers loads. Ratings obeve the bok! otontal Ine ae bared machine's Incraadic or sructurct compstence and rol on aching stobity ipeing ori To deternre LOAD RATNSS in {Geter those shown on chet pecas tous 19) Fox boom lengins nt shown, 2 Ialeg OF ret onget a boom 1) For ioc rats not shown, use rang or nei longer ‘alee rectus, Deut welgnt trom LOAD RATINGS of al surpansee i900 honing dlevces such as hocks, Nock backs singk, buckets, ofc csthaycxoconsigored oer othe load, Sostobiefordoductons, 2, Cacvel weight tem LOAD PATHICS oF ued team atacturses bo, boom vere ete stoned or atcotad fs may ecuze capacty or room Sostasstordeductons LOND PANES sone woke ne lownce tr 8409 focI8B a8 ain GHect on itfed loads, gtourd conten outotiavel goxaing pod of sandtiory thr coud be amen to se operation of ms machine. The opatato: must wage hese facies anes wequce raings oocerdingly lank CUCGERS LOND RATINGS ero DoeR0d on autigges fry Seen edeo! ol aitane9.ef3.28-m om Ine eroeinal as oF Pe cam the vericol as of outiger toat Mechine “us! 69 loval aro: suppotod by cutigges aitntiestioe bite supperingsarace O.WoHOUT CUTeESERS LOAD RAINS 130 bated on IF Ietaions ore) ronaniens of tes imtarea % pretiue ean n tase, ana ores Dany when I or av oes es or ongyod: Ovor fort Rek andi Cany fuingsote srhesionevepecc ss thon 2 rah rey fire bioun wth ea panieer cer er Dirochine anloadresicined fom surge. TRIES LFRe YR YOO Bo biaraion ia wosing positon xe wonrea. wren ing seca. a overed zomionsof boom rus! bpenended sca, V2Nesrum JB Lone Aainge ae based on stuchisl competence: leaings oF ny ean sna no fetce0d OCOM LOAD RINGS a are (och 670 shal rot eee avira otnegishown ‘Suto ore ered to ncroazeIttna height caa eas. Maxine LOAD PADUS aval rot exces anmin BOCK LOAD PADUS of oom lenges en which De 1 For bucket anngs oni acu 209% ‘rem erent ib: OADNATRRS. 1SMethod of telescoping boom i nosrencant wen cach section onerablecastance ct? 92m Téthe maiimum togd which rno¥ be ‘eloccopse inves by hyaraue prenure, boom angle anc Leientian tase tseeaneony loseiwan inisotloadotng chat AREAS OF WORKING RANGE OPERATION = - = = Redrorg osctiaton ee Fest ear \ lockouts "hus! be setto || ae sam , ees, e | ce a ‘ a | 4am, Nos Tease \iont Rotation / on cunigaete char lacs fo: opnienee atin wereyg weet = fears a Ary ary Lam ee i 2 Zr tn 2 3 JO Bin Bee 3 A ovation ook cetanoe from 2 of oto Metis) Jo8u1251 On Outriggers — Rated crane loads in Kg —main boom in 340° and over tant wore area wih outage fy enleried ond 39 85% cto ed Boor Lavghn in eters tas | a ms aera ws in Loaded) Roted load |loadec| Rated load ficaded| Raiedlood Jioaded | notediosa |ioadea | gated ice | soon | kg [com kg oom | ag | som | ego [goes Stege Mets Rego age) — ange spe — I ege — P ao" | trot |" | sao? | some | P° az0° | sont | seo fon | aso! |e E 3__| "64 [coco | anneo | 70" avons [29000 | “7a” |zo700| 20700] 76.2 | 27600] ren 7 #8 [er | seioa/ sien] “er _|28s00| 2se00]” 71 —|20000| zecco| 74 | 26000| anon] 77 | 2ansa] 2x $8 _| s2280| 2250 “65 | 27000 27000| «9 |26a00/ 20200] 73 | 2ecco! 2ann] 78 | a1109| 211 30 2escn asco] 0 | 24200 | 24200 2360, 23050] 67 71300 21303] 72 | 18800) 16¢ 4 es /veas0 18450 | 69 | 16200/ 162 4221760 21760 $8 | 0760] 20760 é2_| 14080) 15060] 46 [14750] 147 «6 al 3218850 15350] _47_|17700| 17700) 86 40 /18150/ 15150] 81 |ia7on| azo] 58 _| 13000) 13900| 62 | 12850] 126 s 2 2 | 31 [13400 [13200 280 12960 “53 | 12200/ 12800] 69_| 11500) 116 [11650111660 | “49 | 11000/11000 [26 | 10400) toa © Cauion. Fo: 99m, 11) Boom tenati tines Se a Peres Rae 43 [ 9760 [io050| “ce | seen) out 12 | mustioo uiyeokacted | (99 [e200] oreo | as | eaco] ax 114 [end egoint stone a I [25 [e060 [cen | 3 | coo [aa WYARKING : Moin boom ralings must ce reduce i weight of freclboom ohachmenss. $8 12010 27 | 4600 | sot Deductions to be made from rated loads Dedustera 85 Ma om Hi tocr™ resto al ‘wanNINeS tenon (Wateg tor doom font .. Siting a 1, For boom lena fess hon 32.3 Hota Hock Or Room FO? | OMTaHGe km“ Onb | m with manual section 40 Ton ] otonced he 1et20 60 ashece | 331 = = aetominedl ay boo orgie only Ne coLMAnecdeay 32.3 m —— a — oe For Beare angles net ae Ven 16 [as | son, use ramng of nae toner OesiirorseRoce A? Nan fone ated code mig OCTET trising tem Season oerne Lovee id Jp (soed) seh marunl etacied ond = Hoot ace “On Boar RI res reey eicoea ese ae a = tron 42.7 m win cranval | Ne Nave | tee at a | oferesc: he 104 m boom Tinton [os sp onensien ratee leeds ore deren by boom ange or DetlclasToae Wace Fon HnBoonRowslocssjng “SIRTF BEDE ange cny ‘bing mn JF inthe cokmnngaded ty 36:21 Hook 30cK On seer Foint | ChLatico aa" Gaip BOOT ena @27 m ogom Tea] =a respectvey. Far engoe net 18icn 136 Br = Pow use “alngs oF nee ove tren | I] oomerae, 1a naip prevent taping cantons when ling en ites. is eocrmendees rer | Minr-um goom lena ¢ usec, of eieeacing 27 91m 2 Ouhiggers be exiencion 6s ior ae cessale Ord slow: ol grouncs Lond tetngs decers on ive conaaly ord sereiion, rflzted per able See atoar of quoraton alate for woreng kinges, WARNING : Do not exceed Manrrium radius shawn ora reping c agpiy cry when rear Iackcutt cre engages conden wil ocour, po \ ono! Seton Rebocie Manus! Lattice Extension Lotice Bxensicr sinus torertas | ania seenaea (cod [ 2.9 248 323 35.2 36.2 Raddus {cede otedtoos Jioaded | rated cod Aotediced Jlcated foledioad Jloased rotsdioos mem Ka | Soom | Ka so [boom ng aon ay ange wile : sogle dage voto SP a0 | ont 360 Font 360° | Front 360’ ent |“ sco! nt : I 2 SEEWABING SEEVARNING SEE WARRING ‘NOTE NOTE 2 NOE? | x | | 751360 15160 6 72__|ve000 | y2000 | 7 / 20800 oso] 75 [aan | exon] 76 | 7000 | 7000 | @ 67 | 9450 | 9450 | 73 | 8000 | soo] 76 6300 | 6300 I | | ¢ ao | 9500 4 | 2680 | 8650 | 71_| 7000 | 7400 | 7 [6050 | 6060 eam 10 s7_| 9360 62__| 7900 | 7900 | 70 [800 | seco | 71 | 5850 | 5050] 75 9900 | 900 | 11 e4_| 7980 s_| miso |7iso| 8 [4200 | «zoo | 70 | 5400] sao] 74 |s7o0 | s700 | 12 27 _| 6060 53 | e000 | «000 |" 64 [5200 | saco] 4s | 5050 | 5080 71 [30a | aa00| 14 | 38 | 4800. 47_| 4600 S000 | 5% [4500 | asco] 42 | aiso aiso| 68 | 3000 | acco 6 26 | 3500 385040 8800 sa80 | 65 | sem0 | sm0| s® | 500 3600] 65 | son | 2000) 16 - " 31 26807 980 [ 50 [sas] sam | sa _| a15u_ 3150 | 62 | 2500 | 2600] 20 43 [2050 [2550 [48 [2000 [ 2400 | se [iso | 2160] 25 33 [17601960 |41_| 1760 1980| 691850 | 1650] 26 20/1200) 1380 | 32 [1200 1400 [47 [1600 | 1400] 29 ‘On Tires! Rated crane loads in kg — Jib rathor | 950] 1100 a1_[¥200 [1500] sz main boom — without outriggers ia 3a [a0 | 950) 35 — turnum Load Balas iniea aRiNceniezar| 36 Vso 25— 22H Te tea Mrimum | Jo Arcge Otker ia | - | son | avs 3 sor |Peae| [foamange| St aot ee z Stolcney _—_Ovet Fort } ik saat eee la ze [2260 | 1900 | 1650 a ner 360° Crea |ankenpn Mets - - it 7 2050 | 1800 | 1550 s: Scie Ces 40 imph | muet 21800) 1660017100) 11960 | 3 reso [1550 [1450 ade zsaany 7086" sae zie We 1986018000 18200) 10450 | 85 68 | 1860 | 1450 | 1300 when torspartng.a bad machine must be oe 59 ONT ovalsurroce win mecranicanaes go eas 0 T9350 4 [ei lReaNATOSS] | OCs eee ca ecooneccie tos Frases [aeccall soo a set [reo [1190 | 1050. or macrine and testrained liom sxinaha. | a nolerceed aKMPHvetice spect rasa} seca | sac] sso | 6 ‘sf |1a00 | 960 | 00 ‘Bene ey Creeps ton fox man 200" etm. [700 sze0| 6900 | aos | 8 | ibratings SOM. peliod & not xeeectng 1 WR (1 {ceo aac coed AnOa io) ea eens = 3400/90, sa00| 1850 | 12 not excoce 85% oIacngioad ih z | uly exended cutiggsis. Io a Solid Cranes = | 2300[ = [Pasco "iso | culhages is teaared whe boom 1850 1 eauippeawilh ib. Solid Confidence leas 2, %5 bucket wings cn iy ecuo! The confidence of quali 09 18] * Snerinateaniectnos one rmnctrna sore et WARING Do net eceea Madan canis 8, Wosing:Bo nt win paneer show ora tena conor wit oceu andes celow 600. Less of Say toworateong Sct epic, ISO 9001 4, Waring : Do nat exceed operaing ‘ods wih erected 1b oF @ Hong re we Certfcation for stergent qucty “ton alloc. seme Ai ceed re sinoct ehonge ws native fre no werontisinferdieg to be gen or inrpioc 1 199p00" 0 he bonkens root OTHER PRODUCTS ON OFFER FROM MATERIAL HANDLING BUSINESS DIVISION YOLTAS EQUIPRMENTS © DIESEL FORKLIFIS| © ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS 1.810 16T capacity end Zone tl usgiadetion in 1.81 10 ST FC 210 ‘apactty ‘© HAND PALLET AND POWER PALLET RUCK ; 2.518 2Trespeclively Pallet Thucks unto 31, Power Palet Itucks uplo 2.47, Stackers uate 2T & 5.4M lif, Reach Trucks upto 2.87 & 11.5M lit, Order Pickers ~ (© WAREHOUSING EQUIPMENTS (© CONTAINER HANDLING REACH STACKERS ATTACHMENTS FOR FORKLIFTS manulocksed ty Bf Sweden 4ST & 481 capacity, manufoctuied by Terex, France) VOLES con attr cwtomwad eautons for ony lind of e900 eppistion and a ve! ange ol otacturer lor space! honing cancel fe fom bersiony Szcz0 Not Ccre Boome rot bese dea None Swe erate roeawuc Pale Carnes, ee Dern 8 rove Rot Cores Se sino epostencte VOLTAS LIMITED [MATERIALS HANDLING BUSINESS DIVISION Poktuen Ressthn.,Ihane (00 401. 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