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Questions On DVD 1. How old was Gavrillo Princip in 1914? 2. What was Princip’s overall aim? 3.

Give an example of a long-term consequence of the First World War. 4. What was most unstable part of Europe at the beginning of the 20th Century? 5. Which 3 large empires had fought for influence/power over this region prior to WWI? 6. Why was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand a target of Princip? 7. How many nationalities did Austria-Hungary contain? 8. Where was Franz Ferdinand due to visit in 1914? 9. What had Princip been provided with in case he of capture? 10. How did the first attempt on Franz Ferdinand’s life fail? 11. How did the Black Hand Gang’s luck change later that day? 12. What happened to some Serbians in Austria-Hungary in the immediate aftermath of the assassination? 13. Whose support was seen as key in the Austro-Hungarian’s ability to wage war against Serbia/Russia? 14. How long was Princip’s prison sentence and when did he die? 15. What date did Russia mobilize it’s troops (start to get its army ready)? 16. What did the alliance between France and Russia mean for Germany? 17. What date did Germany declare war on Russia? 18. What sort of war did Germany, Austria, Serbia, Russia and France think that they were fighting? 19. What was Britain not able to defend without the goodwill of certain nations?

Possible forwarding points 949-1115 1301-1800 .

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