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Published by Zack Smith

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Published by: Zack Smith on Jan 16, 2011
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The Worst Day Ever by Zack Smith Melissa’s favorite toy was her doll, Little Missy.

Every day, Little Missy would wait patiently on the living room couch for Melissa to get home from school so they could play. But one rainy day, Little Missy was shocked when a soaking-wet Melissa came through the door with a sad look on her face. “What happened?” asked Little Missy. “I had the worst day ever,” said Melissa. “I got caught in the rain while waiting for the school bus. The family tree I made for school was ruined, and now I have to do it all over. “My lunch was soggy, and I went hungry. Plus, I got soaked again coming home. Everything went wrong!” She burst into tears. “Don’t be sad!” said Little Missy. “We can still play.” “I never want to play again!” cried Melissa. She flopped down in front of the TV. Little Missy ran to the kitchen and told Melissa’s dad about the awful day. “That’s terrible!” said Melissa’s dad. “Melissa sounds pretty upset. She might need some time to cool down.” “How can we cheer her up?” asked Little Missy. “You can’t just make someone get over a bad day,” said Melissa’s dad. “The most you can do is just try and be a good friend until they feel better.”

“That’s her favorite!” “Well. “What if we helped her with her family tree?” “That’s another good idea. who was sitting in front of the TV. She got out some supplies and carefully arranged everything on a desk. “It didn’t help!” she told Melissa’s dad. Melissa!” she said. “Here. who picked out some photos. She went to see Melissa.” “There must be something else we could do.” said Melissa’s dad.” Melissa’s dad got some photo albums down for Little Missy. “This should cheer you up!” Melissa took the bowl without saying thank you. “That’s a good idea.” Melissa’s dad made Melissa a big bowl of chicken soup. “What if you made a bowl of chicken soup?” she asked Melissa’s dad. Little Missy carried the steaming bowl into the living room for Melissa. “She’s still sad!” “She’ll feel better soon. “I got all the materials for you. she did miss her lunch.” said Little Missy. “It would mean less work for her. The bowl of soup was so big that Little Missy had to be careful not to trip and fall in.” said Melissa’s dad. “Be patient. “Don’t worry about your family tree!” she said.” said Melissa’s dad.Little Missy thought of what might help Melissa feel better. Little Missy rushed back to the kitchen. You just have to arrange them on the paper!” . She slowly ate it as she continued to watch TV.

“And don’t worry – I don’t need your help this time!” She got some stuffed animals from Melissa’s room.” said Melissa. “I can’t hear the TV. “It’s called ‘Melissa is the Smartest and Prettiest Girl Ever. “Little Missy. . Melissa slowly got up and turned off the TV. Melissa watched Little Missy run away in tears.” said Melissa’s dad. She wiggled their arms around and did different voices as the animals “sang” about the wonderful and amazing Melissa. Leave me alone!” “I just wanted you to feel better!” cried Little Missy. “Melissa is going to be sad forever!” “I wouldn’t worry. “Everyone has a bad day once in a while.” “I have one more idea!” said Little Missy. and piled them on the floor in front of Melissa. When she was gone. She grabbed the stuffed animals and fled the room.“That’s great. “We’re going to put on a show for you!” she told Melissa. The things you’ve done will really help her. but she didn’t sound very happy.’” Little Missy ran from stuffed animal to stuffed animal. “Nothing I’ve done has worked!” she said. She continued watching TV. Melissa just hasn’t had time to cool down. stop making so much noise!” yelled Melissa. Little Missy went to see Melissa’s dad again.

“But the best friend kept trying to help her feel better. a girl had a bad day and turned into a grumpy monster.” said Little Missy. “The grumpy monster roared at everyone. She wondered if Melissa would ever be her friend again. I’m here to present a new play!” it said in Melissa’s voice.” Melissa narrated from under the bed.” With that. “Everyone has a bad day once in a while. one of Melissa’s stuffed animals plopped down in front of Little Missy. And that made the grumpy monster turn back into a girl again. “I’m sorry I was mean to you. and when the grumpy monster realized how much her friend cared about her. “Once upon a time. “It’s called ‘The Girl who Turned Into a Grumpy Monster. Suddenly.Little Missy sat on Melissa’s bed.” END . she realized her day wasn’t so bad after all. Little Missy. who had a big smile on her face.” “It’s okay. Melissa popped out from under the bed and gave Little Missy a big hug. You just needed some time to cool down.” said Melissa.’’ Little Missy watched in delight as Melissa acted out the play with her stuffed animals. “Hi. “You really did a lot to cheer me up. including her best friend. quietly crying to herself.

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