Afrikan 365

January 20
1875: C.I. Taylor is born in South Carolina (Negro Leagues; 33rd degree Mason) 1904: Maria Louisa Bustill Remembrance Day 1918: Samuel Jethroe is born in East St. Louis, IL (Negro Leagues) 1947: Josh Gibson Remembrance Day; dies at age 35 of a stroke in Pittsburgh, PA (Negro Leagues; 1972 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee) 1961: Uriah Grant is born in St. Andrew, Jamaica 1968: Nick Anderson is born in Chicago, IL 1983: Tor Hamer is born in New York 2009: The Inauguration of Barack Obama 2012: Etta James Remembrance Day; dies at age 73 in Riverside, CA; 1993 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee