Contrast VC funds Buyout funds j. Return enhancement and diversification General Real estate Private Equity Commodities Hedge funds 36. Issues for private wealth clients e. Convertible preferred stock . Real estate equity investing h. Some issues Major issuers Buyers Stages Venture Capital investing i. Alternative investment benchmarks f. Alternative Investments Portfolio Management d. Alternative investment features b. Due diligence checkpoints c.1. Alternative investment groups Managed futures Buyout funds Infrastructure funds Distressed securities g.a.

Hedge fund performance evaluation t. Fund of funds s. Importance of Event risk Market liquidity risk Market risk J-factor risk .k. Structure of PE funds PE investing l. Commodity investment Direct Indirect Commodity investing n. Commodities and inflation p. Alternative Investments Portfolio Management q. Derivative markets opportunities u. Discuss Sources of distressed securities Major investment strategies Distressed securities investing v. Hedge fund structures Hedge fund r. PE investment strategy m.2. The term structure of future prices o. Classifications 36.


Pricing factors Production Demand From convenience yield b.Storability Storage costs a. Basis risk of commodity futures . Commodity arbitrage From commodity spreads c.

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