~ Nutrition Plan


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112_ P~~6~ES5.Jl,SSESSMENT e.ox!y F~'t 11lrget

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D~tl;l~mir'le YO'I.IF ~~ltion Level Tl"lli 3 .~h85e:!



KeepIngi' Da~[y JCmrrt~l 07

W'ny Dl!}t M~tters- 07

What Re$~lw w Expect 08

rhe Mumbef One Obstade OS

IDrink \IVa,teo 08

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Cust(ll'li1l;!i ng' the PM"' 09

The P9UX: Peal< ~ec:o: .. eI"'JI' Formula ,and Th Is Pb r'! 10

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Olanl!ff\g the NuMb~r of Calorles Low- fa,!: CookJing Te<;hrllqulls

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13 OlJic:k Dish@s 107
lS Conveni~n(e fo!Xl:; 107
16 ColIvO!injeno;;e r.oQdGuideUnes 101
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10 Fnt rooo GUlid<!lines 110
os - DAILY JOURNAL In Portion Plan Foods

Portion Chart Portion Plan Market List ·Mea.L Plim Recipes


Portion Pbn Feods. Piortion Chart Portion pta n M<lrket l[st:

MeilLPiLan RI!t:il?'es

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POi'tiOiil Pb8lJil Fol)d~ Port~\lf1 Chart Portion Pta n Mark..rt list

Meal Plan


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Ntlitrrtton and dietexpett Carrie Wiatt, creator of:t:hl! P1_g?<Nutritton Plan, has develrJped

. -.:... .', ~ ........ .

an indlviduaUz'ed app'~d", to healtbt cearting ~at has made, her a leading LifestyLe

, 'educ,a'~::;~~n ,her'.work as .an author, cons'uLtant" rri,ed'r!1l. riers_on,~Lity, and chef. At

'. .. • • .f" '.. • ..

Dfe-t'O~$ig~$.' tier l?s·Ang,ele$-based.n~tri'tion company, Canie

I N,,! ~QDU.';TIQN wmbln'*5 fres,n~ ~pscate. culslne with low-fat pt'epant~on, 1:'~~011 ~niroL :"n~ .pe:,fron1ilUiM ~otl~seliO$:.'Aft~~ ~r5 TOf ~ractke, CaffiTe compbl.e~ -her pi'Qve!'l remi'lrql,les i!'\"her fl~st b.OOK, E,iJting by Qesign:·T!1e fndivfduiiJ!ized Food

" .. ~ . ... . .. ..

,P,er5l1.lnatity Typ;:: Nutrition Plan" Mer ,s{,cQfid' 5uc,cessful,book, PprtiolJr Savvy,

~re~M5 a':m:d~y ~lan for cOhtrotLed ea1:ing~d f!lo~ ';nanagement. Wiatt's ability to 'l)~ll:!ge,tlie ~ap bet;ween science and food circ;~ ,has made her II sought-after medija . ixpert 0t_1 iqealtn:;._tivil"lg, ,

.YOm body deesn' t" eun on ,exerit:1s"," lt.r !JJ\(i on me fopel you put, in )lour mooth. "The goal oJ,thb 'bOOk i~ w helj;!),oUtearn wnillt kin(;l~ ·o'f fbo,d, How ml.ll; 1\, a N:I when 'to eat se t~at

.. " .. , . .., .,' .. ". .. .

)Iocr 'C~~' ~..-:ise fat. J:,~t" lean,. and ge~ ~nto- inc red iblesh~ pe·. fie. ~arnecl. If you want rea L

re'Sults· fr.-Q1ii YGilur. e~"e.o;:j;e p~Qgr~m ~A.No' W~ t:'1EAN INCREDI~LE RfSUL TS!), sktpR:,ittgtnlS ~lftritlc;s~.pLat'l is _OOf-an ~ticl'll" E:st3plish!D1t and ma intainingthe right

. Kin,d of !j~e:t is Just',as important to)oor 'Over,alt SIJ(;ca$$ as any workout. In m'C't, some -; m~y .cons'icier the' diet the, toughest eXeN;nse·.b~t· ft i~ absoL"!teLy key to achteving }'Q\!r !;lest r-esults.

• '1.11....: .1

Once yeu incorpor<1!te the prlnclptes'of the P'99X' ~),Jtrit;I'on Ptiiln in~Q your L,tfeJ 'YOU wiU q~itkly

_. I......

begin tQfeel better, to:ok bei~, and w,ithout a ~9L1trt,perfiorm bet:teF. Y(lur craving:;r mi" ~ntlealthy .

foods wiLL be greatly r",d~l,;lc::ed. 8ye'-bye, Tl!!lin!desl

Because P90X is ,stlructured to 'ChilLen~e your b'Qdy through 3 phases, thl:i plan' is desigr;ed to change right alon,g wi;:~your workout sche(ju~e, Its 3·phase s¥stem w~rks, in ta~d·ern:~it:il the P90X lFoutine~. providin~ tne righ't c:omblnation Qffoc'ds t'osa-tiity your bdtl~'s ,energy needs fi-ver-,·

.' . . "..

s.te:p of the way, witn no ynlieaLthy·gimmiol:;i(s;·

A high-prQte!rl-based diet des.igned ro h~Jpr yo~- ~w'ngrhren muscle Vo'hiie rap,idly trhcddil1g fat fr9rrfyou( Mdy.

. ,

days \-)~ FAT SHREDDER

A ba~al1ced ~iK: of carD0l'!ydr<ire~ <lnq . pr()teln with a'low~~ anrount ·of filt to

15 ~pplY a ddjti~",a) GO e rgoy fDi; P ~ItO{~<iI n~~. "

An atllll'!t'lc . diet of tomplex' ca;bohydrates, lean pro·tein,s, and ro~@,' f<l~ ~rth an ~mph;}5iS on more cilrhqhyc;lr.atfs, '(o(j_'II,ri~~d ,eiiis fombirl1}tiofl of foods ;is fuel to gettfie inmt: out of your final training blo(k ~nd 'r;Uj,y' 9~ il}rhe bj:!st sh.W!? of your life!

Keep in mind that there are baslca!J.y three types of people when it: comes to fou'Qwun& II nutrition plan: those who adhere to tne guidelinEs and follow thll plan to a tee; those who foll.ow only the b1l51~5. eliminating food's that are nigh rn fat and sodium; and' those! who read these ~ords.a!id then contTnue to eat the way they"re acclJs~Q to. If this Iast group descrices·yqu, I'm-w is the tIme to make a cnange. Your commitment to getting in the best shape of yOlJr lifu depend! OIl it. Just"take comfcrr j'n knowing that the flJnd<lmentll~ of this plan are simple and easy to follow, and tihat you can always gO' back to your ol,d habits after the' 90 days. (Doubt yeu wlL~ thOtJghll

'There' are two cit e't appro~ch<!i5 preserreed in the po;! OX Muttition PLan. The choice is yours. as to' wbleh one will work best for )lO'u. Keep' ln mind that yO'U can stick wIth one plan tnroughout the entire 90 days. or ahernate the plans to adjust to, your lifestyle and maximIze your resulu,

rhi~'an is desJgned for those who don't h~vea lot of time or patience to prepare a meal char involve:;; more (hom one or two steps. It is de'fln,j"fely berter .':!Jited to rhose who don't .like to cooinmd follow recipes.

By following the daily meal p/&ns. you'll not only take the guesswork out of your daily food preparation, but you'l'f ').150 enjoy a var.rety of deli do us, healtl1y~ and low-fat recipes·that will provide you with the proper ernounr ot nurrition and energy to get rne mostcur of your P90X workouts.

Ple<lNe' take a few mo:men,t5·to record yoUr cW'l"ent body fa"!; ,~~rr.: e'rttOlgl;) and: liIetermfn~ jtOllr nutrition level The

rie,~d (~nd'IlQW ITIUC!-r yQIJ dQn't need) wniLe yO'I.I go throl.lgh P90X.

Your nutrTtrol'lleve~ is based em the 'daiLy alT\O\Jr,:t of calor!es )'Cur body Ileeds, for optimal health and perfcrrnance during this extrem:e; fitness program.



Lowering, your body fat and im:reilsll'l!l Lean mus~Le mass;ls essentTal to' your O'veraUsuc::ce-ss.Becaus.e of tlirs, te 15 important: to track your pr~gre.ss tnroughoLit thiS pr?gr~rni by measurlng and recording your ~ody fat: percentage at 'the end of each phil! sa.

T¢ get started, use the body filt measurement yo~ assessed pr;ior to' ta king your Fit Test ise:e tile P90X Prep'-sec.tiofii of the P90X Ffrn as s Guide). or' s 1m p ~)'. us e.:1 . bOdy rat cali per (available at Beachbody.cQm) and rec~rd )'~ur. re<slJlt:s here.


To determine your nutrlelen level, simpLy c9fTlple,t.e 'the f~tl-?w~r1~ 4 s1;epS.




_CaL,;'ulale your resting metab?l.i~ rate tRMR), ThiS-Is ba;s1c.atty·tl1e numb-err of. calories, you need to breathe,. pump , blood, gww hair, blink-be alive. -


estlma,t:e. You will probabty nee:d t-odo some, personal adjlIsting fi) get ijt perfect. ,Don':t; ~o.rry,· . ::, -': this will be'come morce Qbvio-Ysthaln )lou-,think,

., ...

once you get going.


EXiniple: A 64'oot, lBO-pound man RMR = 180 (body we,ught ln pounds) x ':O'=.lSQO· . DaTly acti ... ~ty burn» HmO [RMR~ l< 20% =~6B': < ' E'xer.:ise expenditure :::: 600:

Energy amount - 1800 +360"! 60o.~27~~" . . Nutrition level = II




YOII'll fin:da caiLyjoumal for eac"_\htee~ ofP90)i[ ;nt;;ll.lded at the back. of thili

keeping a daily iournst'

Re:::earcn,shows that one of "th~ most powerful ways to ~ucc~ssfuLLy change your eating,habits is to keep."iI daily JournaL By L(!gging yQUf food intake and exerclse;

" '

" "you keep yours~lf ilc~o'ul)table while ,elSO,l=reating aspace to express your

• < tho'ughts"llnd' feelrngs_ You'll no Longer have to


~~erneo~blir whrat..worke:d lind what didn't,. You can

L'?'Ok !l~~~ QfJ·y.Qur,lqg tQ:ti-~Ck-~~tJ_~;to&r~et_and fine-,tuneYQI;r fitne:i~ plan, to y'mn pefSOi'HIE eXlPedem;ei lI:ntll Re-e~s·, YOll'C be 5Ur,p nsed ,how often YOII find

• I • ". I. .: ~ .. : " .. ' "-I ,~I. • •

"' . !1lhat t!1l·d moods are \i!$SoCtated, witlh bad fClOds .. "

...... '.

. . .

book. Try to carry y.Qur ~urr~nt jOl.lr,n~L ,page with YOu $0 you call track meals

aiy'ou eat tneniill1dJot ~own:t:·fiougt'its as tt'n-e:y artse.

• • .-. I ~ _ ,-,. • Jr. ~.. _

The PC)OX NU~r;i'l:iOfl '?U~r( is designed to opti'mt:ze energy and fat Loss whil.e working with your exercise pLan to b!Jllcistrength and Lean rnuscte m~ss, This dramatic change In your physic~l

c ompcett lonrrre ans t:halit you might not se e ~ b~g differenc·e 011 "the scate becflL.lse you'Ll be trading fat for

. .

~e!l.n, !lttMg muscle-and you wlUL not ,only see, buty¢l.l will. deftnite-Ly feel the difference in your

oldy. Unqke other diet-iO that focus on t:he relative~y meaningles:iI measure of weight, you'll use body 'fat percentage and self~lpercelved energy to guide YOll to yOlJf goat, This program [5 for real.


The number one obstacle to suceessia underestfmating portion size" Calorie!> D 0 ceurrt ln 1f1e ened!y equ.iltipn: a nd sma'[L errors can add up to b1g disappolntrnents, It's very imjJortant M meiilSl.lre !;:~ch p,ortion accurately ,n


ev~r;y meat, t~e way we've 'ootlined here. It mignt sound lfke 2 1011 of worlk, but after' 90 ,days

it will be second na.tl.lre~ after- 90- drays. yQU wilL know how to eat. Think. of this plan as oj graduate de~ree fn eatlng, and you'll graduate in only tn~e mortths,


. .

_ S'-::[pping me3~, "'rid eatln,g off schedule.

_ FoLtowing "f~d!) and trtm'ds', such as OVer" empha_s,Tz.ing certain food groups and excludfing othe~ fcan you say " Atbins·n,

_ Not planning ahead with yOI,J1" food choices. ~_Sklrnplng on frutts and vege·t<lb~es, y-our na~~l"a~ suppLy of an,ti-aging nutrients,

It is fmportan1: t~ foLloy,t a Iregullar: eating s~hedtlle, IF!tstJ it ke~ps your bl.cod 6Ugl!!f stable 'tns.tead of pe.all;i~g a'hd' crashIng, wf1GC~ tan lead 'to overe,at!r'g and 03: general poor feeling.

Se~ond" peg~Uir meals wlth!!peed l.ip your rne'tablolsm b,y W:ij E N TO EAT cl'l~Ll~ngrng i'!::tO ~ep,prc:c,es'slng caLi,rles; rather than storing

thetii"'i na ... " r:'rie of "f~ast and- f'i:lmine. rl ,

." ~ .. : • -I

, The .:;oncep.t of t!me'ls crucla], to everyt:h[ng ,j!"l L~(e.i'tkeeps us on "tr.8ck, afJd this is e~peGialLy trUe wben it cam,es to eating. Success In P90)(oomes 'to. tl"lo~ who eat e~rLy and

. ~ . . .

often. ·YOI.l ,sRow"lcFbe :eatin~ ev.eryJew hOlJI:',s whjhLyol:i~e awake, favorfng small meals and

.snac~s_ Try to fl,lli~h ycur~st sri~k approximateLy'three hours before yOlJ hit the sack. Tnls wiIJ. tl~lp hep undigested carbs from being stored a,s fat, If you do need to break tflis

, rule, a, ~l"fIari pnQt~i~ ~hal::e w~uldr be' t~e:sn~ak ot ~og'~e befl;lre ced.as it carl help your

I •



Even "thou,gh s.om;e ,prettybJ"ight mrnd~ were tappedl durirtg the formul..lltion of tili.s, dHe~, that doesn',!: mean it'$ perf'eGt for everyone, If you feel that you need to eat


either more or less than you've calculated, then "this realLy might he me case,

Bllt'first you shQu'Ld'try eatin!!; the amount you calculated, Your body wiLl. let you koflow what's right over time" in the begWnnlng it will send false :;)ignab, trying 1:0 get yo~ to ea~more out of habit, but giv.en CI trial perflod it wiLL find 11 neaL'thy balance of clit!>t,and eXei'CI~, and then y~u'll ge~a mere reaListtc 5eMe of 'Oow much you should ~, eatirl,g,,'M'etaboUc rates vary.frlOre than we elm predkt here.so there is a chance that you'll need ItO adjust yOLirdjet :>Qme;whilt(, Iilp' '~r down.

One thlllg to caution you :a.gainst:)~ UNDEREATI~Ct If you don't'feed yo~r body enough, your rnetsbolisrn wiLL sLow gOWn and yOll'U c:om;er'omhse your' workouts; This esn affect' your results in ways you ~y not no"tic~ be~llse:YQLl may feel ~ay"l,ut your perfo~mance

, , ,

CQuLd be Lagging; You shoiJLd'notJ'~n out of energ'y:- The. only time ~hat you should drop

your <:;ijlLQric intake is-If you are working esrt hard, ye,! 5,tilL gaining fat,

'YOll mi.gllt actually need t'o':ad~ eateries if you feeL Uke you are rUllning out of enetgr during your workouts, but this 'c'O!Jld also resULt from eating too early before

" t.. . I •

, you EI~Elrcj~, If you decide to ~at rneee, -i'lddlngas littLe as 200-300 calories per day

sho~ldl bll enough unLess yOiJr ,<:al~I.MtiQlls ""re w~y off_This ts easIly done by adding

,~ • I ,I • • ,

iii, 'snack. sUJch as- nut&or dried 'I'nJ:it, sliJbstitutfng- a meal in place of a sn<ldc, or

ialdl;lillg a pr~teHn shake, Oth~r :than this, all 'four e,n:ung guidelines should remain the same,

,_tt you're in Phase I, yotl ootJld' a lso be "!bankrng" due. to Lad<; ~-r: carbohydrElt:e!l ,In your diet. Boo k Ih,g is when your body runs out of :;'l:ored gLycogM during ,a h~l"d workout and can no Longer pu~t) beyond its 31laeroblc threshold. This is very ComfTl()!'1 ill liP~ tTke 'ril~i~g and cycUng; b~'lt can also ~ppen ~h.!ring:roUtlne-weight: training. espedaUy with

. . ,

:ill Low-~r:t) diet, In this case, adding'a ,servillg of a complex ca~bohydrate Uke rice, piltato~5, or breed to any meal durjng the day will l.liiu<lt~,r do '~he trf[k.:CompLe~ c~rbs. arest:ore(j as I.iver-gLycoger:r f6'be used when necessary $0, unUke 5ugats, they don't nee,hlQ be cOffil.lmed right before you need them in order to be effective.

Eliminate the f<lt .used in. traditJohal s8.I.I1:e!;l Ely substutLJti:n1!! flavoi1'ullJquid.s fer butter, margarine,

. .

0('\ orl, ChQQ!>e from chicken or v egetable st<Qck, dry sherry, fed or wn!te win4Ol, fruit Juice, vJnegOlr,

00)' sauce. 6~ a comb!nat:ion of twb or more.

l.earnlng just a few baste skills can ma~e you a low-fat chef with good nabits you'Jl use fm lijfe. Cooking with IUiquids. other than filt can trim me fat cORtent of 11 dish ·by up to WOO calorie s, This can Ma~e· a po~itlve effect or'! your taltaL heilE-ttl and 'Well-being, and maybe even pr~\I'ent i~lne5ses -such as cancer amd neart disease. And on top o~ ~U 1:h~t, yo;u can Lose Lots of weight.


. ..

lRete-r t:o these tec:hniq ues wben rna ki ng the P90 X recipes or preparing foods from the P.ortion Pta n,

For a,dd~d:'fLavor- and mOist!Jl'e, brlJSl1 seilfood.me~, or p~)U'Lti-Y w I.t~ fr~$h citrus, j ulce ,. rnusta rd, Won:est~rshire ·s,auce,~so.y sauce, or fresi'l. herbs before gnlLir:!g or roas'tin~. Or use an ort-free

, .' {'. '·L. .", ' •

rna rim de ·f e r ties'!: flavor, I1i.ariri.ate 1j.'!: ·Leas t two !'tOI;lr.SI- or oy,er~itg.l:!t i~ VIe. refr i g erator,

. , . . .

. '


okay, Ie t 's get starred. big P90X st,@p.::

Thtpw t:hem awaY;·jlmd Qoot let anYo/le give you' mol',. [Jo~"t be nice:. Don't

. .'. ~ .. '~.

take a blfe. Slly;~T~nk(i. bUt: I'm not·eating ~a'l: IkT!'Idd !>tyfffbr 90 days,"

- An:i:l ~'y 1;he,·~ay'. c:pn(r8t~l.,t'io(ls! y,?u're·taki~thWpr<l;gram, seri"oDJsly. and

. . .,' " ~ . - . ..

just ~m~~ef'::j'r:you:.ehil1k, tt'$ junk: fQc,d" if pl'Qba~l~ is .

... '. • I .... • 'L ~...~ ,." _,_. • ~ ;';' II,,; '_


, The Portibrn Plan app.t-o_a:~h was, designed tl!l 'allow you to mix and matth the foods oof " . y~ur.choiC~. Thet'~ a,,~ NO Sp~ci{icm~a~ pl~n5 OF rec'ipes f'orthis approach. Ju~'t

·,nut'ritiolJlevel. Alohg wjth"i:d~ntii'y~ng the ,right Nods to buy, The !istshoW3 you

PORTION PLAN FOOa)'S' ·whfch foO:dsfi3U,int~ wtlic:lu:ategories,. and tM appropriate , P',ort~o!l5ize ~9.,~~l:t6 olle :>.er~~ng.'

. f;or example. I}' YOll:are;ln Ph~;"; l~l:iId"have ~~t;ermined that you are at nutrition ~'j{elll} !,QU Wijuld 'be aRotted':il"spedflc n\Jm~er of,servings per day frr;m each f.®d' group, as, follows;

"_7 5erv(ng~ fr,o'~ the' pro"CeU;~ grollp

, .• I .' ~ _ • ~ ,

_3 :)ervings from" the"dairy gJ'Oup

, _lserl/b,g, froq1~t:he fr~i'ts i;oup

_ 4ser-vingsfrom the vegetlll;)te,s group'

,-' , .

.. i serving f~om the "fa"!:!! grQ~p', •

_1 s:ervJn& I\rzym tne;'clilrbonyi;lnl1:e:ij ,gro\Jp

k •• ,

_'2 ,servings from th e snack-S" group (2 items from, the s lngle snac:~ g('o~p QI' 1 )tem frem the double snack group) PLUS" 1'90X P-eak Pe'rforma~ee PWl:.e.in, Bar and

. P~OX: Pe:!ik:RecQ¥e'ryFQ~ula Dr~nk

2' $ F' ... ";n"~·""'\""" ~~~~~,~~~~~
























DAYS '1-28



During Pl1~ e s 1 use the follcw:irrg lI!r't t'o determine wh lch food:s to purchase from tlie ,grocery acere, and how much of t.hese foods'

cO!lst:itutes,-one s~rvi,ng. Rernernber rthe foods YOLJ ch~o5e to ,1~,c:01'pOi'ate in -your diet are up to Y0i> -J"'~t make sure ,tnt! p'or'tiorls.fit· wh:hin the perameters ·of your qeterm'ined nutrltlon LeveL



It'3cup_Pmre;n p ..... ",.."'.,"'; .. -r:

3 oz~Red l1Jeat ttop-sinotn, skirt ,tl"al(,ng;,,' v,,~al'U".(J,D'(J 3 Qz_Red rnear, Ic""·",~"~",,,

2 !lliuS- __ J3re,ad (whole wheM,.rye, or oumoeaue«

, . 1 ClIp Cereal,

1 - ..... '_'~v~," .. ~

wll 0/1" whea r_ 1 La rge wf!Ole wheaCl


each serving =1 00 eal;


'. r.·',· -v, •..• ,.,. ~.~,-,~ ~.--. - ," .,.,' •. '," ~ ", .• • ••

eaeh servl n.!: '" 50 cal, .,', 1 I;Ut:>'" coo~ed vegeea btes ' v'egetabl<!l jull::~ , er vegetable. $QIlP" ' 2 cups "" l.eaiy !l~eens

single 1; erving, =1 00 o;a l: , double serving =lOCIoo;aL •

40:>: lf2 P9()X Peal>. Performance






_R'eclpe Included

"-1 n, oz_ St'ring

, cheese

10 .. _ Turkey jerky

1 Protein bar 1_Recovery drink

'8 O'l;_ Cott"ge c'H,e'e5e, 1 %

i oz Tu[key jerky

1_ Profert! bar

1_ Recovery drtnk:


_Recipe included


I_PrDtein bar

1_ ~e'o very drink

30 rNt$_Pi5ril.hios 8 "i~S,~lmotl

:3 'thip_~emotJ-DiI! Suuce - 1 cu .. ~AS'pilrilgll.s .

• j <:1,If.';:_ WIld rice " ~ ~:!,J'p~, Puree of

"Red P..epper 50lJp .2 tbllp_,Pro teir: powder

1 Protei 11 bar l_Recovery;:;Jrink

3o'Z_String cheese

J slices _ Turkey bacon '

1_ Chickell ScramhfE'

6 o;'_ Fresh-squeezed jlli~e

I Protei 11 pa r

I_ Recovery drink

4<>1-_ Soy nuts

1 Soy S'lCisage Muffin 12oZ_Skim mil.k

I. Protein bar

1_ Recovery" drink

2 ,";>:_ Turkey j~tky

1_ Pmtein i)"r

I Re,coveryelrink

12oz_ Cottage cheese, 1%

1_ Protein be«

1._ Recovery drink

2<>"_ Turk.ey jerky

3 f.lice&_ Turkey b<J'ccm

1 Chr>1;'~e 5c'ramble H oz_ Skim milk

1_ Protein bar

1_ Recovf1ry drink

u oz,_ Cottage cheese, 1%

1 G, 0'1; Salmon

4tbsp t.emon-Dtli Seuce """'l 1 CUp_ Asparagus

, 1 <;;'\Jp_ Wild rice

2 ~ups _ Puree o[

Red Pepper SO[lp 3t~5p~ P(otein powder

lQOL,_ Turkey

4 't&;p_Gr.:ilvy -

1 cup_ Green be~r'ls

::\ c uP'l_ BtJttemut Squash Soup 3 tbsp , Protein powder

1 Protein bar

1_ Recovery drillk

L_ Pmt(f!in.bar I_ Rer;ov~(y'atil1'k

Protein b'ar'

1_ Recovery drink

Hl"oz Ler:norr-Garlfc Chicken ~ cw _ Wild rice

~'i.2 cups Puree of

.. lI!iparaglJ5 Soup -

:. 3t~rL Protein powder

liig,h In f'.~Qtell1l!lnd 'fitiE!1", 'i:~eS6 I"~dpes witt pu:!:, yOJ,! QI1 thei! fast 'tracl(tow:ai'd" blJlLdlng ~ean mLlSCle mass whi~e "had.ding el!~~5 bod"y fat. 'from" ~!JP 1;0" siir··m; tbere B.re lplenry of deLr cloos Tood options to heLp 'speed up. y~r 'irleta bdLism and give y.9l:If "ody th'e fUe( it needs for the new cha LLenge:s that Ue aheOid.

, ~.'.:



\.!.:J/2 CLIpS bslsemic vinegar

2 tablespoons fresh lemon jutce 6 tsbtespoens Dijon mustard

4 teaspoons shallots, chopped

4 teaspool15 fresh ba~iI, chopped 2 ~e3SpO()n.~ .olive oil

black pepper to taste

74 Calories (kcal) 1 g Total Fat (42% calories from fat) o 9 Protein 29 Carbohydrate I) mg Cholesterol 71 mg Sodium

Serves 16 (yields 2 cups)

WhisK together aU illgredient~ in a ~lTlall bQwt Store covered in the refrigerator,



~<JblespoQns {res/} time juk:« J!2 tablespoon Qrangejuice

1/2 ti>bff'spoon Dijon musterd

1/2' teaspoon cumin powder, .1/4 teaspoon ssts

1/8 teaspoon black pepper I Mblespoon olive oil

Yields 4 tablespoons"

'Per serving information inetuded with Island Pork Tenderlais» Salad recipe.


2 table5poons = I condiment:

pel serving:


4 cup» fresh bssti. packed

2 rablespoons garlic, chopped

1 cup fin-free Permessn che .. se, gr,atf',d 1/3 cup white cooking Wine'

1/3 cup temonjuice

J /2 cup fat"free thicken broth, low sodium 1/2 teaspoon salt

6 j Calories (kcal) 4 g Total Fat (49% cstories from far) 4 9 Protein 4 gCarbohydrate 5 mg Cholesterol 110 mg Sodium

Se[ve;s 20 (yields 2-1/2 cups)

1" 'Heat ~kiLLet over meduum-high heat and toast nuts, turning yntR golden brOWI"I.

2.111 food processor, puree basil, tQ~siecfn;uts. anti~arUc. AcId Parmesan cli.i'iese. wine, ~moJ"l juice,al"l,q chicken breth and peocess until, blended .. Adr:lsalt,to tas.te and blend. Serve on p;asta; 'chicken, or seafood.

-2 condimems

2 tflblespoons = 1 cotldl{l'if'nt


~2 tablespoon olive oil . 1 CUp red onion, finely chopped 1 cup mango, peeled and cubed

112 cup tomato, chopped

1-1/2 rsblespoons fresh ginge~ minced. 1/4 wp fresh/rlnejitic~

1/8 cup. orange jllice:

1!8wp dry sherry,

. 1-1-12,: ta6Je5paO!lS brown 'sugar

.' ,

i- f/2 tiJihle,;pOQM white vinegar

per serving:

46 Calori,es (k.ca!) 1 9 Total Fat (19% calories from fat) 1 g Protein 9 g Carbohydrate 0' mg Cholesterol 3mg5Qdium

Serves 8

113 cup stt-purpose tlour

3 cups fat-free chicken broth, low sodium 114 teesooo» salt

I teaspoon poultry seasoning

34 Calories tkcet) trace Total Far (1% calories from fat) 4g Protein 4.9 Carbohydrate

o mg CllOlesteml U9 mg.Sodium

S@rves W

1. Salute shauots in some 'of the broth untiL soft (set! Low-fat Cooking Tec:hniq\Je:ol. Grad1.!<l!lly whlsk iTt the fLour, adding brorh as needed to fOml ilithic;k. paste.

~ 2. GraduaULy add the r,emarn'ing broth, stirring and cooking until it!hick'en,ed. Acid the satr and poultry seasonmg .

.2 fablespoom = T amdiment

1/4 cup shallots, ch.opped fine 2/3 cup honey, slightly warmed

1/4 cup sherry vineqsr

1 teaspoon pds(/fa cllll.e powder 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin

1-1/2 cups f<lt-.fre~ chicken broth, low 50dium salt and pepper to ra'He

I teaspoon cilantro,. chapped

3 tablespoons chopped pecans; toasted


56 Calorjes (kCc1'1J 1 9 Total Far (13% calories from fat) I' 9 Protein 13 9 Carbohydrate o mg' Cholesterol 48mg Sodium

1. Coat a' saute pan with cooking spray and place on rnedlum-hlgh heat, Add chopped shallotS and saute until tender,

2, Add the honey ami vinegar 1:;p the pan. QUlctly: stir'in the' chne powder,c::umil1, and broth. Br:~ng to a boil and reduce by half,

3. Tr.ansfer sauce to a !}tender or roocl processor and blLend at high spe-ed until srnooth. Season to taste with ;satt al"\d pepper, Stir in cilantro. Gamis.1i dish wittl toasted pecans,


per serving:

4- ounces shallors

2 cups white wine

l tablespoon:> arrowroot

2 CUps tet-tre« chicken broth, low sodium 6 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tesspoot: lemon grass, minced

, tebtespoon fresh dill, chopped

58 Calories (kCill) traCe Total Fat (0% calories from fat) 3 g Protein 5 9 Ca(bohydrat~

o mg Cholesterol 107 mg Sodium

Serves 10

1. Coat a Large saute pain with cooking-spray and saute shaUots until soft (not brown), moistening with wine If" necessary'.

2. Dt550lve me arrowroot in 112 cup of the cnkke.n broth. ~et aside.

3. Add remaining wine "CO shallots arid reduce' by lialf. Add remaIning chlcken broth al'.'bd reduce by half ~galin.

4. Add the arrowroot mixtur,e. Transfer the mixture t.o a food proeesser or blender and puree untiL srr,oo'!!h.

5, Ret:Lirn 'the seucetc tine pan, Add lemon jui<::e~and l,emoCl grass and simmer c:i"ver Low bea'tfor about

30 minutes, until thick, Stnli~ out the lemon 8J8:S:!j ~nd stir in the dIU. .


~whole hothouse wwmplU 112 cup fed onion, chopped 3 Mblesp,oom iresh dil! weed, chopped

, tablespoon fr~'jh mint, cropped

1·1/4 WPS" nonfaNJlain yogUrt

1/4 teesooon salt

1/8 teaspoon Nil(~ p€pper l!UHe<lSpOon cayenne"

1/4 tablespoon cftfery seed

per serving:

.60 Calories (kcaJ) trsc» Totel Fat ,(5% calories from fot) 5 9 Protein 10 9 Csrootwdrete 1 mg C}lolestewl 191 mg Sodium

Yietd« 1 quart (serving stze: 1 cup)

Combine all ingredient:; and puree with blender. ChiLL Garnish wit.h, choppeddill or parsley.

1 cIJpmup 1/l veget~ble

'1- 114 cup« onions, diced

1/2 teesooon garlic, cnoppea

1-1/2quilrts fi'Jt-free chi-cke-n brottt.low sodium 1-1/2 pounds asparagus, diced

1/2 potzto. diced

I dash salt

1/2 tea.spoon ye!iow musterd seed 1 dash t r-stnce mix

112 teaspoon 'dr.y mustard

38 Calories (keaO rrace Total Far (9% calories from ( .. 't)

2 9 Protein 59 carbohydrate o m9 Chole5terol 1780 rog Sodium

1. Saute onions and gar'lk in 1/4 cup of the' c,hi'cken broth,

2. Add asparagus, pcot<lto, ilnd remaining s'todc Bring to Oil boll, Reduce heat and ~jmm€r 1 S 'to 20 minu:tes.

3, Remove soup from heat and puree with a food processor 01" trnmerslen btender.Re'turn to the pan ~nd season with the spices. Serve.

4. If desired, add protein powder just before :servin.g.

p~r 5prving:

t Tablespoon shallot, mi'nced

, dove ga,/ic, pressed or minced

3 cups b~lrremur squash, peeled ana s€,eded 1/2 CLIp fat-free chicken broth low sodium

70 Calorie~ (kc~1) trace Total Fat (1% calories from fat) 39 Pr;ote:ln 18 9 Carbohydrate (J mg Cholesterol 89 mg Sodium

Serves .3

1. Combine the, snalLot andl garlic:: in 3 nonstick saucepan an~ cook over low heat until t!f~i"lslu.cent. addirrg !I little wat.er if necessa I')' to prevent ~lI;Qrphing.

2. Add the squash ~lId ctJicken broth-and simmer until the squash is ~oft,a'bQut 20 mtm.rtes.. Transfer toa blender or food preceeser and puree,

1 Itetl,lrn the &otJP to the pan and plaice over rnsdjum l:iIe\t:t;; t,mtit ne<3ted through. Serlle,

4. If desued, add prote'in powder just before ser\l'ing:


, 2 Cl.IPS$OUP, 3 tablespoons protein powder' 1,prrie;ir1, 1 vegetable

pel' serving:

3 cups low-sodium tomato juice

2-1/2 CUp5 nothouse cucumbers, peeled and diced 112 cup c~rrors, peeied an (J,diced

3/4 cup earch green and red bell peppe'/"'- seed.ed and. diced 1/2 red onion, diced


2 g8rlic cloves

113 cup red wln~, i!inegar

1/3 cup fresh'/'emonjuice 1 re.asponn paprika

) 14 n~p ea~1i fresh 0.r.e.q.mo, basil, and Ita/lim parsley, chopped . 114 {easPQon wiJite- pepper

J/4 :teaspoon T~b3St;O :\'8uce·or to taste'

20 Calories (kcal) trace Total Far (4% csloaes from fat) 1 9 Protein 5 9 Cilrbohydl'<i!te o mg ,Cholesterol 5 mg Sodium

Serves. 10 (yields 10 cups)

1. PILac;;e the tomatoes, tomato luke, cucumbers. carrcrts, green and red pep pen, onion, snaLlots, lind garllc in a food prQcessor' or btender and p-rocess until smooth.

2,Add 'the vinegar, L,emon juice', paprika, Oregano, basil, parsley, and white pepper' a.nd process 1::0 cccmblne. Add fabas.co sauce to taste and blend. Chll]. for several, hours before.serv.fng"


NOl":e: AddItional protein powder is. nctrecornrnehded fC!T 'ttIis I"ecipe., If ee)ired, we :J\.!.ggest'mOit you t~ke 'pro'teil1 powder separately

with )lour meal, '

1/2 teaspoon dark sesame oil 1/3 cup shallots, fineJy chopped

J. tablespoons miso

1 quart vegetable $tack . 714 cua firm silken ~ofu) 'diced ~ .. '

. .

3 tebtespoons-scsulons, sticedtor. gami:;/)

107 Calories (kedl) 3gTorai har (23% calories from fat) 4gProtein 16 g Carbohydr.ate I mg Cholesterol 1052 mg Sodll1m

Serves 8

I • I, L •

1, Heat the sesame oil in a saucepan o" ... ~ medi'uF1l heat, ;':d~ the sh.atLots·ano ·cool. u!'rti'~ t,:aIl:;~.U1!erlt.

. ~ ,-:' . -.. ." .. . -,' .

2. Add 'the mlse paste and 'mix' well. fl,dd the veie~ble:~t.OC~:.<ln'd b'rjng, to",! ~im.:ne r , ~e~~ceJhe.at. t~ low and

s'immer for 15 millu:tes,. .. . ,

3" To serve, ledle irrto bowls and garnl~n .aach serv[ng ~ii:n 'tofl.l:antr:staltions,

. . ~. ',_ ,. .

J ._',

,4. If desired, add protem powder jus'!: ,be-flor,e ser~ng __ ..

~mup, 3 tetue spoons ptoteu: f)O'M"IS;;;q;;; 1/2 carbohydrare


4 fed potetoes, cut into t-Inct: cubes 4 cups onions, quartered

1 cup carrots, sitced 1 inch tllick

3 cups celery- sliced 1 inch thick

1 cups Zl1cciJil1i, siiced , inch thick

8 ounces tomato smice, canned 2' doves qerlk, m~nmd.·

114 btmch fresh parsleY, chopped 1!4 bl1{ldl cilantro, chopped. dash 'pfiJ'ck puppet:

49 Calories ("'cal) trace Tota' Fat (2% calories (rom fat) 7gProt:ein 10 9 Carbohydrate

o mg Cbotesteroi 377 mg 50diI.Jm

Serves IS

1. In a large steckpot, corrlbin€ the ehleken broth, potatoe~. onions, carrots. en4 c~le~y. Bl'ing to a bell, reduce heat to mediwJtH,igh, and simmer until the potatoes are-tt'ln"de:r! about jo minutes.

2. Add the zucchlnt, tomato sauce, garLk.,j::IarsLey. and cHantro. Re:duce,beiit t? meditlm-low ~I'ld coo~ 'for 10 to 1 S

mlnutes more, or until the zucchin'i is iu.st tender., Season te tast'e-";"it~ black.p~pp~ ~tJd'S~~. ' .

3. If desired, add p.rotein powder i'U~t before serving. ,


:2 ClIpS white win« 1 oni'on,iinely chopped

5 roasted ted pepp,ers

2. (UPS ceiery; chopped

I teblespoon garlic minced

2 plum t'omaroes, chopped 1/4 cup tumaio paste

2 cups far-frec-·chicken broth, low sodium

. . '. ~ ,

1 t;ablespcw.m dried thyme

1/4 tea'5'poon eEch ground white pepper and ground cumin

, . .

dag-h salt'

57 Calories (kciJ,l) trece Total Fat (5% calories from fat) 39 Protein d g C~rbQhydrate

o mg Cholesterol 145 mg 50dium

Serves' 2. (yie/d5 12 cups)

1, Heat wine ~!1 !li l<l1"8&, heavy soup pot over medium heat. Add onicn, red pl$pers.. 1!f1d celery .. COG!; and stir for 3 mJntlt:es. Stir in garliC. Cook for 'Z more minutes, addiing mor:e wir:e'iif n~,~~~ary.

2. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, and broth; cover and brinfto a boil, Redu<;e heat ~neJ ·~'mmer f~, Z5 mTnutes.

3, Pure.e SQ!.IF.l in a food processor or blender. Return 'to t;.he ~al'l, add seasonings, and heat-tflrouih. •

4. If de~ir",d, add prereln powder Just 'before serving.


T cup !>OIJP, 1 titble5pOOII PIoreiil

1/2 protein, 1 vegetable

per serving:

3 tablespoons protein powder, such as 8eachbody® Wiley Protein Powder 1/2 nip berries

112 banana

1!2cr.lp ice

233 Calories (kcq,J) 2 9 Tor .. I F.at (8% calories from ist) 20 9 PrOt'ein 36 9 Carbohydrate 4 mg Choie5teroi J 3'0 mg Sodium

Serves 1

Combine all the ingredients In a blender. Blend until smooth.

1 proteiI'), 1 dairy. 1 fruit

4 'tablespo'ons protein powder, such as Beachbody@ Whey protein Powder 1 cup berries

112 ban~.l1a

//2 cup ice

per serving: 253 Ci1lories (kea/) 2 9 Total Fat (9% calories from fat)23 9 Protetn 379 C"rbollydrate 4 mg Cbotestero! 130mgSoailim

Serves 1

Combine all t:he ingredien-cs in a blender. Blend untlt smooth.

5 tab,le5poons protein powder, sucb as BeachbodyJl! Whey Protein Powder 1 cup berries

1 whole banan.a 1 cup ice

328 Calories (kcal) 3 9 Total Fat (9% calories from fat) 279 Protein 52 9 Carbohydlate 4 mg elmlestew! i 3 I mg Sodium

Serves I

Combine all the ingredients in a blender_ BLend until smooth.


2 ro 4 my sausag,e petties (approximately SO calories each) 1 :to 2 ~ngli5h mllffin5

1-//2 ro4 ounces fat-free mozzareila cheese

Serves 1

395 Calories (kc<1l) 7 9 Total fat (2% calories from far) 34 9 Pmreill 46 9 Carbohydrate 28 mg Cholesterol /490 mg Sodium

I. Cook soy sausage accQ~dii"ig 'to package instructlons.

1, To!! the English muffin with the cheese end cook. in a toaster oven or under "tile broiler for 2 to 3 miuntes or untfL cheese merts.

3, Place sausage on one muffin half and top w~th other half,


per serving:

1-1/2 Ounces fat-frf!fI Parmesan cheese, grated 1/2 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped

320 Calories (kcal) 6 9 Tatul Folr 07% calories from fat) 49g Ptotelt» 16 9 Carbohydrate 78 mg Cholesterol 67:8 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. Coat a nOr)$tick skillet with cooking spray and place over medium heat,

2. Lightly b~at the egg whites with a for~ and add to the pan.Cock, !ltjrril'!g. until halfway set. Add 'the diced thicken .and (QQK through_ Add salt and pepper to. taste. Gdrnj~1) with fresh ba~iL :and serve,

per servmq:

3 ounces chicken breast cooked and diced

:3 ounces fat-free Permeso» cheese, grated 2 teaspoons fresh basil. chopped

455 Calories (keiJ/) () 9 roral Far ,(12% talorie's from fat) 70 9 Protein 30 9 Carbohydrare 112 mg Chole5ferof 1093 mg Sodium

Serves J

, _ Coat <II nonstick skillet with I:ooking ~tay and pL;,ce over ~e-dlum heat,

2. Ligntl.y beat me egg whites witn a fork and add 1;0 me pan.COQk, :l!tilrrillg, until hilLfway ~et. Add tI1e elced chicken and COQ~ thraugh. Add satt .and pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh ba5~l and serve.

4 ounces cflickell breast, cooked and diced

4 ot/nees rat-free Parmesan cheese, qrsted r tablespoon fresh bi'J5ii, chopped

596 Calories (kcal) 8 9 Total Fat (12% calories from far) 90 9 Protein 40 9 Carbohydrate' 149 mg Cholesterol 142 r mg Sodium


I. Coat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray and pl<!.;;e over medium heat.

2. Ughtly beat the egg whlte~ with a fork and a.dd to the pan.Cook, stirring, until halfway set. Add the dic,ed chicken and cook 'tnrough. Add salt and pepper to -taste. Gsrnlsh witn fresh ba,si'L and serve,


2 tablespoons skim milk

1-//2 ounces mozssrette cheese, part skim, grated salt and pepper to taste

230 Calories (kcai) 49 Total Fat (29% cClIOrj'e5 from fat) 34g Protein 5 9 Carbohydrate 24 mg Cholesterol 450 mg Sodium

Serves r

1. In a bowl, lightly beat the egg whites with the skim mille

2. In a rnediurn pan coned with ve.g·etabLe spray, add the egg mlxl:iure and cook slightly-then add the cheese ami cook to desired firmness,


per serving.'

8 whole egg whites

3 tablespoons skim milk

3 ounces mozzarella cheese, parr skim, grated sstt and pepper to taste

388 Calories (kcai) 7 9 Total Fat (35% calories from fat) 53 9 Protein 8 9 Carbohydrate 47 mg' Cholesterol 653 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. In a bowl, beat the egg whites with tile skim miU;,

2. In a medium pan coa't~ with vegetable sprey; add tlie egg mixture and cOQ~sligh'l:ly,-thel1 add tile cheese and cook to desired firmness,

per serving:

4 taNespoons skim mill<

4 oUl1ces mozzarella cheese, part skim salf lind pepper to taste

506 Csk: (if'S (kea]) 9 9 TOfal Fat (35% calories from f~i) 68 9 Protein 10 9 Carbohy(j-flJtll' 62 mg Cholesterol 845 mg Sodium

Serves I

I. ln 11 bowl, beat the egg wni'e~ wuth the skim milk.

2. '11'1 a medium pan eeated wirh vegeut:lle spray, add the el!J!l mixture and cook slrgl"ltly-tlnen add the cheese and COQk to desired firmness.

J/2 cup Roma tomato, diced

! cup spinach leaves, cieened and dried {j egg whites

1-1/2 ounces {eta cheese, crumbted

7 tablespoon fresh basil, c/lopped

239 Calories (kcai) 9 9 Total Fa't (35% ca,lorf~s from fat) 29g Protein 9 9 Carbohydrate 38 mg Cholesterol 835 mg Sodj[jm

5eorv€'s 1

1. In a small nonatick pan coated with vegetable spray, s~u-te tomatoes and spinach until sUglnty tender'.

Remove and set aside.

2. Whisk the egg whites. together in a bowl and idd to the pali- Cook, stlrrtng, ever low heat until almost set.

Add tne vegetable rnixtuer, cheese, and bMil. Cook to desired firmness.


cup Rome tomaro, diced

1 cup splniJch iesves, ctesned and dried 8 egg whites

3 ounc~s feta cheese, crumbled

1 tab'lespoon fresh basil, chopped

384 Calories (kcaf) 18 9 Total Fat (43% calories fwm far) 42 9 Protein 12 9 Carbohydrat@ 76 mg Cholesterol 1419mg Sodium

Serves 1

I, In a sm<l1J nonM:lck pan coated with vege1:abLe spray, sa lite tomatces and spinach IIntjl sligt11)ly tender.

Remove and set aside.

2. Wnisk the egg wnite~ tQgether in a bowl ilnd add to the pan. Cook. stirrin,g. over low heat Ul"itlt alrnest set, Add t<he vegerable mixture, c-heese, and basjl, Cook 1:0 t1e5lred firmnEi:SS.

per' ~ervifJg;

I CIJP Rome tomato, diced

2 cups spinach leaves, cleaned and dried 10 egg .vMres

4 ounces tet» cheese, crumbled

2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopp-eo

51'8 Calories (kcal) 2S 9 Tots! Fat (43% calories from fat) 55 s Protein 19 9 Carbohydrate 10 I mg Cho/r.i!Jfero/ 1877 mg Sodium

5erves 1

1. In a small nonstick pan coared with vegetSbte spray, s.aute tomatoas and -splnach until slightly t,ender.

Remove and ser asrde.

2, Whi:;;k the egg wnites together in a bowC and add to the pan. Cook. $t~ITing, over tew heat until alm05,t'set.

Add the vegetable mixture, cheese, and b<ls.rl. Cook. t~, oi;lslred.firrnness.

per serving:

salt and peppe« to taste

3/4 cup mushrooms, sliced

2 tablespoons gte-eN! onion, chopped 112 Rom» tornaw, chopped,

1-1/2 ouncestow-tet cheddar:cheese, shredded

191 Calories (k.ea!) 3 9 Total Fat (15% cslories from {at} 32 9 Prcaei» 7 9 C<!Jrbohydrate 9 mg Cho{e<;terol 59'6 mg Sodium

ServE'S 1

" In a smaU bowL, ~ight:L)'· be·ill: the egg; whites wlth a fork and season to taste with astt and pepper.

2. Coat: a small nonstkk saute P~rl -with cooking ~pray and place over ·medium heat, Add th~ -vegetables and

cook until tender. . ,

3. Add egg mixbJre and CQQk until set on the bottom, Sprinkle the: cirleese O\lef top, fold omelet in half, and cook a bit longer until eheese is melted and eggs are set,

salt iiJnd pepper to taste

3/4 cup mushrooms, sliced

2 tablespoons green 0111'011; chopped 1/2 Pome tomato, chopped

3 ounces low,fat cheddar cheese; stiredaed

298 Calories (kcal) 6 9 Total Far (i 9% csiortes (10m far) 50 9 Protein 8 g C;ubohyc(r<:te 18 mg Cholesrero! 966 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. CQat a small nonstick sau'Ile pan with cocking spray and place o"'ei' m-eonum iie3t. Add the veg.f3<tabl~s. and cook urrtll, -tender.

3. Add egg mixture ,JIld COOK untiIL set aT1 the bcrtorrr, .Sprinkt.e the cheese over t~p; fold. omelet in half, and cook a bit lODge'r untrl cheese is, melted and egg!. :ar~ set.

salt and pe'pper to taste

1 cup mU5tJ'fO'OfflS, sliced

2 tablespoons green onion, chop'p',:d 1/2 Rami! ,tamato,.c/;oppem

4 oUflces)oW'-Fat cheddar cheese, shredded

395 Calories (kcaJ) 8 9 TQti11 Fat (19% ceiones from far) 64 9 Protein 13 9 Cflrb ohydrate 24 mg Cholesterol 1256 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. In a small bowl,lightly bearthe eu whites wi~ afor~ and season to t3fllter with' saLt 91'1.0 pepji:'er ..

2. Coat a small nonsetek satl1:e pan. Withcook!l'IIg spray and place over.medium heat. Mt,l1;tie yegetabLes and coal: '" ntil tender.

J. Add egg mixture ana cock: until set ,on tJI')'E'! bottorn, Sp'i'lnkL~ tM cheese-Viler ;l;0'~. T{.'ltd QI'f1elet in. naif, ana cook a bit longer until cheese is melted and eggs are S.et.

2 dairy, 1 veget<lqle

per serving:


~f.lnces Iet-tree turkey breast cho'pp~d

3 ounces ham slice, extre lean, tow. sodium chopped 1-7/2 ounces fat-free mozzarella cheese, chopped 1/2 Roma tomatO', chopped

2 cups romaine tettuce, cboooed

114 cup heerts of palm, chopped 1 ounce avocado, diced

2 teblespoons. low-is: Ranch dressing

323 Calories (keel) 8 9 Total Fat (21 % calories frOin fat) 50 9 ProteIn 14 9 Carbohydrate 86 mg Cholesterol 515 mg Sodium

Serves I

foss, ingredients together in a bowl and. d,ri:z:z:le with dressing'.

per serving:

4 ounces ham slice.extre lean, low sodium, chopped 3 ounces fat-free mozrsrelis cheese, choppe-d 1/2 Roma tomato, chopped

2CUp5 romaine lettuce, chopped

114 cup hearts of palm, chopped 1 ounce avocado, diced

3 tebtespoon« l.ow-fat Ranch dressing

452 Calories ({('cal) 9 o Total Fat (18% calories from filt) 74 9 Protein 18 9 Carbohydrate 119 rng Cholesterol 72Q mg Sodium

Serves I

Toss 1ngredients tog~rhet in a bowl and drizzle witn dre":;ing,,

5 ounCES tot-tree wrkey breast, chopped

5 ounces/win slice, extrs lean, low sodiuu», «bopped 4 ounces fa{-freo: monare{fa cheese, choppr;:d

1 Roms iometo, chopped

2-1/2 cups romeine lettuce, chopped 1/4 cup been» of palin. chopped 1 ounce·s svocsao, diced

4 tebiespoons tow-tet Ranch dressinq

67 I Ca lotte: (k.ed/; 14 9 Total Far {20% calories from fat) 96 9 Protein 26 9 Carbohydrare 15Q mg Cho/esterol5352 913 mg Sodium

Serves 7

Toss ingredients togot:IUlf in iii bowl and d~i%.l!iLe wlth dre5Slng_

6 ounces rop sirloin 2 cups arugu/il'

1/2 pint cherry.tomatoe~; halved'

112,wp carmed ertlcbok« /lear(s, drained

2 tablespoons balsamic vif]aigrerte (see recipe)

398 Calories (kcaf) 11 9 Toral Far (4l% calories from filt) 38 9 Protein 20 9 Carbohydrate 87 mg CnOIf!5t€'rol 293 mg Sodium

Serves 4'

1. Grill or broil steak until done, spprcximetety 7 to 1 0 minutes 0111 .each side CooL and CU'I: Tnt.o j -tnch sllces,

2, Toss together the arugI-ILa. tomatoes, and aM::ichoke heatts. arid a,rr"9fige on plates, TQP with the >'teak and drizz~ wah balsamic vil'laijgrette.


6 OW1Ct'5 steek; 2 rabJe5pOOf'l5 r/.",,,:,,"i,,i<i".~~

2 proteifl, 7 lIeget~ble

pet serving:

1/2 pint cherry tometoes, halved

314 cup canned artichoke hearts, drained

3 tablespoons balsamic vinaigrette (see recipe)

531 Calories (keilt) 14 9 Totel Fat (42% csiories from fat) 51 9 Protein 26 g C<1rbphydrate 116 mg Chalesterol 41-4 mg Sodium

Serves 4

1. Grill er broil steak until, done, approximately 7 ee 10 mimJltes on each sldl;! Cool and cut into l·incn slices.

2., T05S together the arugyla, t;omato-es, and artichoke hearts and arrange on" plates, Top wi1lh the ste,ak and drizzle with batsarnlc vinaIgrette.

per serving:

10 ounces t.op sirloin 4 ClipS arugula

t pint cherry tom.'Jtoes, halved

I cup canned artichoke tieerts, drained

4 tablespoons belsemic vlnaigrerre (see. recipe)

695 Csiories (kea/) 17 9 Total Fat (41 % calories from fat) 66 9 ProteI'" 40 lJ Carbohyd}"ate 144 my Cholesterol 547 mg Sodium

Serve,.; 4

1. G~iU or broil steak untIL done, approximately 7 tQ 1 -0 min Lites on eaeh s1t1e Cool, and cut into 1 ~rn(n slices,

2. foss together the aruguLa. tiomato$s, and artichokE) t'!eart~ and al"rang~ on plates. Top witch the steak and drizz.Le with balsarnic vinaigrette.

3/4 ounce low-fat mayonnaise 1-2 teaspoon lemon-zest squeeze of lemon

I tablespoon shredded carrots

I tsbiesooo« cbooped celery

I tebtescoon chopped green onion 1 tesspoon celer» seeds

248 Calories (keaJ) 5 g Total Filt (17% calories from fat) 44 g PrO'teiJl 5 9 Carbohydrate 5' mg Oioiestero! 348 mg Sodium

Drain canned tuna I!OO pti:!Ge in 11 small bowl Add mayonnaise ?nd mix t"hO'rol.Jghty. Then add lemon zest, lemon juice, I;rarrQts" oeL.ery, gre,en, enlens, and cetery seeds. Blend tQ;gether,

2 protein, 1 far

- ,8 ounces tuna, canne'd

1 ounce low4ar mayonnaise 3/4 teaspoon lemon zest HjUeeZe offemon

2 fablespoon slm~dded csrrot«

2 tablespoon chopped ce.lery

2 tablespoon chopped green onion 1-1/2 teaspoons celery seeds

337 Calories (keal) 7 9 Total Fat (17% calories from fat) 59 g Protein 8 g Cilrbohydri.if!? 68 mg Cholesterol 447 mg Sodium

Serves r

Drain cann.ed 'tunil find pla roe in a small b_owL. Add m:! :(omlalse :and mix thorou:ghLy, Tt'len, aqlti lertiof) .. est, Lemon julce, carrots, celeryJ greer-. onions, and ce1:~ry ~,eeds" Blend together,

~ Qlmces' Ulna. canned 1-1/4 ounces tow-tnt mayonnaise

1 tablespoon lemon zest

squeeze of lemon

3 tablespoons shredded carron

3 tebtespoans chopped celery

3 tablespoons chopped green onion 2 teaspoons ceieey seeds

459 Calories (kcaJ/ 10 9 Toie! FM (20% calories from filt) 75 g Protein 15 g Carbohydrate 85 mg cnotessero! 549 mg Sodium

5erves 2

Drain COln.,ed tuna and place iii a ~m~LL bowl. Add l'I'Io!Iyo-nnaFse and mix thoroughly.' T~en add Lemon zest, Lemon iu~ce.c:arrots< celery" green onions, and celery seeds, Blend t'Qgether.

per servIng:

6" ounces skinless chicken breast hal.ves 2 tablespoons iow-f.3:t m'lyo:rJl1.3ise

3/4 tablespoon Dijan fD(Jst'ard

2 t<Jble5poons green onions, diced 1/8 teaspoon bli!Jc/tpepper 7/8 teaspoon fresh dill 1/4 cup celery, diced

2 J 7 Calories (kciJl) 6 g Total Flit (25% calories from fat) 32gPmtein 71{1 Carbohydrate 79 mg Chotestero; 257 mg Sodium

Serves 4

Poach chicken; cool, and dice. GentLy combine the chicken with the remaining ingredients and chH.l untJ~

ready to serve, '

2-112 ounces I.ow-far mayonnaise I' teblespooo Dijon mustsra

2-1/2 table5poo17s greell onioll5, diced 1/4 teaspoon blacK pepper

1/4 teaspoon trestv dllf

1(2 cup celery, diced

345 Calories (keal) 12 g Total Far (32% cstories from fat) 43gPwtein 14 g Carbohydrate 105 mg Cholesterol 36' mg Sodium

Poach chicken; cool and dice. Gently combine tl'le chh:l<.en with tne liemailfling ingrediM,ts and chill until ready

to serve,

3 ounces low-fat mayonnaise

1-1/2 tabfe'spoom Dljon mustard 3 CLIP green onions, dJced

1/2 teespoon bl;;u;k pepp~r 1/2 teas-poem fre-sn aill 314 cup' celery; diced

517 Coknies (kea!) 169 Total Fat (26% cetories from fat) 599 Protei« 389 Carbonydr1tt'e 132 mg Cholesterol 544 mg50dium

Poach chicken; coet and dice, Gently combine tfle ehrcken with the remaining i~gred'ients and chill untll, rea dy to serve.

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

112 teaspoon ground cumin J/2 teaspoon cinnamon 2 teespoons olive oil

1/4 cup brown suqet; packed

1/2 tab{esp_oon fresh garlic, finely chopped 1/2 tebtespoo« Tebesco .sauce

Serves 4 (yields 15 ouncee;

1. Preneat even t-.c 350 degree~.

2. Stir together salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, and ,6nnamon. then coat pork wi'th the spice rub.

3. Heat 1 tablespoon eil in a 12-fnch skillet over moderately hIgh heat end brQwn pork, t;lrrning, abeut 4mfnl!te:i.

4. Stir together brown sugar, garLi~. and Tllbasco and paterrto top of t$!'Iderloin. Place pork in a ro'astlng pan

. and cook in the oven fOl1' 20 m]nutes.

1 cup fresh spiniilch

112 eech fed bell pepper, cut length wise jmo eNn strips 1/16 cup golden raisins

ICLJfJ Ntlpa cabba9_e

6 ounces Islaml PQl'k Tenderloin

2 ra/:!Jespoons cumin Vinaigrette (see (ecipe)


1. WhiLe the tenderloin Is roasting in the oven, peel. ,md cut oranges crosswise into 1 !4~~nch tnick. slices "nd

set Si~Q.

2, Toss spinadi, cabbage. bell pepper, alld raisfns In a la'rge bowl. 3, Prepare the dressing.

4. iMournd salad mixture on a Large pLat~. Arrange pork and orange slice:;; on top and driuLe wi-th dreSSing,

per ,erving:

556 Calori~fj (kca/) 13 9 Total Far (37% calories from tet) 39 9 Protein S19Carbohydrate 111 mg ChoilE''Jtero/ 787 mg Sodium

~ __ 3_-/4 eadl orange, peeled and Dut 1-//2 cups tresh spinach

3/4 each red bell pepper, cut len,9tllwt-se into chin -strip;; 1-8 cup golden raisins

1-1/2' cups Napa cabbage

8 ounce« H/ana Pork Tenderloin

3 tablespoons (;umitl vjnargrette (see reiipej

. , " . .

882 Calories (kea!) 17 9 Total Fat (35% cetories (rom fat) 529 Prott!!in 939 Carbohydrate 147 mg Cholest.t;roi 862 mg Sodium

, - '

1. Wnile the 1:ltrlderLoin is roasting in the even, p-eel Md QJ1:'ofilnges erosswjse tnto 174- inCh tni.ck sUces. and

set side, . . ' .. , .

2. Toss spillilch, cabbage, bell, pepper. and talsjns' In ~ large b-Qw~.

~ 3. P~epare the dreS':oin,g. .,' .

, ..

4. Mounds.alad rniltture ,oil, So Large plate. Ana,ng" pork and Qrcar.ge slices on top and dri:z:z:te. with,dressin,g.

", ."

1 each or.ange, peel~d and cut 2 CLIpS fresh 5plf).ac/l

, .

I esci: (,ed beN pepper, cur lengthwise into thin 5tfip~

1/4 cup golden. ftti'$ins

2 cups Napa c:,abb.i!lge .

10 oU(JcE'si:>/(md Po,k Tender/oil:!

4 tabfespool1j wmin lIinaigrcrre {s.ee recipe}

. .'.

10'29 Calories (kcal) 1.9 g Total Fat (31% calories from f:at) 69 9 Pro-rein 87 9 Carbohydrate 147 mg Cholesterol 986 mg Sodium

1. While tl'1e tenderl,oin ls rcastlng in the (lven, peel and ~ut orang,es, Clf'oS5wls~ into 1l4-iru;1i thick sli(;es and

set side.

2. Toss spinach, cabbage. beU pep'per,and raisJns in & brgtl ~wL.,· 3, Prepare the dressing.

4. Mound ~aLl'id mixture 01'1 a l~rge.pl.rte. Arrange pork and ol';:In;ge'sLie,es on top andi d~i~:lLewith dressin.g,

per servlriq:

~ounces shrimp, peeled 1/4 tsbtespoon low-sodium soy sauce

7/2 teaspoon rice vinegar

7/4 cup fat-free chicken broth

r -4 teaspoon qertk, minced

1-4 'teaspoon ginger, minced

1-2 Clip fed onion, sliced in wedges t -2 cup broccoli ttorets

1-1/4 cups snow pees, trimmed 1-112 cups mushtooms, halved

r 14 cup yellow bell pepper, cubed

1/4 C!J po can n ea water ch e sin ut5, drs! ned

332 Calories (kcal) 4 9 Total FiJt (9% csiories from rat) 44 9 Protein 33 9 Carbohydrate 259 mg Cholesterol 552 mg Sodium

Serves I

1. Wash shrimp arod drain welL

2. Healt the soy sauce, rice vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of d1e chicken broth ili a seute pan over medium heat. Add the garU~ and ginger and 5:aulle until tender.

3.Add all the vegetables to the pan and continue to saute, stir,ring 'and adding more bl'-oth as necessary. Add shrimp when the vegetabLes are haLfwa!y clOoked and savte until the vegetabl~:o are tender and the shdmp is opaque_

per serving:

8 ounces shrimp, peeled

112 table5poon low-sodium .soy sauce 314 teaspoon rice vinegar

112 cup fat-frS'f! chicken broth 1/2 teaspoon garlic, minced

112 teaspoon ginger, minced

3/4 cup red onion, sliced in wedges 314 cup broccoli floret:>

i -112 CUp5 snow pea'S, trimmed 1-314 cups mushrooms, halved

1}2 cup yellow bell pepper, cubed

112 cup canned water chestnuts, drained

444 Ce)lories (kea/) 5 9 Tora/Fat (9% calories from fat) 61 9 Protein 44 9 Carbohydrate 345 mg Cholesterol 920 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. Rinse shrimp and draln weLL.

2. He-at the soy sauce, riGe vinegar, and 2 tilblespooM of tile chicken brlOth in a S8'ute pan ever medium heat. AcId 'the g<llrlic and ginger and saute until tei"!der.

3. Add all the vegetabl-es to the pan and oQ;rrtinu6 to :Saut,e, stirrin,g and adding mlOre broth as necessary. Add shrimp when the vegetables are h.atfway c;oolo:ed and saute until the vegetables are tender and t:he shrimp is opaque.


3/4 tablespoon Jaw-sodium soy Sduce 1 teaspoon rice vinegar

3/4 r;vp fat-free diicken broth 3(4' teaspoon garlic, minced

3/4 ~ea.spoon ginger; mtrrced

7 cup red onion, sliced in wt'dges I cup bbroccoi! florets

1-3/4 cups snovrpvves, trimmed 2 cups mushrooms, halved

3/4 cup yel/ow beJi pepper, cubed

314 cup canned water r;hesuwts, drained

571 Calories (Ileal) 6 9 Total Fat (9% calories from fatJ 78 9 Protein 59 9 Carbohydrate 431 mg Cholesterol i 290 mg Sodium

1. Rlnsl;) shrimp and drain welt

2. Heat the-soy sallce, rice vinegar, and 2 tablespecos (If t:i'te ch~cken broth ijln a saute pan OVIS!' medium heat, Add the galrlic' and ginger and saute until tender,

3. Add aLL the v..:get:ables to tile pan and continue to saute, 5Itirrlng and adding more 'broth as nece-s.s.ary. Add shrimp when the ",egetabtes <lte halfwa>, cooked and saute unt"iL the veg.eitabLes are tender and the shrimp is opaque.


6 minces gmJ,;,nd turkey bteost

T-1/2 tsblespoons sourdough bresdcrumbs 3 tab/esp·oons low-fat buttermilk

2-1/4 tesspoom green onio!1s, minced 2- i /4' teaspoons parsley, chopped 7/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard

I da5n WprceHershire sauce black pepper to taste

306 Calories (<;cal) 12 9 Tote! Fat (35% calories from far) 379 Protein 11 9 Carbohydri'lte 10" .mg Cholesterol 252 mg Sodium

1. Prel\eat the rrill or broiler.

2. Combine all ;l1gr!;)diem:~ and divide mixture lntc p~t;tE~~. a~1;e acc;ording to nutrition levet (see below)_

3_ Grill until cooked through, 7 to 10 minutes pel" side.

6 ounce patty I protein

·~ounces ground turkey brea5t 2 tablespoons sourdough breettcrumbs

4 tiJble~poon5 low-fat buttermilk

3 teaspoons green onions, minced

3 teaspoons parsley, chopped 7/2 teaspoon DUon mustard

;] dashes Worcesters11ire s.nlce

2 dashes b{ac:k pepper to taste

per serving:

410 Calories (kea!) 16 9 Total Fat (35% calories from fat) 49 9 Protein 14 9 Carboflydri!tte 135 mg Cholesterol 351 mg Sod,ium

Serves I

T ~ Pnilheat the grill or brolle~·.

2. Combine:aLL ingredients arid dh/ide mixture into patties, size accGl'Cling to nutridon Level (see below).

3. GrTll until r.:Qol(ed through, 7 tol 0 mi!1utes per side.

per 5@rving:

~ ounces ground ruthey bteest 2-112 tablespoons sourdough bresdcrumbs

5 tablespoons low-fat buttermilk

3-3/4 teaspoons green onions, minced 3-3/4 teaspoons perstey, chopped 314 tesspoon Dijon mustard

2 dashes Worcestershire' sa lice

2 dashes Mack pepper to taste

512 Calories (kcal) 20 9 Total Fat (35% calories from far) 67 9 Protein 18 9 Carbohydmte 169 mg cnoiestetol 443 mg Sodium

5ervl':'s )

1" Prehealt lJne griLL or broiler,.

2, Combine-all ingredterl,ts ;;Ind divide mixture ~nttl patti .. s, size according to nutrition level ~5ee beloW).

3. Grill until cooked through, 7 to 10 minutes per side.

1/2 red onion, sliced

I iebiespoon minced garlic

1-1/2 pound top sirloin steak, sliced 1 inch th.ick 1 tablespoon ses<lrne oil

2 table$poon" rice vtneqsr

:1 ta'ble~poon minced ginger 4 cups broccoli florets

8 OlmCes dried sobe noodles

466 Calories (kcal) 11 9 Tots! Fat (21% calories from far) 46g Protein 49 9 Carbohydrate 9'9 mg Cholesterol 1591 mg Sodium

YieJd, 6 cups

2. Meanwhile. heat a :.matl amount of :iQ)I sauce in a large S;HJt:e pan, add the onions and gartlc, and saute until opaque,

3, Add beef and saute, running often with tongs, for 7 to 10 minutes, Stir 'bogetner the ell, 'vinegar. and g,ll'lger and add to t:ne s:eyte mixture •

.. 4. BLan~h broccoli In rJ"le boiLing water [or mlorowave on high, covered and vented, for 2 minutes), Add to the meat mixture and keep wilrm.

1/2 fed onion, sliced

1 tablespoon minced garlic

1- 1/2 pound top "ifloin >teak, sliced t inct: thick 1 isbiespoon se.S<ime oil

2 tablespoons rice vinegar

I' table5poon minced ginger 4 CLIpS broccoli florets

8 ounces dried sobs noodles

622 Calories (keaf) 15 9 Total Fat (21 % calories from fat) 6' s Protein 6S g Carbohydrate 132 mg Cbotestero! 2122 mg Sodium

Yieids 6 cup~

1, Bring 2 quarts water to a boil.

2, Meanwh~le, heat a small amount of ::joy sauce in a l~rge s,aut~ pan, add the onions and g1!rUc, and saute until opaque.

l Add beef and saute., turning often with tongs, for 7 to 10 minutes, Stirtog,ether the oil. vinegar, and ginger and, add ee the saum f1IiX'ture,

4_ Blanch broccoli in the bOiLln,g water (er mlcrowave on high. covered and vented, for 1 rnlrurtes), Add to the meat mixture and keep warm,

i ~4 cup soy sauce

1/2 fed onion/sliced

1 tahlespoon minced garlic

1-1/2 pound top ~iriOin steak sliced I inch fhick . 1 tablespoon sesame oii

2 ta.biespoorH rice vinegM

I tsbtesooon minced ginger 4nJps broccoli florets

8 ounce5 dried sobs noodles

777 COI/ories (kcal)

19 9 Total Fat r (21'% calories from fat) li) 9 Protein

87 9 Carbohydrate 165 mg Choiestero! 2652 mg Sodium

plt'r srtvitu):

Yietds 6 cups

1. Bring 2 quarts weter 1:0 a boiL

2. Me:mwhiLe, heat a small amount of soy sauce in a L!IIrge saute pan, add the onions and garlic, and saute until opaque.

3. Add b.eef and sa ute, tlolrni i1g often with 1l0ng~, for 7 to 1 0 millute:;;, Sti r t:ogetl1~r the Qit, vinegar. and ginger an!;! 1!dd to the saute ml x ture.

4. BLlli'\ch broccoU In tile boiling ~ater (or m.lcrowave an hfgh> covered and vented, for 2 rninueesl, Add. to the meat mlxture and keep wOIrm

per serving:

2 tablespoons molasses

2 teaspoons WorcesrerslHre seuce 4 garlic clove;, chopped

2 povnds 5kinless chicken thighs 714 re,aspoon s{j/~

1/4 re,l'Ispoon black pepper lemon wedges parsley sprigs

153 ceiortes (keel) 4 9 TQialFi'lt (24% calories from fat) 21 9 Protein [3 9 CarbohydriJ'te 86 mg Cbotestero! 219 mg Sodium

Yields 18 ounces

1. CombIne fr~st 4 i:ngrediertts in anonreectrve dlsh and add chicken, Cover arid marinate !n refrigerator 1 hour, turn1ng occasionally_

2,. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

3. Remove chlcken from dish, reserving ma.rfnaQe, and .ilrrange in a shallow mas1;ing pan coated with cooking spray. Pour reserved marinade ever chicken; sprinkle with salt and pepper,

4. Bake ·3t: 425 deg~ees for 20 mtnuees, b~.sdng eeeaslenalty with marlnade, Bake wi1thout basting fo, 20 minutes more or unti]. chIcken 15 done.

Serve with lemon wedges and ,gam~:s11 wIth parsley, If deslred,

114 wp fr('5h iemonjllic(j

2 tablespoons molasses

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sa lice 4 garlic doves, chopped

2 pounds skinless chicken thiqhs 1/4 teaspoon sstt

1/4 teaspoon hlad: pepper lemon wedges parsley sprigs

192 Ca,lories (kedi) 5 9 Total Fat (24% cetooes from fat) 26 9 Protein 10 9 Carbohydrate 707 mg Cholesterol 214 mg Sodium

Yields 32 ounces

1. Combine first 4 ingredlents ~n a nonreactive dlish and add chicken, Cover and marinate In refr1gerator 1 hour, tlJrn·il'lgocc":siOna~Ly.

2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees,

3. Remove ehlcken from dish, reservlng rnarlnade, and arrange in a shaLlow roasting pan coated wl·th cooking spray. Pour reserved marinade over chicken~ sprinkLe wlth salt and pepper.

'-4~Bake at 425 degrees for 20 rnirurtes, basting occasionally with marinade, Bake without basting for 20 min:utes more Or until ehteken is done. $e[)le with Lemon wedges and garnish wi'dh parsley, if desired.

2 tebiespooos molasses

2 tl:lt3spoons Worcestershlre SdLJ·C€ 4 garlic:: cloves, chopped

2 pounds skinless chicken thighs 114 teaspoon salt

114 teaspoon black pepper lemon wedges parsley sprigs

25 6 CaJ(Jf~'~ s ,(I<Citf) 7 9 Tota! .Fat (24% celottes from fat) 34 9 Ptotet» 13 9 Carbohydrate 143 mg Cholesterol 365 mg Sodium

vieias 32 ounces

1. Cernblne fir"s't 4 ingredients In !I nenresctive dish and add ch.icl<!en. Cover and marinate in refrigerator 1 hour. turnil11g occasionally,

2. Prebeat oven to 425 degrees.

3. Remove thicken from dish, reserving marinade, and arr<!n.g·e il"l a shaLlow roasting pan coated with cooking spray. 'Pour reserved marinade over chicken; sprink.le with salt and pepper,

4, Balke at 42.5 degrees for 20 minutes, basting occastonally with marinade, Ba(Qe without basting. for 20 mijnutes more' or un.til chiciken is done.

Serve with Lemon wedges and .garnish with parsley, if desired.


~ups green cabbage, shredded 1 cup red cabbage, shredded

1 cup jicamd,jtllienned

1/2 md onion, finely chopped

2 red delicious apples, finely diced 1/2 cup fat-free mayonnai!;,e 1/~ cup white vinegar

2 r<lblespoom plw; 2 reaspoom fructose

2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons Oijon mustard 1-1/2 teespoons caraw.Jy seed

114 teaspoon safe

pinch white pepper

per serving:

38 Calories (kca/) trace totet Fat (4% cslortes from filr) o g Protein 9 9 CiJrbohy,drare

o mg Cholestero! 171 mg Sodium

Yields 6 cups

1. Combine the vegetabl.es i!lid apptes. in 11, Large bowl and mix well.

2. Combine the remaining ingredfents ln a small bowl and mix weU to make dressing.

3. Pour the dresslng over the slaw arid toss until even'ly coates. Cover tightly and chiLt before serving.


Title Portion Plan app~oach Wai$ d$signerl to aU,ow you to mIx :and m~tCh :the fOQd~ gf YOiJr C~Qit~. TI~er~ a~ NO spe<:ifl'\'= I"1"IE!laL plans or recipes f,or,:thh s- 8pproacn. JUSt; se1.ect from thle ?ort101l PLan foods, listed and eaJt tfle amounta ~n.diC<ited for your nutriti,on


level. ALon'g with identbfying the right foods to buy, the Llst shows yol.l which foods faLL into I(Jhich col'Mgories, and! ihe, appropriate: portion size equal

to one s-erving ..

55 ,-----,






















DAYS 29~56


Dudng Phas.e 2 use 'Cne following list to determine which food!. to purch3s.e from the grccery store, and how much of these feeds C0I1,stit:l!.lI::e5 one

serving, Remember, the roads you choose to incorporate in your diet are up to YOy-just make sur e the po·rtions fit within the parame eers of your determined nutrltlon level.

each servl ng =100 tat.

'3 oz._Chicken or turkey b";~'s( Soy burger_'J

Ii Egg whites. Soy $JiCf'S_5

.3 OZ,_Fi5h end shellfish ]ofi{:,.30Z

30% Ham slice:s.,fat-free. TuniLJ oz.

"3 Qz_Pork tend~"loi~ • 1/3 cLJp_Pmtl!"in powqe~ . 307 Red meat (top sirloin, si{irt stea/$' Vegsie dog_1 :3 o~_Red rnearJ~n ~.' _"

each servlng > I UO ca r.

1 medium_AppJe 1 cup_Apricots



- -- -

• • I __ ~ ~, •• ' ..' .,., ,. _:. ", " • • , •

, .

teach serving'" 50 ca Lor.!!. 1 cup'" cQllkec vjl&!i!tabl~s vegetacte i~lce or vege'table 5PIJP 2 "UP$ ;:: l~~fy g~ens

~'i'i!!le serving =; 1 oo (a l; •. double 31l rvlng = 200 eal.




, • t. ,.' ~" : • " ,~ + "~'; .... " "-

--- -


.. "


_Recipe included

, t;~_ Oatmeid'i ,S cl._5'dm milk

, ¢!.sp_P'rotein powder 1/2_iJl;_R<lisins

1 Protein bar

t.. Recovery drink

8 ()2;_ Coni'lge cheese, 1%

_ 50"'_ Extr~-le'i1n burger patty H/2 O%~ Low-fat melted cheese JO:ll~"_ 5a/<'Jd greens w/cucumtier 'alld romi'ltaE's

2tl'lsp_ Dr(':f.;$ing (your choice! 1l} ~l.Ip_ Fresh berdos

, Protem bar

, _ Recovery drink

1 01_ Turkey jerky

1_ Protein bet

1_ Recove<ry dfiJ~k

8<:l%_Cott"ge cheese, '1%

6 oz:..: Chicken breast

. ;4tb$ _Sfjl./.;:e (you)' dwJ'cr:) icl!Ps_ Mushroom, zucchini, and

• , onton saute

• -~ ,o.%_ Grated Par,.,(:san cheese

1_ Protein bar

1_ Recovery drink

802_ Nonfat plain yogurt

- 69Z Selmot»

:.2 tb>p = Green AppJe So/sa 1- .~ cup: Asparagus

'.'~ -2 rujls_ 5iijJdd greens

-:'~ip_ Dressing (your choice)

1_ Protein bar

1_ Recovery drink

1 O%_ Turkey jl:rky

,_ Protein bet

1_ Recovery drinl<

, _ Protein bar

1_ Recovery drini{

_l1eclpe incllJded

1 t~p_rrote=in powt;ler 10. O'i_ R,li5ins

l_ Whole wtrl.'<'lt 1.;<l9r:1 Boz_Corw_ge cheese, 1% l_Ordllg(;', medium

Pees & Grano/a Muffin

Boo. NonfrJt yogua

1 mp_ Stra WbNriej" sli,ced

Protein Shak,;: I

(ser." Phese r recipes)

Wlwle- wheat waffles, , 12_ B .. nilfla, m<,dium

3 tb!f>_ ~()W-w9ilt

mJple !;yrup

S oI:_5kim milk

Egg whites

BreakfQS( Potatoe~ 8,,~ Cottage cheese, 1% 6 QZ_ Fresh-squeezedjuice

3_ Pancakes, 3.6 oz J tb5p_ Low-su9i;lf maple syrup

1 cup_ Blueberries

80:<_ Skim milk

1 ~t:.sp_ Protei on powder


Protein bar

I_ Recovery drink

1 az_Low-filt cheese wi 6_ Cseckers

Protein Oill

1_ Recovery drink

ol_Galied CM:~er! o Burrito

1 t;W_Gazpac.tlO 0

(se» P11t1'5e 10 recipes}

4~_HummiJ5WI csrrot sticks

I_Protein bar

1_ Recovery ddnk

J CU,p5_ Ure popcom

_Protein bar l_Recovery drink

SOl. Nonfar (mit-flavored yogurt

_Protein bar LR~wv€ry drink

1 cz_ TlIrkey jerky 1_ So urdQUgll pretzel

_Protein bar I~Rewlferydrink

1 tbsp_ PeanUT bun e r w/ celery stick."

1 1)1._ Drie'd fll1it

_ Protein bar 1_Recovery drink


3 <:Ll\p._ Ute pcpcotn

9 nz Ex trs-tee» b urger pe i 1)' 0 .3 oz_Low-filt m,y:/ted ehees.e . 1_ Baked potato, me'drum

:I eups , 5<l/(u;;! gr0ens wi nic'u[llber asva roma'toes 3tbsp_Dressing (YDur chojcr!!) 1,'.2. GIJP_Fre'in berries

9 Q7,_HalibLl!'

3 tOOp_ Sauce (YO(Jr choice) l~Artic:hoke, medium 1 ClJp_ Wh .... af berrie~

9 oz_ Chh;;-k~n breast

3 tb;p_S<l!ICe (yewI' choice) 1: ~~_ Mllshroom, zucchini, arid

onion s.::wte , • .

, Ii Q&_ Grilc,ed Parmesan cn~ese '1 ~iJp_BroWfl rice

9'o.z Salmon

3 t:ib!Op _ Green AppJe Seise 1 cup_A~para9us 1_8.Jked potato, meditlm 3O;;~5_Sslad greens 31mp_Dress1ng {your cilOfce)

0g 02: Grilled Ah/Tr.!f!a Siliad 31$$p _ L j m e-5 0 y Wnaigre ft'" 1_ Whole-grain rolf

9 01'::;_ Ifaliall M~atIIN( l_Bakl"d potato, medium

3 tUpS_ Spinach &. rom-aine sa/ad 3 01l._ Mozzarella cheese. 'Cubed 3 tb'P'A Dressing (your cilolce)

9 O"_ Filet mignQn

. 3. tWR_ PeN & Peppercorn Sauce. 1 ~up _ Par tobe 110 ml,l' nrooflls

1 aup_ Wild rice .

1_ protein bar

1 ~ fi.ec(w~ry drink

, Q::',_40 w-(<l e cbeese w! 5_ (fi;lclr...;-rs

1 ~ Sourdough prerze-i

'1~9~_ qct,a~{8 .. n burqor P!ltty 10:l._ Low-f .. ! mettea cheese 1_ Baked potalo, medium

, '4 '<:1,Jp~~ Sil'/ad greens. wi cucumber , <fnd toml'tQE's ~tb'p'_Vrt'55ing (your choice)

, 1 ~2 e\lp_ Fresh besries

I_Protein bar

l., Recovery drink'

, _" '" 4 tb~p_ Hummus wi cerrot stick» 40z_ rurl(ey jerky

,_ Prowtnbilf.

1_ R~c-o vet]! dril)k

.: 1 _QZ Aimonds:

te-e- _ ':",,,,,''''_' ~~~~'iIf'*"W_W§:~~J; .3 COipS_ Lire popcorn

.Elciz Nonfat

, {mit-Flavored yogurt ~~*~iW~~~$' ;3 <;loJpS _ tire.popcor«

1 prorein'bat

, 1_ Recovery ctrii'ik

aez_ Nonfat frDit-;fJal1ored_ ypg~rr ,

1111111~llllliii: '1 t~'p..,.PearytJrburrer



l' qil:_ L,;wl';fil t ~hee5e,w/ 6_, (rackers

1_ 50ur;dollgh pfstiO!i

. Get the bestil:f'bo,t.h WCll'l.'d .. dud'n.~.~h:a~e 2.0]' y.olJ~ traini£1g: To, supply )tour body with addition2~ energy for 'mrd5~re!l'm pel'formalflce, the5e' r-eclpes pl';Qy[de ~ b;q,l;mced mix of carbohydrates and proteins, Mo~th -'waterl ng muffins: mestloa f. ami 'fiW mIgnon are 'j ust a few of the :appeti,z:ing dishes you'lLf~rd,

. ~..' . . . ,

GENIE RAL GU I DELI N:ES . Thi'll'e's 11[:;;0 a variety of~18d5 tQ.ke~p.it light at Lunchtime,

per serving.:

2 tablespoons; red wine 'Vinegar , teesooon olive oil

2 res.lpooflS anchovy paste

1 teaspoon b-lilck. pepper

1-1/2 tabi~spoons gMlic, minced

1-112 tesspoons WOfceste.r:shlre sauce 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

6 OUllees nonfat rkotte cheese

I tablespoon nonfat mayonnaise

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

43 Cslories (keal) 2 9 Total Fat (30% cstories from fat) 5 9 Protein 3 g Ciilrbohydrate 5 mg cbotessero! 121 mgSodium

serves 8 (yields 1 cup]

Combine aU illgredienu in a b~.ende;r or food processor and process untit smooth. See O'li<:ken Cae,sar Salad recipe_


I cup rice vinegiJf

1/2 cup tow-sodium soy sauce 112 cup fresh lime juice

4 reaspoons dart, Se'5;ame oil ') r,easpoons hilmar! zest

2 teaspoons fresh ginger

4 cloves garlic, minced

20 Calories {keal) 1 g Total Fat (44% calories from fat) , g Protein 3 9 Carbohydrau:

o mg Cholestero! 300 mg Sodfum

serves '! Q ryj,eJds 2 cups}

Combine aU. ingredients in a blender or food processor and process undl srncoth.


~/um tomstoes, chopped ' r cup Granny Smith spples, chopped

112 cup cucumber, chopped

112 cup corn k~tn"'I:>, chopped

1/2 cup red ben pepper, chopped

114 cup greM onions, chopped 114 cup red onion, chopped

2-112 tablespoon> fresh cilantro, chopped 1- 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 tablespoon ja"liJpeno, seeded and chopped 1 tsblesooon biJ/silmic vinegar

1-1/2 teaspoons sugar

314 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon ground black peeper

per serving:

24 Celorles (kcal) tracl';' Total Fat (4% calories from fat) 4 9 Protein 6g Carbohydrate

o mg Cholesterol 163 mg 50dium

SIlrv,es 16- (yields 4-1/2 cups)

Combine all illgredient'ts, ~tin1ing well. Serve at ro~ 't)em~eratl.!re erchitled.

= 2 c::ondimerm:


I~Up orange juice 1 tebiespoon flour

2 m~dium pears

i tablespoon Dijon mustsrd

1 teaspoon peppercorn, crushed J/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

per )t;;rving:

46 Calories (kcaJ) trace Total Fat (6% calories from filt) 1 9 Protein 1/ 9 Carbohydrate

o mg Cholestero! 24 mg Sodium

Serves B (yields 1 cup)

1. In a small saucepan blend orange jUlclli and flour, and bring, to al boil. Simmer until reduced to 314 Cup.

2. Add fears, mustard, peppercorn, and nutmeg and CQlit!n'ue cooking for several minlJtfls u!1til blended and thickened ..

'Clip canned pear nectdr 2 egg whites

2 t;;;blt:spaofls vegetable oil

1 tablespoonl,emon luice

1 teaspoon ie/noll peel, grate'd I Clip whole wheat flour

1 cup aI/-purpose flour

213 cup brown sugar,pi'lcked 1/2 cup low-fat g(ano/a

1 ssblespoon baking powder

112 teaspoon ground nurmeg 112 teespoo« salt

1-1/4 cups pear. chopped

227 Calories (kcalJ 5g rota/Far (19% ceiones from fill) 5 9 Prorein 43 9 Carbohydrate

o mg Cholesterol 284 mg Sodium

1, Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Whisk together f~~t 5 ingredients fn large bowl to btend,

3. Soter both flQ~rs end sugar in .medtumbowL until nQ liugar lumps remain.

4. Mix In granola, baking powder, nutmeg, and s.alt. Add pear; toss to ceat, Stir flour mixture into egg mixture until blended ,(batter will. be thick!.

Divide.amQng 10 prepared muffin cups.

S. Sake until golden brewn and 'tester j'i'i5erted into center comes alit clean ~800,"t.20 mil1llJFt:es). Transfer muffins to r.ad: and cQOL.

, muffin

I carbohydrate

1 medium pouno, peeled end cut into 1/2 lncl» pieces 2 mushrooms, chopped

1 ulblespool1 onton; chopped 1/4 teaspoon garlic salt

ISO Calories (kea!) 59 Total Fat (27% csiones from fat) 3 9 Protein 25 9 Carbohydrattf

o mg Cbolesterot 522 mg Sodium

I. He;!jt oil ill medium-sin nonstick sklilet over medium i);:)at. Add pot<lt,o· and cover. Cook IJ; to 10 minutes or until tender, stirrtng cccaslonatty.

2. Add remaining; ingredient s ; mix Lightly. Cook and s,tir 5 mlnutes or umiL potato is lightly browned and millture is heated through,

LEVEL ~ 1!2I!egetabJe, 1 fat

per serving:

I whole wheat pita

'-112 ounces tow-tst tets cheese, crumbled 1/4 cup tomato, chopped

j tsblesooons fed onion, chopped

114 cup cucumber; peetedend chopped 5,qu.eeze of lem.an

490 Calories (kcaJ) 13 9 Total Fat (23% calories from fat) 52 9 Protein 41 9 Cilfbohydrate 137 mg Cholesterol 931 rug Sodium

Serves 1

2, Ceol, c-hicken and cube into l-lnci1l pieces.

l Plaee in pita and add all other ingredients. Squ~ze lemon aller top.

per serving:

'-1/2 ounces low-fat {eta cheese, crumbled 7/4 cup tomato, chopped

2 tablespoons red aniI'm, cbooped

114 cup cucumber, peeled and chopped saueeze of lemon

583 Calories (kea/) 14 9 Total Flit (21 % ciilories fram fat) 72 9 Protein 41 9 CarbohydrlJte 186 mg Cholestero! 986 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1, GriLL or bake chicken breast ri"l Pyrex dish at 350 degrees for ,lIpproximateLy 20, minutes."

2. CooL chicken and cube into l-inch pieces,

3. Place in pita and add aLL other ingredients. Squeeze lemon over top.

r 2 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast 1 whole wheat pita

1-1/2 OUnces I,ow-fat feta cheese', crumbled 1/4 cup tomato, chQ'pped

'2 teblespoans red onion, chopped

1/4 cup nicumber, peeled "nd chopped squeeze .of lemon

677 Calories (keaO 15 9 totet Fat (20% calories ffOm fat) 92 9 Protein 41 g Carbohydrate 235 mg Cholesterol ! 041 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1, Grill or bake chicken breast in Pyrex dish at 350 degTeE!S fur approx.imateLy 20 minutes,

.2, Cool ch i eken ,and cube unto 1- inch p,~ec:e5.

3, PLace in plta and add all other iflgredients. Sq .. eeze lemon over top.

1 tebiespoon garlic, chopped

2. fiWJt:.~QlJ~~ ( .. t-fr~e cbicken broth" low sodium 111 cup romaro, peeled imd diced

2 ounces whole' WfN':;>,n pastB

6 ounces medium shrimp, uncooked

2 table:;;poons bed! leaves, chapped

531 Calories (kca/) , 7 g Total Fat (28% cslories from fat) 45g Pwteirr 51 9 Ca'rbo/lydrare 259 mg Cholesterol 328 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. Bring L!lrge pot of walter to boil for pasta.

2. Meanwhile, place olive oil and garlic In a 'large SllLJitI'! pan and 5aut~ for seve,F-al minutes ufl1:illightlJ" browned.

3. Add chicken broth and tomatoee to pan; simmer for 5 to 10 minutes or untTL tE'rtde~.

4. Cook the pasta according to the directions on the package, Drain.

5. Add shrimp to pan and cook f,or several more minutes, until. shrlrnp ts opaque. Add Dastl and toss shrfmp mixture with cooked pasta.


2 prot('ln, 1 carbohydrate, 1 vegetable, J fat

per serving:

.1 tsbtesooon olive oil

I tsbtespoon garlic, chopped

Z t"blO"spoons far-free cnicket» brotfdoW50dil1m 1/2 cup tomato, pee1ed and diced

2 Ounces wtiot« wheat p.astl;!

.9 ounces medium .shrimp, uncooked

2 tolblespoons Oas.iI teaves, chopped

619 Calories rkca/) 1'9 9 Tara I Far (27% calories from fat) 61 g Ptoteu. 52 9 Carbohydrate 388 mg Cholesterol 392 mg Sodium

serves 1

1 ~ Br'jng Loarge pot of water to boiL for pasta.

2. Meanwnite, place oth/e oil and garILic ill !l Large sa~e ~an anC\ saute forsllver<aLmil"lutes untillighdy Dr·Qwned.

. . .

3. ~d chkken broth and eemaroes to pan; simmer for S "ItO 1 O. min!-ltes orW'ltil., ~ender.

4. COQk the pasta according to' "the direct~ons on til"fe package. Drain.'

.5. Add shrimp to pan and! cook fer several more mlnutles. "n1:~~·.shr[mp is opaqlle. Addbasil and toss shrimp mix.tui'e with cooked pasea.

por serving;

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon garlic, chopped 2 teblespoons fat-free chicken bre:th,·low sodiun:

1/2 wp W miil to, peeled and diced

2 ounces whok: wheat 'pests

i:2 ounces medium 5hlir;np, imwoked

2 isbiespaons basil le"ave~, ,hdPp'~d

n, Calories (kcai) 20 9 Total Fat {25% calories from ('at) 80 9 Pro rein 53 9 Cerbohydrete 517 mg Cholesterol 580 mg Sodium

Serves I

I. BrIng ~ge pot of water to boil. for pa5~:

2. Meanwhile, place ollve oil and garLk in III tairge' saute pan and saute for several minutes ul'It:il UgtrtlLy browned.

3: Add chicken broth and 'tomatoes to pan; simmer'for ~. to '10 minutes Or urrtil, ter)der •.

5. Add shrimp to pan and'cook for severa L rryore mil1utes."ntJiil sh rimp' is -epa que, Add hasH. a nd 'toss shrimp ml xture

with coo)ced pasea, .

2 cr.;ps romaine tetmce, chopped Csese dressing (see recipe)

/·112 aunce5 tow-te: P"':ne5a~ r::hee5~,.g"ated I cup low-Ie: trontons

519 Calories (kcal) 17 9 Totet Fat (30% csiotles from fat) 52 gPtotein 26 9 Carbohydrare 132 mg Cholestero! 1120 mg Sodium

1. Cook chicken breast as deslled and sltc:e, across 1:he grain,

2. In a large bowl, t,QS~ the lettuce with 2 tijble~PQqns of CaQ~'u dorssif!g, Top with chick.ell, Parmesan cheese.and croutons,

:1 protein, , carbohydrate, 1 vegetable, 1 fat

9 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breest 3 cups romaine lettuce, chopped Caesar dressing (see ((KiF/e)

1-1/2 ounces low·fat Parm.esan cjlees1",(Jrated I cuplow·f<l.1 croutons- ,

620 Csiories (kcal) 18 9 Total Fat (27% calories from fat} 83 9 Protein 28 9 Carbohydrate 187 mg Cholesterol 1180 mg50dium

Se-rves 1

I. Cook ehleken breast as desired and st:1ce acrosS t~e gii'tin.

]., \11 a \.;!rge bawl., LOSS ·the Iettuce with 3;'tabtes.poofls of-Caesar dressing. Top w'i;[n ehrcken, Parmesan cheese" and croutons.

ounces boneless, skinless thicken 4 cups romaine leuuce, chopped

Caesar dressing (5"],(8 recipe)

1-1/2 ounces low-fat P<,rrmeSiln cheesen grat,ed 1 wp low-far crovtons

722 Calories (kea/) 19 9 Total Fat (24% c<llories from fat) 103 9 Protein 29 9 Carbohydratre .nr mg Cholesterol 1240 mg Sodium

Serves 1

1. Co-ok chick.en breast as c;lesirc;:d and stice (lCFI»S the grain.

2. In a large bowl, tC'>Sstne Le1:tuce wrth 4t3bLespOQ~$.Of Caes3,f d~essing, Top witn chicken, Parmeslln cheese, and croutons.

per serving:

6 ounce's boneless. skinless chicken breest 112 cup romsroes, c~QPped 2rablespoons eilsntro, xtiopped

, "

2 Mbiespoons red onion, chopped ..

, .

1/2 nip iceberg .Iet'tIJc'e;$hr~"fide¢l

118 svocedo

I tab/esp_ooq lC>w:~a.·noUl\CFeam I whote \vheattortflla

373 Calories (kCiil! i a 9 Total Far- 123% calories from fat) 44 g Protein 27 9 Caroohydrat,e roo mg Cholesterol 309 mg Sodium

Serves 1

. , .. ,

1. GrU er bake chicken breast in a Pyrex dish;at 3SQ degree5,f6~ ~ppr.OXim~,te~yjll ,rninu:t:e~, '

Ccol and SUGS thinly. . . , . .-

2, Pi.ac e tortflLa ij n mfCiroQwlii.ve betw,ee n, 2 p~pi):r tew ~5' ~M eook I;ln_ high f.Qr·l OseCQn:ds. '

, . - _. - ~ , -

9 ounces boneless, skinless chicken breast 1/2 cup tometoes.ciiopped

2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped

2 tablespoons red onion, chopped

112 cup iceberg lettuce, shredded liB avocado

I teblespooa lcw-ist sour cream 1 whole whee; tonitt«

467 CaJ'ori,es (kcai) 11 9 Total fat (20% ciJlorles from fat) 64 9 Protein 27 9 Carbohydrate 149 mg Cholesterol 354 mg Sodium

1. Grill or bake chicken breast: rn 3 Pyrex dish at 350 degrees. for approximately 20 minutes, Cool ~nd sllce thinty.

1. Place tortiLLa Tn microwave between :2 pap..:r tOW~5 and cook on higl'l for 10 seconds.

3, Remove and: put chicken, chopped tomatoe's, cilantro, red onion, L.ett;Uce, avocado, and 30IJf crearn into tortRLa a nd retl up ..

1/2 cup TOmatoes, chopped

2 tsbtespoons Cilantro, 'hopped

2 fablespoon'S red onion, chopped 1!2cup iCe"blE'rg !l'ttu(e, shredded 118 avocado

I tablespoon low-fat sour cream 1 whole wheat tortilla

555 Calories (kea/) 12 9 Toral Far (1'9% calories from fat) 8,3 a Protein 27 9 Carbohydrate 198 mg Cholesterol 419 mg Sodivm

1, Grill er bake cihi.;ke-I) b~eas't in a Pyrex dish at 350 degrees for approxlmatety 2.0 minu,t,es.

Coot and ,stice thinly,

2. Place tortilla in microwave bet.we>E:n 2 paper towels :and Q;QQk Qn high for 10 ~"ond's,

1 Remove and put chicken. chopped tomatoes, cilantro, red onion, Lettuce, avocado, ami sour cream into tortilla an.d rel; u.p.

" ~olmce5 canned tuna,in wa'r~r

r cup white beans, cooked

112 cup green pepper

112 cup yellow pepper

2 tablespoons green onion ;;; Mb"lespaons parsley dash white pepper

I tablespoon temon juice

1 tablespoons lemon zest 1 teaspoon olive oil

per serving:

540 Celeries (kca/) 7 9 tout hrt (11 % cetories from fat) 53 o Protein 58 9 carbohydrate 51 mg cnotestero! 595 m9 Sodiutr;

Serves I

1. Plat;e all ingredlerrt~ ill a glass bowl and mix 'l:horou;ghly.

2. Dl'iiuLe Ligh'l:Ly with olive oTL

per serving:

~unce5 canned tr.ma,.in water i cup white beans, cooked 314 wp green pepper

314 cup yellow pepper

3 tablespoo!1S green onion 3 ti!Jblespo(ifi5 pilr5!ey. dsst» white pepper

2 rable;spoons ~emon jui;e ,

2 tsblespoons lemon zest 2 tessooaas olive' oil

71 GLalories (k.ca}J 129 Total Far r19% calories from fat) 86 9 Protein 66 g CarbohydrlJte 77 mg Cholesterol 888 mg Sodium

Serve:> I

1. Plsce all ijngredient5 in a glass·bowl and mix thoroughlY,

2. Ddn:le Lightly with olive oil,

12 ounces canned tuna, in water 1 cup white beans, cooked

1 cup green p~ppl"r

I cup yellow pepper

4 tablespoons green onion 3 tablespoons pL'mley dash white' pepper

3 tablespoons lemon juice

3 tablespoons lemon zest 2 tablespoon olive oil

936 Calories (kcaJ) 18 9 Total Fat (27% calories from fat) 1 JO 9 Protein 86 g Carbohydrate 102 mg Cholesterol 1181 mg50dil1m

1, P~aclii aLL ingredients in a gLass bow~ and mix thereughly,

2. Drizzle Lj~h1iy with ollve.oil.

per serving;

;2 tablespoons minced garlic

1~112 pounds ground turkey breast 1/2 Clip sourdough breadcrumbs

II2-cup + 2 tab!espo,om; {ow"sodhlm,'low·fat marinara .sauce 2 tablespoon. fresh basii, chopped

2 tablespoons Italian parsley, chopped

297 Calories (kca/) 3 g Total Fat (8% ceiories trom fat) 45 g Protein 209 C<irbohyljrar.e 106 mg Chotesterot 470 mg Sodium

1. Preheat oven to .350 degrees.

2. Saure the onions in the chicken broth untlL Li,giltly browned.

4. 1.1l <I Large mixing bowl. ccmcine the on ton mixture with the 'grmmd tunkey, breaderumbs, 112 cup marinara :'8W(e, basil., and parsley.

per serving:

6, Brush with the remaining 2 tablespoons rnannara sauce and bake until cooked! through, 30 to 45 rnirurtes.

7. 'Drain off fat and let ceel, 20 minutes before I;utting into 8 slices,

1/2 cup onrons, diced ·2 teblespoons rat-free chicken broth, low sodium

2 tablespoons minced garlic

1-1/2 pounds ground turkey breast 1/2 cup 50urdo'UgiJ bteadaumbs

112 (UP + 2 tsblespoon« low-sodium, low-far marinara sallce 2tablespoons f~eslt ba5il,.clwpped

2 tablespoons Italian parsley; chopped

3"96 Calories (kcijl) 4 g Total F.n (8% calories from fat) 50 9 Protein 26 9 Carbohydrate 741 mg Cholesterol 54.6 mg Sodium

1 • Pret'leat oven to 350 degr~es,

2. Saut:e the onions in the chid: .. eo broth untllUghtly: browned.

3. Add the garlic and C"Qok 5 minutes more, Remo ... e from heat and (ool slightly,

4. In a ~arge milC,ing bowl, combine 'tl"!e onion mix~ure.wi.th; the gro!Jrtd ,tur~ey, breadcrumbs, 1!n '(UP marinara seuee, basH, and parsley. S. Form mTxture into a loaf, Shape and place in <3r1, ungreased loaf pari.

6. Brush with the !re.maining 2 tabtespocns ma'rinara .sauce and bake until cooked tl:irougl:i, 30 to 45 minutes.

7. Drain off fat and let cool 20 minutes before cutting into 8 slless,

2 tablespoons far-free chicken brotiJ, low sodium 2 tablespoons minced garlic

'/-7/2 pounds ground turkey breast 712 WI) sourdough breadcrumh$

1/2 cup -+ 2 rablespoons low-sodium, low-r<lt marinara Sil'uce 2 tiJble,spoons fresh basil, chopped

2 tsbtesooons Uafidll par.5fey, chopped

594 Cslottes (keel) 59 Total Fat (8% calories from far) 91 9 Protein 40 9 Carbohydrate< 211 mg C!JQ!e51:erol 819 mg 50dhrm

1, Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Saute the onions in the (llnkken broth until, lightly browned.

3. Add the garlic and cock 5 rnlnutes more. Remove from heat andeoet slightly.

4, In a Large milling bowl. combine the onion mTxture with the ground turkey, breaderumbs, 112 cup marinara sauce, basll, ~rld parsley.

o. Brush wIth the remain~l'Ig 2 tablespoons marlnara sauce and bake until cooked through, 301;045 mlnutes,

7. Drain off fat and let cool 20 rnlnutes beior,e cutblng into B slices.

6 ounces yellowfil1 tuna {ahi} 2 cups af!lgula teeve«

2 tebtespoons soybeeos

1/4 cup canned water ch,estnut5, dr;;Jined il2 cup pi'lp<lya, cubed

i teaspoon sesame seeds

Lime-soy vinaigrette (see recipe)

352 Celortes (Kca/) 8 9 Total Fat (20% calories from fat) 51 9 Protlf'in 20 9 Carbohydrate 77 mg Cholesterol 79mgSodium

Serves 1

1, GriLL tunOjl for 2 to 4 minutes on eseh side, depending enyour prefere,nce for doneness,

2, Slice into IPort'km-size pieces.

3, A.rrange the arugu:la leaves on large pwte. $prinHe the soybeans and water chestnuts on top,

4. ,Add the, papaya and ahl Last. 'Garnish witlr sesame seeds and drtzz!.e wlth 2 'tab(espo-on,.~ of lime-soy vinaigrette.


per serving:

3 cups ,arugul.a leaves

2 tablespoons soybeans

1/4 cup cenned wate'r c/1estl'lut5, !:irained 1/2 cup papaya; cubed

1 t~~spOOJJ sesame seeds

Lime-soy vinaigrette (see recipe)

449 colones (kcaf) 91] Total Fat (17% calories from fat) 71 g Proteill 21 9 Ca~bohydfatfi 115 mg Cholesterol 116 mgSodium

Serves I

1, 'Grilll tuna for 2 to 4 mlnutes on f;l~ch side. depending or your preference for deneness.

2. Slice iT1I'OO pcrelon-stze pieces"

per serving:

3. Arran;ge the aruguLa Leaves on large plate. Sprinkle th:e s,oybe-ans omd wate.r chestnuts on top.

4, Add! the papaya and ahi tast, Garnish wIth sesame seed'S and-drizzle with 3 ta!)l~!:!poon5 of Lime-soy vinaigrette.

4 cups inugu'la 'eaves

:2 rablespoofH soybeans

//4 cup canned waferciJestnut5, df4/n.ed 112' 'llppapaya, cubed

1 teaspoon Sesame seeds

Lime-soy vinaigr,e,tte (:>&1/: recipe)

546 Calories (kcal) 10 9 Total Fat (16% calories (lOrn fat) 91 9 Protein 22 9 Carf;ohydf3te 153 mg CllOlesrerol 15.3 mg'Sodium

2,. Stice into pcrelcn-slze p~eces"

3. Ammgtl the aruguLa Leaves on large plate,S'ptinHe! the :soyb~aT1!S aod water ch!!s,tnuu or. top. 4, Acid the papaya and ahi !Lalit. Garnisli wIth sesame-seeds alld drizzte with 4 tabl~$poQi"lS' of lime-soy vinaigrette.