Name of the Student: Vrinda Toshniwal Enrollment No: 09BSHYD0995 Mobile No: 9666641186 E-mail id: vrindatoshniwal@gmail.


Management Research Project Project Initial Information Report
I. Project Details:  Title of the project: Are IPOs underpriced?  Area of the project: Finance and Investment Banking  Description of the project in brief: Who is gaining from the underpricing or overpricing? The long term performance of share prices and returns after an IPO. Should a common man invest in IPO or secondary market?

II. Organizational Details (if any): Name: Address: Telephone No.:


III. Project Implementation & Schedule:  Schedule: Understand IPO and its working Literature Review Identification of methodology Identification of research gap  Methodology: Will conduct an empirical research using statistical method taking data for the last 10 yrs 2001-2010

IV. I will submit the following reports as per the schedule given below: Evaluation component Project Proposal Interim Report Final Report Date Planned 20th August 2010 6th -10th December 2010 7th 11th March 2011 Faculty Guide Name: Rajesh Acharya Signature of the Student .

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