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File More Than Money

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Published by: AunniePatton on Jan 17, 2011
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Management teams expect a return on investment
that ranges from 0 to 30 percent (see fgure 5).
While management expectations cannot be taken
at face value, several institutional investors with
strong track records for picking deals have begun
to enter the sector. For instance, OPIC has made
initial commitments to eight deals in the database,
and the IFC is talking to six. Draper Richards,
Legatum, and the Global Environment Fund,
among others, are all making investments in this
sector after having achieved investment success in
more traditional arenas. The challenge for this
sector is not to get caught in a chicken-and-egg
cycle, where most investors stay away because
too few investments have succeeded, and too few
investments succeed because access to capital
remains strained. Avoiding this dynamic requires
more transparency on the part of investors to
highlight both successes and failures.

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