PEER ASSESSMENT STAGE 2: On a sliding scale of 0 – 10, (with 0 being very poor and 10 being fantastic), please rate each

member of your group INCLUDING YOURSELF, on their qualities in relation to their work on the project. Be honest – and keep this document confidential! Extra notes can be made on the back if required. At the bottom, write in the total the score for each person. 80 + Great colleague; 60 + Good colleague; 40 + Reasonable colleague; Below 40 Poor colleague, not recommended Evidence of Qualities so far 1.Organisational (jobs, lists, overall) 2.Reliability/punctuality (including attendance at all sessions) 3.Communication (with each other/staff) 4.Effort/ commitment/ hard work/ prepared to make sacrifices to get the job done well 5.Prepared to take responsibility and get things done 6.Leadership attitude/ability to delegate 7.Team spirit/ player/ co operative/ helpful/ ability to compromise 8. Contribution of ideas/knowledge – early stages and ongoing throughout the project 9.Technical/ creative contribution - shoot 10.Technical/ creative contribution - edit Yourself: Colleague 1: Colleague 2: Colleague 3:

Totals /100 (Add these up please!)