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17782681 SBI ATMDebit Card Application Form

17782681 SBI ATMDebit Card Application Form

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Published by: barjeshvashist on Jan 17, 2011
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Thank you for applying for the State Bank ATM / Debit Card. To help us process your request quickly please fill this form as per the instructions overleaf if you have any questions, please check with your Branch Official. We are committed to making your life simpler with the State Bank CARDs. Application No: New Name Name as you would like it on the card (max. 25 Letters (including spaces) Renewal Replacement


Town / City State Telephone Email My designated account/s on which I require CARD services Account Type: Savings

Pin Mobile


Overdraft Date of Birth

Male / /


A/C No. TYPE OF ATM CARD APPLIED FOR: (Read Overleaf before selecting Card Type) ATM-cum-Debit Card Yuva Card International Debit Card SBI Gold International Debit Cards 1.VISA 2.MASTERCARD

DECLARATION: I am aware of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the ATM Card and agree to
abide by them. The bank may call me at my residence / office in connection with my ATM transactions.

Place: Date: / / FOR OFFICE USE
New Renewal Replacement Date: / /

Applicant's Signature

ATM Branch Code CIF of Customer Issue Card Old ATM Card No. Ticket No.
Old ATM card No. to be mentioned for a replacement or renewal of the card. Ticket No. in case of Lost ATM card.



_________________________ Branch Official's Signature & Branch Stamp

000/. Max. Joint A/c to be either or survivor / anyone or survivor. first change the address in your account and then apply for new card. Max.withdrawal at ATMs.at Merchant Establishments.withdrawal at ATMs. Can undertake transactions through internet for ticketing. Mobile Top Up.at Merchant Establishments.55/. If different.withdrawal at ATMs. Mobile Top Up.200/. Maestro. Cirrus Logos. 1. Do not write outside the provided boxes. on use of Yuva Cards. And also notify the Branch from where he/she has obtained the card in writing. 40. Visa Bill pay[For Visa Cards only]. Usable at all ATMs around the Globe.000/. 00. Can undertake transactions through internet for ticketing.which will be debited to the customer’s account.000/.commerce. Max. if any. e. e. SBI Gold International Debit Card (Visa / MasterCard): Only for Customers who maintain their quarterly balance as 50. o For more details on the cards visit our website: http://sbi. Max. Loss of card should be reported at Bank's all India Helpline No. 50. Max.co. The Card is non-transferable.in TERMS AND CONDITIONS Bank means State Bank of India Card(s) means SBI ATM / Debit Card issued to customer either in association with MasterCard / VISA. Fresh card will be issued in replacement of lost/damaged card at a charge of Rs. At all ATMs Displaying Visa / MasterCard Logo whichever applicable.plus taxes. Virtual cards solution for e-commerce and wide range of Discount on shopping. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the card and stop its operations unilaterally without assigning any reason. and purchase etc. 50.commerce.at Merchant Establishments.000/. 2. entertainment and leisure. Visa Bill pay. Virtual cards solution for e-commerce and wide range of Discount on shopping. The Card Holder is initially allotted a computer generated 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) which will be in a secured and sealed PIN Mailer.INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill the entire form in CAPITAL LETTERS only. Complete all sections.000/. at present. It is mandatory for the card holder to carryout a successful transaction using the PIN at SBI in order to activate the card.000/-. At all ATMs Displaying Visa Logo. At all ATMs Displaying MasterCard. Yuva Card (Visa): Only for Youngsters within the age group – 18-30 Years. 50. At all ATMs Displaying MasterCard. The Bank provides the customer with a new PIN at a charge of Rs.000/. International Debit Card (Maestro): Usual type given to all NRE account holders. 50.at Merchant Establishments. 00. If joint A/c please fill separate application form for each A/c holder. 2. Sign the declaration. ATM CARD TYPES: ATM-cum-Debit Card (Maestro): Usual type given to all account holders. Cardholder means customer who has been issued ATM / Debit Card • • • • The card is the property of the Bank and shall be returned unconditionally and immediately to the Bank upon request by the Bank. Leave one box space between each word. Any financial loss due to misuse of Card will be to the Card Holder's account. and purchase etc. The Card holder wishing to close the designated account or surrender the card facility will give the Bank 10 working days notice in writing and surrender the Card along with the notice. Max. • • • • • . Max. Max. The cardholder can request for regeneration of PIN in case he has lost / forgotten the same. 00. entertainment and leisure.000/.1800112211 and ticket no should be obtained in order to apply for replacement card. The address filled in the form must be same as the address in the Account.000/.withdrawal at ATMs. Maestro Logos.

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