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Hazardous Materials: Purchasing Flow Chart

Department: Industrial Hygiene and Information Management

Program: Hazardous Materials
Owner: Program Manager
Authority: ES&H Manual, Chapter 40, Hazardous Materials 1
The CMS data management platform facilitates compliance with environment, safety,
and health reporting and provides a tool for maintaining safe working environments. The
following flow chart details the specific steps in the process.

Requester IDs
desired material

Notified order
1 tcmIS 2 denied

no yes
Material in tcmIS Inputs order
submits New Order
Chemical Request approved1
Submits MSDS
Add to Haas
TCM Catalog yes Bulk or direct2
ship material
ESH Notification no

Bulk3 or direct ship Min/Max

ESH review item delivered or
directly to SLAC OOR?

Special Order processed by

hazards? Haas Gilroy Hub;
Pick & Ship
Review issues Order processed by
with requester Haas Purchasing;
(e.g., material, use, Order placed w/supplier;
quantity, etc.)
Next bus. day when
ordered by 1PM

Requester given
delivery date
ESH issues
yes resolved? Ship to Gilroy Hub

no Received @ Haas Gilroy

ESH denies request Hub; QA/QC; Labeled
and documents

Responsible Party: Ship to SLAC 3

Requester drop location

Notes: Order closed

1. Approval by second party and/or order limitation
business rules set up in tcmIS.
2. Bulk gases and compressed gas cylinders. 1 = environmental reporting 2 = financial reporting
3. LN2 to be on telemetry, so orders to be placed
automatically. 3 = chemical storage, use & disposal
4. M/M = Min/Max Inventory; Refer to Chapter 17 & 22 for Hazardous
OOR = Order on Request Waste and Waste Minimization

1 SLAC Environment, Safety, and Health Manual (SLAC-I-720-0A29Z-001), Chapter 40, “Hazardous

4 Jan 2007 (updated 30 Dec 2008) SLAC-I-730-0A09S-014-R001 1 of 1

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