What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR): A communication function used to promote mutual understanding between an organization and its various stakeholder groups

Why is PR Needed?

‡ Complex structure of Industry ‡ Importance of Employee Relations ‡ For Good Communication ‡ Increasing Competition

Johnson & Johnson ‡ The world¶s largest and most comprehensive manufacturer of health care products ‡ Founded in 1886 ‡ Headquartered in New Brunswick.000+ employees worldwide ‡ Customers in over 175 countries . New Jersey ‡ Sales of $64 billion in 2004 ‡ 200+ operating companies in 50+ countries ‡ 109.

Products ‡ Baby Products ‡ Skin Care ‡ Wound Care .

Baby Products ‡ Baby Powder ‡ Baby Oil ‡ Baby Cream ‡ Baby Lotion .

Baby Products ‡ Baby Shampoo ‡ Baby Hair Oil ‡ Baby Soap .

Skin Care ‡ Clean and Clear Face wash ‡ Johnson Buds .

Wound Care ‡ Band Aid ‡ Savlon ‡ Johnson Plast .

Achievements Name Of Award Six Sigma Industrial Safety Award Image Award Process Excellence Award Best Employers 2003 Rank 4 Received By« Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products India Given By« Indian Statistical Institute & The National Institution of Quality & Reliability Johnson n Johnson Plant. Maharashtra Ortho . Worldwide Johnson & Johnson. Worldwide India Hewitt Associates . Dharavi Johnson n Johnson Innovations Dept Of India Johnson & Johnson Medical India Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products National Safety Council.Clinical Diagnostics Division Johnson & Johnson.

Organizational Structure Managing Director Finance Manager Commercial Manager Operations Manager Marketing Manager Public Relations Manager R&D Manager Human Resource Manger Logistics Manager .

‡ We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use.Mission Statements ‡ We Must be Good Citizens« «Support Good Works & Charities. protecting the environment & natural resources. .

Basic Objective ‡ To Provide scientifically sound. High Quality products & services to help Heal. Cure Diseases & Improve the Quality of Life ‡ This was also the basic Goal that began with the Founding of the Company in 1886 .

Social Responsibilities ‡ Earthquake in Pakistan ‡ Hurricane µKatrina¶ ‡ HIV/AIDS ‡ International Disaster Relief Organization ‡ Mumbai Floods .

PR Dept Functions Serve As the Official Channel of Information Coordinate With Other Departments Plan and Administer Information Programs Keep the Public Aware of Organization¶s Activities Coordinate Relationships With Stakeholders Collect and Analyze Stakeholder Attitudes PR .

PR Activities Brand Publicity Media Relations Crisis Management PR Activities Corporate Communications Financial/ Financial Investor Relations Relations Employee Relations .

What Is Brand Publicity? Brand publicity: The use of non-paid media messages to deliver brand information designed to positively influence customers and prospects .

What Are Brand Publicity Tools? News Release (Press Release) Publicity Tools Direct Communication Pitch Letter News Kit (Press Kit) .

Key Part of Brand Publicity: Media Relations Key part of brand publicity: Media relations: Maintaining a positive professional relationship with the media in general or with media that specialize in covering a specific industry ‡ The challenge: getting past media gatekeepers ‡ Editors and reporters who select (or reject) stories for their publications or stations based on what they think will interest their audiences .

Tools for Media Relations News Release Television Advertisements (Press Release) Publicity Tools Campaign at the Launch Of Pitch Letter New Product Ads In Different Languages .

What Is Corporate Communication? Corporate communication: High level public relations carried out by executives who work at a senior level in a company and advise top management on how the organization presents itself Goal: to manage the image and reputation of the organization .

Three Corporate Advertising Objectives Establish Corporate Identity Objectives Advocacy Demonstrating Social Responsibility .

Corporate Advertising + .

Campaign For A Cure + .

3M¶s Annual Report Is An Example Of Financial Relations + .

If the Executives perform proactively that is acting before the crisis. . It can very well create a mechanism that is free of failures and hence a Crisis can be prevented even before it is Born. so as to avoid the situation of Crisis.Insight: Proactive Crisis Management Crisis are a fact of an organization¶s life.

Johnson & Johnson Enjoys One Of The Strongest Reputations In The World + .

Five Influencing Factors ‡ Support & commitment from supervisors & management ‡ Workplace policies friendly to program goals & objectives ‡ Workplace culture which values health ‡ Program marketing efforts that reach. preach. teach & influence ‡ Programs designed & owned by real people .

Six Strategic Platforms ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Effectively manage program cycle Recognize importance of relationships Increase proportion of activities that affect program infrastructure Create environment to support individuals & groups Create empowering opportunities Create many program opportunities .

Final Note: ‡ An organization¶s reputation is critical to the strength of its relationships with stakeholders« ‡ «and Public Relations is one of the most effective MC functions to build and maintain it PR .

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