National Insurance Company vs Seema Malhotra

Group Members : ‡ Abhishek Dwivedi ‡ Anish Narielwala ‡ Bala NarendraKumar Puppala

‡ Dr.Ram Gopal Gupta ‡ Nitesh Gori ‡ Syed Mehdi

yash paul Malhotra entered into a contract on dec.50. Malhotra died and car was fully damaged.1. ‡ Company issued a cover note as contemplated in sec. ‡ By insuring a maruti car for Rs.Facts of the Case ‡ Mr.4. 1993 with the NIC.towards the first installment of the premium on the same day.21. ‡ The car met with an accident on dec. 1993.000/‡ He gave a cheque for Rs. . ‡ Mr. 149 of the motor vehicles act.492/.31.

sent an intimation to Mr. ‡ On Jan. that the cheque was dishonored as there were no funds in his account. The company denied this and the case was taken to the state consumer protection commission. Malhotra s Widow and children filed a claim for the loss of Vehicle.‡ The cheque had gone for clearance and Mr.20. . Malhotra's address stating that the policy is cancelled with immediate effect because the cheque has been dishonored by the bank. 1994 co. Malhotra s bank intimated the insurance co. ‡ Mr.

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