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Published by: Nilanjana Bhattacharya on Jan 17, 2011
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"In 2008 terrorists launched more than ten co-ordinated shooting and bombing attacks across India's largest city, Mumbai. This day, now known as 26/11, saw the Taj hotel besieged by attackers using innocent civilians as their shields. Amongst them were prominent figures including Members of European Parliament. In the wee hours of 29th November, the National Security Guard launched Operation Black Tornado to flush out the remaining assailants. “The death toll for the events of 26/11? 166 victims (civilians and armed forces) andonly nine terrorists.” The events played out in Mumbai on that fateful day depict the

risk that law enforcement officials in our country have to face. While their bravado and courage is irreplaceable, having a robot take the risks for them is a welcome idea, any day.

The problem statement is to build a fully automated robot that acts as a law enforcer. This enforcer must navigate a set of rooms and apprehend and kill criminals (red) and avoid hostages (green). Points will be given on the basis of number of criminals killed and number of hostages avoided. As with all antiterrorist operations this will be done under cover of darkness.

The task is to build a completely autonomous robot (henceforth referred to as enforcer) which will have to navigate through rooms which will have cylindrical/cubical shaped models in red and green. The red models (henceforth referred to as criminal) represent criminals. The green models (henceforth referred to as civilian/hostage) represent hostages. The enforcer must "Apprehend / Kill" criminals while "Saving" hostages. Each room has multiple criminals and civilians.

Participants are scored on the number of criminals killed the number of hostages saved and the time of run. Here, "Apprehending/Killing" is defined as knocking down a criminal. The criminal entity must be lying on the ground, with the face of the entity which was in contact with the ground earlier no longer remaining so(condition(1)). Saving hostages is defined as leaving a hostage standing. The enforcer may touch or push the hostage so long as the face of the entity originally on the ground remains so(condition(2)). Dead criminals rolling on the ground may still kill hostages.

Civilian and Criminal Defined

Civilian Saved, Criminal Killed

The event will take place at night from 6PM to 6 AM (or until first light). The arena will be lighted from above . The lighting used shall be a halogen lamp with diffuse lighting . Details of the same as well as pictures of the lighted arena shall be put up closer to the event date. Note: Shadows may be formed due to lighting.

The enforcer must be fully autonomous, intervention is allowed once the run is started. i.e. No manual

The enforcer should have maximum dimensions of (0.75m X 0.75m X 1m)(l X b X h). The dimensions may however exceed after the beginning of the run.

Processing may take place on a machine that is not onboard the enforcer (i.e. off board processing). Participants have to ensure that the wire does not touch any of the cylinders and the wire remains slack throughout the run. On touching the door of the next room the clock is stopped and the points for that room is calculated. The participant and his robot are then allowed to move into the next room

Power Supply
A fixed 220V power supply will be provided by the Robotix Team. Participants may choose to use their own power sources. The power source used need not be on board the enforcer.

Mechanism For Apprehending Criminals
Participants are free to choose their own mechanisms for apprehending criminals. Any mechanism used should not involve human intervention in any form. Mechanisms which damage the arena may be disqualified and teams requested to resort to alternative mechanisms.

Model of the Robot

The Rooms
There will be three/four rooms with each room of dimensions (9m X 5m). The room will be open from above as shown in the figure. Each room will have four walls and two doors. The walls will be made of cloth hung over bamboo which will be black in colour. The height of the walls will be (1.2 m).

There will be more than one room and entry to the next room will be through a door. The door will be made of cloth which will be blue in color (An exact shade of the same will be uploaded closer to the event date ). The cloth shall be hanging from the top (i.e. fixed at the top and free from the other three sides) and the enforcer can pass it by simply pushing through to the other side. The Width of the door will be 1.2 m and height same as that of the wall. The doors will be painted black on the opposite side so as not to confuse the enforcer. The floor of the room will be asphalt / concrete (pictures of the same shall be uploaded later). The floor will contain a white line joining the entrance and the exit doors of the rooms as shown in the figure. The width of the line will be (20 cm). The line may be of any shape.

The Criminals And Hostages
The criminals and hostages will be made up of cardboard cylinders / cuboids, the criminals will be red in colour while the hostages will be green. Their height will be 1.2m and diameter will be 15cm.The criminals and hostages will be placed at a distance less than 2 m away from the line.


Arena Pic 1

Arena Pic 2


The event will take place in two stages, qualification and Final. The qualification stages will involve lesser number of rooms andgreater spacing of criminals and civilians. The Final round may contain obstacles in the room which may cover the criminals or hostages from some angle. The color of the obstacles(if any) will be black and the maximum height will be 0.5(m). Each team will be given three runs during qualification stages and five runs during the Final Stages. The best score will be selected out of the same. A team may have a maximum of 4 members, with no two teams having any common member. The maximum time allowed for the bot to clear each room is 7 minutes in the qualifying round; the time may be different for the final rounds. Once the robot reaches the door to the other room the clock is frozen for one minute and the robot (and the participant if he is carrying the laptop behind the robot) is allowed into the following room. The bot must not cause any damage to the arena. In event of any damage, the team would be liable for disqualification. Manual intervention of any kind will not be allowed during the run of the bot, the teams may however hold the laptops in

their hands, which will not be considered as manual intervention. Only one participant will be allowed to hold the laptop and enter the arena. Points for standing hostages will not be added until the bot has left the room.

Each Criminal killed is worth 100 points and the no. of criminals killed in a room is taken as K. Each Hostage left alive adds a bonus of 20 points and increases the multiplier taken as H. The time taken in minutes is measured as T. The time is taken from the start in a room till the time when the enforcer touches the door to the next room. In case if the participant needs to restart the bot, 40 points will be deducted as penalty from the total score for each restart. Thus the formula for score from a room is: Room Score= [(K×100×H)/T+ 20×H - Penalty] Thus if none of the criminals or Hostages are standing, the total score will be zero. If the enforcer exits without killing any criminals the score will only be 20*H. The total score is taken as the sum total of the scores from all the rooms.

All teams must submit a copy of their final running code to the organizers. The Robotix Team retains the right to publish these codes as it deems fit in electronic and printed forms, with due credit to participants. The Decision of the Robotix Team is FINAL AND BINDING.

In case of any doubts regarding the rules of this event, feel free to post on the forum of http://robotix.in/forum our website

For registration, visit http://www.ktj.in/register/reg.php

Rahul Das

rahul@robotix.in +91 - 9775552399

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