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Causative Use of Have+KEY

Causative Use of Have+KEY

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Published by: teresabarbosa on Jan 17, 2011
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A. Choose the most correct option and c omplete the sentences 1- I'm going ............

at the new hairdresser's hair 2 - She needs to ........ a)have her car repairs 3 - I really must get ....... the central heating fix a) to get my hair cut b)to cut my

b)have her car repaired a) somebody to fix b) somebody

4 - They ought to have ........ replace the broken windows b) somebody 5- He ......... while he was away on holiday burgled his flat 6 - I .......... my phone repaired after I dropped it

a) somebody to

a) had his flat burgled


a) had

b)had to b)

7 - She didn't have time to get to the shops and ....... a) get her film developed develop her film 8 - It took ages to get ........... a) somebody do it 9 - I'll ....... John to do it when he arrives 10 - She ......... on the underground last week her purse stolen b) somebody to do it a) get b) have

a) had her purse stolen

b) got

11 - He .......... tickets sent to his home address yesterday 12 - You should .......... a lo ng time ago a) have it fixed a) get

a) has had

b) had

b) have had it fixed b) have a) to

13 - They couldn't .......... anyone to fix their burst pipes

14 - They had it ....... by the same person who decorated their old house do b) done 15- After winning a fortune, she ... .... her family to do everything for her b) has

a) gets

B. Are the second sentences TRUE OR FALSE? 1. Professor Hover let us choose our own topic for our term paper. F We didn't choose our own topic.

2. Ms. Marta got the director to arrange a trip. T The director arranged a class trip.

3. Mark helped Angela do her homework. F Mark did Angela's homework for her.

4. Mr. Harrington had us translate a short story. T We translated a short story.

5. My chief made me rewrite the report. T I wrote the report again .

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