Adult Sunday School Classes: 9:30 AM

► Ambassadors: Inescapable God Facilitator: Linda Harvey Location: Room 103 This quarter we will be studying our inescapable God. Our main focus will be on the Old Testament books of Exodus and Psalm. ► Defending the Faith Facilitators: Hank & Sue Keller Location: Room 105 This DVD class is a basic apologetics study of what the bible says in our post-modern culture and gives us the skills in how we can defend our belief that the bible is the true history of the world. Come learn what the Bible says about evolution, gay marriage, abortion, etc. ► Women’s Bible Study: Gospel of John Facilitator: Marty Mooney Location: Room 200 We will use the ABC Bible Study method on the Gospel of John. Join us as we consider John’s personal account of his walk with his and our Lord. ► The Jewish Jesus Facilitator: Rick Jones Location: Fellowship Hall What would it be like to journey back to the first century and sit at the feet of Rabbi Jesus? If we could turn the clock back to the Jewish world of the first century, what would it be like to Follow in the footsteps of Jesus the Jew? How would your understanding of the Gospel have been shaped by the culture and customs of that day? This class will explore the parables and stories of Jesus through the history, customs, culture, feasts, and geography that shaped Jesus' world. Come hear the parables and encounters that Jesus had in a new way. Class meets in the Fellowship Hall.
Updated 1/17/11

Children’s Sunday School 9:30 AM
Nursery (Newborn up to Age 2) Preschool (Ages 2,3,4) Kindergarten Room 101 Room 102 Room 307 & 308 Room 414 Room 302 Room 306

First & Second Grade (Primary I & II) Middler (3rd. and 4th grade) Pre-Teens (5th & 6th grade)

Children’s Church 10:30 AM
Kids will go directly to Planet Zero! Following dismissal from Worship. Nursery (Newborn up to Age 2) Stars (Ages 2 & 3) Planet Zero (Kindergarten-6) Room 101 Room 102 Chapel