Selena Quintanilla April 16, 1971- March 31, 1995

Selena was one of the leading stars of Tejano music. Selena first began publicly performing at the age of 10, with a band which included both her siblings and her father. As Selena and Los Dinos, they would entertain patrons of her father's restaurant in Texas. By the time Selena received a Grammy Award she was dating her guitarist from Los Dinos, Chris Perez. Her father didn’t accept the relationship they had so he kicked him out of the band. And later on Selena and Chris got married in April 2, 1992 without her father’s permission. Her father soon found out and he had to accept him, so he got him back to play for Selena y Los Dinos. She has one brother and one sister in the band Suzette Quintanilla and A.B. Quintanilla. In the first few months of 1995 an attendancebreaking concert at the Houston Astrodome in March, the singer discovered that the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldivar, had been embezzling funds from her fashion boutiques; a confrontation was made with Saldivar at a hotel, who subsequently shot Selena to death with a handgun. The partially-completed album, Dreaming of You, was released in July and reached the number one position on the mainstream charts. I would like to honor Selena Quintanilla because she gave a lot to people in her singing career. I loved her songs so much and that’s why am honoring her because of her beautiful voice that she had. She worked so hard in her singing so her fans would love her and she never gave up on anything she wanted. I think her music touched so many lives because she sang about love, and she did it with such passion. I admire her as a woman because she always did what she believed in and never listened to people who tried to tell her what to do. Ziomara Gutierrez

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