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Count Dracula Halloween Party for Kids

Count Dracula Halloween Party for Kids

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Published by: marthapierce on Jan 18, 2011
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Count Dracula Halloween Party for Kids

Party Invitations
Help your child get excited for his Count Dracula party by making delightfully spooky invitations! Just download some colorful images of bats and Dracula from your favorite websites (or Google), trim, and glue to the front of a blank party card.

Count Dracula Table
Make a Count Dracula table filled with candy, numbered balloons -- for the Count, of course! -- and friendly creatures! Pick a plain table in your house, and set it off to the side of the party, so kids can munch on treats like oranges, grapes, or M&M's when they're hungry.

Creepy Candy
Use clear glass candy jars as a way to display your favorite ghouls! Make a container into Count Dracula or another creepy creature using a foam ball as a head, construction paper for a cape, fangs, and vest, and a bow for his bow tie! Fill the jar with candy and have kids guess how many candies are inside!

Tricks that Come in "Hand-y"
Make a pair of hands to sit on the table using aluminum! Simply mold the aluminum until you achieve the appearance of a hand, cover with garden gloves, and set on the table. You can even stick party favors between the fingers for a kooky touch!

Count on Cookies
Turn these cookies into a fun lesson for your little ones! Cut out circles and numbers from refrigerated cookie dough using cookie cutters; then bake, cool, and frost them! Finally, place the number cookies on top of the frosted circle cookies and enjoy a Count-inspired treat!

Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Spider
Make this oversize foam spider in a few simple steps! Use three different sizes of foam balls to create the body, head, and feet of the spider, painting the feet purple and the body black. Then, attach googly eyes and use black pipe cleaners to create long, spindly legs. Use these crawlers as a lid for candy jars or as hanging mobiles to surprise kids! Make Spooky Spiders for Halloween

Popcorn Balls
Popcorn balls are always a hit with kids, especially when they're made to look green, blue, and purple using foodcoloring dye! Use this recipe to make these treats!

Get Crafty with the Count
Set up a craft station in the corner of a room with kid-size tables and chairs. To keep in line with the Count Dracula theme, cut large numbers out of cardboard, paint them, and prop them up in the craft area.

Count Dracula Crafting Station
Fill your crafting station with colorful plastic plates, crafts foam (maybe some left over from the spooky spiders), colored crafts paper, kids' scissors, glue, googly eyes, puffy paint, and other materials from nearby crafts stores.

Vampires! Ghouls! Shrieks! Oh Yes!
Kids will love to craft their own ghoulish friends out of paper plates and craft paper! And at the end of the party, your little artists can take home a spooky character to decorate their rooms. Make Plastic-Plate Ghoulies for Halloween

Extra Assistance
If younger children are having difficulty completing the crafts, enlist the help of a few adult friends to make their creations a little less complicated.

Make a circle of Halloween friends -- and frights! Cut a wreath out of a foam paper plate, and then use colorful craft paper to make spooky faces. Glue the ghouls onto the wreath. Once the project is complete, have kids try to count all the faces on the wreath -- it's harder than it looks! Make a Frightful Wreath for Halloween

Dracula Favors
Make these Dracula-inspired party favors in a few easy steps! Cover the lids of glass containers with colorful felt and secure with hot glue. Then decorate a foam ball as the face of your desired Halloween creature. Glue the ball to the lid and top off the project with felt accessories like a Dracula cape. Fill each jar with Halloween candy and give to guests. Kids will love leaving with a special treat. Make Creepy Candy Jars for Halloween

Say "Dracula"!
Have kids pose for pictures with different party favors or decorations like the oversize numbers, and snap a few

pictures. After the party, mail the photos to party guests or their parents to thank them for coming -- they'll love it! Copyright © 2010 Meredith Corporation. www.parents.com Bringing together the power of respected magazine brands including American Baby and Parents, the Parents Network is your go-to destination for parenting information. From first kicks to first steps and on to the first day of school, we are here to help you celebrate the joys and navigate the challenges of parenthood. © Copyright 2011 Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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