Introduction Of Organizational Development

Khushboo Jha MBA III semester

Introduction  History  Theories  Characteristics  Activities  Conclusion

To know about organizational development  To understand the pattern of work.  To use new technologies.  To encourage the employees in solving problems. 

To understand the strategy of organization.

Definition : According to Burke 1994 Organization development is process of change in an organizations culture, through the utilization of behavioral science, technologies research, and theory.

History of Organization Development 

1960s - organizational development was implemented in organizations via consultants. 

1970s - 1980s organizational development became a more established field.  1990s - 2000s organizational development continued to grow and evolve.

Organization Development Theories 

Change process theory 

Implementation theory

Change process theory 
According to Lewin and Schein, there are
three types of

Lewin s Change Model



Implementation theory
It deals with 

Human resource  Social-technical system  Organizational transformation

Characteristics Of organization Development 
It focuses on culture.  It encourages collaboration .  It involves in problem solving.  It takes developmental view.  It focuses on total system change.  It has long and short term objective.

Important Activity of Organization Development 
Team building  Career development  Leadership development

Organization development should not be confused

with any form of decision.  It is more concerned with human values and factors like group.  Its practitioner should therefore be fully prepared to meet resistance to change successfully .

Organization development , S.Ramnarayan  Organization development ,Wendell L. French


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