A Treatment For Our Coursework Our task for this piece of coursework is to create a two-minute opening to a new

feature film. We also have to create two company idents (a production name and a distributor name), the opening credits to the movie and the soundtrack to our production. Our production’s working title is ‘Oblivious’. This title came after much discussion from our three-team members and we decided that ‘Oblivious’ is relevant to our film (because the girl has no idea about the killer in her house), it also easily memorable and has not been used for a major film. The three team members in our production team are Jeremy Whitehead, Tom Wardman and Will Spivey. All three are very keen media students and have an interest in the horror genre. Jeremy can play several instruments and will be creating the music for our production, whereas Tom and Will be giving him good ideas on what type of music to create. The basic plot of our production is that a girl has been left alone by her boyfriend. A killer sneaks in the house using distractions, and then brutally stabs her. Our film is very relevant to ‘Scream’ and also has references to ‘The Strangers’ in it. The genre of our movie is horror but to be more precise it would defiantly be a slasher. We have watched many horror/slasher movies and have observed many key codes and conventions. One of the most important ones we have picked up on is the role of a ‘scream queen’ in slasher movies, especially in the movie ‘Scream’.