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Lesson II

Aim: Improve students understanding of descriptive adjectives that define personality


Stage 1: Per- son-al-i-ty: the thoughts, expressions and behaviors that make a person
- board it and drill it.

Stage 2: Trait: a quality or characteristic that makes a person different from other people.
Drill it….
- Is a person a noun or a verb? Yes or no?
- Do we describe people with adjectives? Yes or no?

Our lesson today will focus on personality traits and not physical traits.
- Physicial traits are: tall, short, strong or weak
- Personality traits are: charming, selfish, happy or sad
Check: Is the lesson today about physical traits? Yes or no?

Stage 3: Exercise page 146 students book

- pair the students
- Vocabulary work:
- Bossy: drill
- Bossy: are bossy people annoying? Yes or no?
- Do bossy people continually tell other people what to do? Yes or no?
- Manipulative: drill
- Do manipulative people try to influence the actions and thoughts of other
people through their cleverness and dishonesty? Yes or no?
- Do manipulative people try to make other people do what they want? Yes or
- Moody: drill
- Are moody people happy people? Yes or no?
- Spoiled: drill
- Do spoiled people usually get everything they want? Yes or no?
- Do spoiled people behave badly if they don’t get want they want? Yes or no?

Model question 2 by answering it? Competitive

Task: SS in pairs and have them finish the rest.

- With their partner match the vocabulary words with the descriptions below
them. When finished raise your hand.
- Checking.. When you finish the task with your partner do you raise your
hand? Yes or no?
- Monitor pairs during this task by observing their progress hands on.
- First to raise hand goes to board and writes down the answers to the 16
- Check the answers with the rest of the students answers

Stage 4: Board rush:

- A-M and N-Z object is to write a descriptive adjective that starts with a letter
in the alphabet.
- Group into 2 teams
- Winner finishes then check answers time permitting and complete with
missing adjectives from my list.

Stage 5: Workbook page 15 4c

- Have students write down on a separate sheet of paper the first personality
adjectives they remember from the vocabulary bank on page 146.
- This task is to be done alone and do not show to anybody.
- Have them raise their hand when finished and collect the papers.
- Tell students that this defines how they perceive their own personality traits.