Lying Down Inductions for Eroticatrance and More On fetlife, there was a question in one of the erotic hypnosis groups regarding what is the best hypnosis induction to use with someone who is lying down . . . specifically, for eroticatrance. A variation of the hand drop was mentioned that uses a few words which is a powerful and worthwhile induction. I've done the same bit as five, three, one, and no word variations just to show folks that number of words is not the magick formula but the engagement of the imagination. However, it is a very solid induction and works really really well. I would more likely use an armpull induction in those contexts (particularly my own variation, the Phillips Armpull Induction which can be found at as it has a bit of confusion thrown in for good measure) but for an erotic session I'd very likely just start with some eye fixation and eye catalepsy to start and then do an erotic variation of a progressive relaxation deepener (the magickal erotic touch version works really well, especially if you tie in actual touch to the suggestions). Do keep in mind that for erotic sessions, it's less about speed and more about building erotic response. If I've worked with someone before, then I'd likely just start with the trigger and work from there . . . if no trigger has been installed then I'd simply drop tonality and let automatic response do its thing (yes, even when folks have no formal trigger they automatically trigger respones to you when you use tonality, touch, or even eye contact). Don't believe me, take my courses and learn for yourself. Erotic hypnosis is more about the sensuality of the beast than the raw power . . . even if you're moving into edge materials . . . certainly catalepsy is a lot of fun (some folks have seen my demo where I stick someone to a wall via suggestion and then use imaginary feathers to do some interesting bits).

Here's something you can do which is both about power and control and I've done it a few times. with that in Now. Note that I suggested an eye catalepsy as part of the getgo as a means of gaining immediate trance and then the longer bit is a sensual deepener (some folks mistakenly think progressive relaxation. where fetish lifestyles are freely expressed. sensual or Hand drop would be okay as well. .socialgo. . .html come to mind or any of the others) and use it as a waking hypnosisinduction. .html or the impossible to sit or stand bits These are very very good points. Since the discussion has been taking place on fetlife. but it ain't the speed that matters as much as the sensations that are created. imagine how you can use it in a power exchange erotic capacity Take the classic stick-stuck-to-hand suggestibility effecthttp://trancesociety.I love speed hypnosis .socialgo.socialgo. . love the beasties and have taught specialty courses on the subject all over the planet . but honestly it would all depend upon context. .com/videos/view/core-skills-50-impossible-tosit_136. seriously.let's not throw out the gold with the chaff and dross). I mentioned pinning someone to a wall but you can pin them to a bed as well . .html or another catalepsy based effect (arm LOCK http://trancesociety. IMNSHO. . is an induction only or useless but it's actually a very worthwhile deepener after you've established experiential hypnosis . with eyes open and even use tonality so that it implies you are in control of their limbs (and once .socialgo. I tend to use it as part of a waking hypnosis suggestibility sequence thatmoves from physical catalepsy to kinesthetic and emotional effects such ashttp://briandavidphillips.html or leg catalepsy http://trancesociety. a very good point was made about how some folks are less interested in a slow relaxing experience as something shocking that implies power the idea of suggesting a person's muscles or limbs are locked tight and cataleptic. If it's mostly about power then with a lying subject I would still likely do a variation of an arm pull.html or http://trancesociety.

by the of . This can also play into both straightup regular vanilla erotictrance or the more alternative power exchange play very very easily. waking trance hypnosis . you can adapt them to just about any context you like. I then move on to my invisible tickle feathers as above or get out myvoodoo doll so that anything I do to the doll you feelhttp://briandavidphillips. be creative.hypnotists don't need ropes to restrain folks).trancesociety. Please note that many of the links above are to episodes of the free online core hypnosis skills video course at the Community athttp://trancesociety.their imaginative involvement is intensified then that control is actually transferred to you). As catalepsy is quickly established. I then start the patter of you feeling your limbs becoming tighter and tighter so that you begin to feel them stretching tight as if invisible chains are pulling them tighter and tighter so that you are completely immobile and cannot move. perhaps taking out a vibrator or doing other things of interest. if I have you lay down on the bed or stand against the wall with your limbs akimbo (an X-cross. completely with eyes-open (my own variation of what I call HypNo-Sleep in my courses on the subject to play with the idea of eyes open. I hold the doll in special ways and use my finger to tickle "interesting" areas and even do some licking and kissing complete video course in core skills of hypnosis with explanations and demonstrations of all of the basic skills required for basic memberHypnotist Certification with the Society of Experiential Trance(http://www. Membership in the Community is free. . . In fact the more you try to move the tighter they become so that you are stuck tight within my power. .). Honestly. no sleep or eye closure.html for details but register NOW or you may miss your chance. That's a quick pattern. Seehttp://www. once you've got your core skills down. I hope this has been helpful. but without cross or ropes .briandavidphillips. it is still possible to register for my upcoming course on this very subject.

by the way).All the best. and is being cross-posted here to encourage responses from the collective resources of the larger membership) Come on everyone. and then play those out as you choose. The variations on this theme are endless! First of all. Now here’s where it gets way interesting. you can build in sensual/sexual spell-making abilities to the erotic blindfold. (Lots of great uses for this… again. Make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like. use your imagination) I’ve found that auditory triggers (a word or a sound) or kinesthetic ones.” Although you could use this as an induction in itself. So just jump in and go for it! To get this party started. I prefer to do this as a suggestion after the induction and even after some deepening. Brian ----------------------================================================= (This topic was originally posted in the forum of the private group Eroticatrance. rope. 輕率. you suggest that you’re tying on an erotic blindfold 被蒙住眼睛的魯莽的. You could share from the point of view of the hypnotist making the suggestion. . or a pair of stockings. Use your imagination (or your direct experience) for more ideas. let’s heat things up in this Edgy Topics forum! Here’s the idea… let’s all share at least one favorite hypnotic suggestion that we take pleasure in using during an erotic trance session. or from that of the hypnotee enjoying receiving the suggestion. work best for this. and that all the time it’s on. a few examples being silk. like some sort of touch. you can create a trigger for quickly removing the blindfold AND for quickly putting it back on. the hypnotee will not be able to see anything that’s going on around or to her (this works equally well on both sexes. And it doesn’t need to be original or even creative – it’s just one of your favorites… that’s all. The concept itself starts off very simply. you can choose the material the blindfold is made of. especially because the person can’t “see” – lol! If you’re into magick. I’ll go first. One of my absolutely all-time favorite erotic suggestions to give is what I call the “Erotic Blindfold. Next.

of course). the furry folks would enjoy that. the variations on the “Erotic Blindfold” theme really are endless! Perhaps you can think of a few more and post them here. . isn’t it? As I said before. Obviously. mouth-watering. I could happily be overloading someone's sexual response all night along with a whole lot of orgasming. let’s heat up this forum.” experiences as real. Mmmm. . In the set-up. and I usually am. In appropriate circumstances with an appropriate partner. Edgy Topics people. Yes.. as the hypnotist.To end this post. Honestly. often feline (those of you familiar with my Feline Fantasy script or mp3 know whereof I speak and that script process was based upon live sessions). now you.Master Dagaz \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\=========================== To repeat what we've already stated elsewhere . while that's pretty much what most folks who approach me for information and training are after. a werecreature . just accellerating pleasure and sexual response is probably enough . there is a whole slew of things I enjoy . I would suggest that the trance partner experience my presence also as a lycanthrope (wolfen. add “virtual reality” capabilities into the erotic blindfold. Now it’s your turn. so that you have the ability to create whatever “reality” for the hypnotee that you choose. What’s one of your favorite erotic hypnotic suggestions that you like giving or receiving? Come on. . Feel free to keep it simple. of course) that the person begins to “see. . it's pretty straightforward stuff. that’s enough from me. but some would be more towards the top of my list than others. I’ll give you one more. are the one creating the sensual/sexual “reality” (the fantasy. I might slip in some shapeshifter stuff where I suggest that the trance partner is shifting into a lycanthrope form . . . . However. inquiring minds want to know! . Similar to how real-life virtual reality headsets work. .. and then starts to act out in trance. . or get more descriptive and elaborate about it. . But hey. I have . and it is awesome. if you choose. If I'm in a creative mood.

Agreed. and changes in the face. .Brian I have a good time simply taking a response and feeding it into a loop. The more pleasure you feel." In my experience. "Imagine On particularly fun bit is to do the "cat woman" transformation with an appropriate partner and as they notice the physical sensations of the change in jaw shape.. formal hypnosis isn't required. howls. Just whispering it in their ear is often eno That's a most excellent combination of creative and primal erotic hypnosis.Brian . then slip in the . the louder the sounds become.. the more pleasure you feel. self-reinforcing feedback loops are golden. that could morph into some very enticing and pleasurable experiences. I totally agree that sexual response IS an erotic trance experience. and the feeling of a tail . and then it can be insanely heightened by one's awareness of that. with an appropriate partner. especially starting it with the hypnotic language pattern. . the elongation of certain teeth. @KRJackson Great comment about informally creating a feedback loop. the feel of the fur. Someone who normally is very quiet during sex might enjoy a suggestion along the lines of "Imagine what it would feel like if the sounds you make. . "you're in heat" suggestion and play with that.done a lot of work with animal spirit guides and shapeshifting for introspective meditation so the erotic approach is an adaptation of that albeit with bells and whistles and fang and fur so to speak. Growls. And yes. The more sounds you make. increase the pleasure you feel. . Also. . and mews can all be used to reinforce the sensation. the lycanthrope form. .

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