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Psychology Hall of Fame Poster Project

Psychology Hall of Fame Poster Project

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Published by: plmitche on Jan 18, 2011
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Psychology Hall of Fame

Personality Portraits
Objective: To research and report on the life and ideas of the central persons within the field of psychology. Assignment: Create a personality portrait poster that provides the rest of the class with the important details of a central figure in the history of psychology. The rest of the class will be relying on the quality of work that your group produces. The “stick figure” poster format is one that you will use again in this course and in other social studies classes during your time at Free State High. This format is useful in providing a variety of information about historical figures while allowing for creativity, design, humor, and artistic expression within this form of communication. The stick figure format should include as much of the following information as possible: ideas, vision, words, actions, strengths, feelings, weaknesses, and travels; as well as a timeline of key events in their lifetime and major world or regional events related to their legacy. Please record your findings on the back of this sheet. TITLE VISIONS




TRAVELS [-------TIMELINE------] Assessment: You and your partners will both receive the same grade, based on how well you address the following rubric. I reserve the right to deduct points from each group for inappropriate behavior. This project is worth 10 assessment points (half of a quiz), so do not take it lightly. Your poster will be evaluated on the following: ____ Quality and Quantity of Research. (5 points) o How much time and effort has gone into investigating the life and times of this person? Is it clear that your group has attempted to find a variety of interesting information relating to this person? Design and Execution of the Poster. (2 points) o While exceptional artistic skills are required, has your group put forth satisfactory thought, time, and effort into the construction of your poster? Quality of Presentation. (3 points) o Your group will be scored on the following criteria: enthusiasm [ ], preparedness [ ], eye contact [ ], and sharing the spotlight [ ].



TOPIC: GROUP MEMBERS: IDEAS: What were some of their thoughts and/or beliefs?

VISION: What sort of future did they have in mind? What were some of their goals?

WORDS: Give a notable quote.

ACTIONS: What were some significant things that they did?

STRENGTHS: In what areas did they excel?

FEELINGS: Feelings might include love, hate, greed, envy, sorrow, etc.

WEAKNESSES: Did they have any shortcomings? Controversy?

TRAVELS: Where were they from? Where did they go?

TIMELINE: What and when were some key events of their life?

1st hour Assignments Sigmund Freud – Sarah & Taylor Albert Binet – Omar Wilhelm Wundt – Asa & Andrea John B. Watson – Caroline & Taylor Ivan Pavlov – Reilly & Kelly B. F. Skinner – Nick Elizabeth Loftus – Claude Steele – Sam & Mark Phineas Gage – Colin & Willie Howard Gardner – Christy Abraham Maslow – Luke & Sebi Jean Piaget – Trevor & Kayla 4th hour Assignments Sigmund Freud – Jeremy & Alex Alfred Binet – Farah, Hannah Wilhelm Wundt – Tyffani, Alysia John B. Watson – Aubrey & Estefanie Ivan Pavlov – Jaron & Holden B. F. Skinner – Tim & Campbell Elizabeth Loftus – Monica & Nadia Claude Steele – Megan & Lauren Phineas Gage – Preston & Katie Howard Gardner – Rachel & Rachael Abraham Maslow – Diego & Ian Jean Piaget – Rebekka & Shanda Carl Jung – Charlie & Justin Dorothea Dix – Joey, Elisa Franz Anton Mesmer – Chase & Zak

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