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Parents Teacher's Meeting

Parents Teacher's Meeting

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Published by Peetamber Shambhoo
Report on PTM
Report on PTM

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Published by: Peetamber Shambhoo on Jan 18, 2011
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( Academic Session:- 2009-11 )
Supervisor :- Dr. Shyam
Prepared B:-
Peetamber Shambhoo
year Section- ‘B’
Roll No.-03
DET !ar"ardooma
This is to certify that Peetamber Shambhoo student of ETE
year DIET Karkardooma has completed his Parent’s
Teacher Meeting eport under the super!ision " guidance
of faculty member of School as #ell as regular Super!isor
Dr$ Shyam Sunder$
%s per the kno#ledge " belief it is an original report done
by his and has been submitted to any#here else$
I #ould like to con!ey my sincere thanks to honorable
Principal Sir Sh$ $K$&upta and my regular super!isor Dr$
Shyam Sunder #ho guided and assisted me to make
Parent’s Teacher Meeting report$ I feel !ery thankful and
also I beg pardon for my mistakes #ith help of my
super!isor I am able to complete my pro'ect on time$ If I
didn’t ha!e that type of guided teacher I #ould not ha!e
been able to complete the report$ I sho# my regards to
teacher of &o!t$ Sar!odya (al )idyalaya*)i!ek )ihar* Delhi
to help and co+operate me #hile taking achie!ement tests$
)ith A ,eart Than-s
Parent’s Teacher Meeting ,P$T$M$- is
interaction bet#een Teachers " Parents for the
purpose of making Parents " Teacher a#are of the
problem of the students$ It includes problem faced by
parents " teacher and .nding those solution$ It
e/tends further to kno# about their aspirations* their
special desired related to school and the students$ It
also gi!es an opportunity to teacher to help parents in
.nding solution of the problem of the students$
0onsidering these points all the trainee+teacher
conduct t#o P$T$M during their School E/perience
Programmme$ 1e should continue this type of
meeting to make oursel!es and parents about the
strategies " programme related to the #elfare of their
children and makes further impro!ements$
(01ectives (2
To understand the problems of parents related to child’s
study career etc$
To .nd out the remedies of their problems$
To tell about the progress of their #ards$
To remo!e hurdles from the path of the students$
To kno# from students their aspirations$
To put suggestions gi!en by parents into action$
〉 To apply their suggestion in teaching$
〉 To discuss impro!ement in teaching standards$
(rgani3ing Parent.s
Teacher Meeting
"ver 4or- 4e do need p5anning/ $t.s said ha52 o2 the
4or- is done 4ith good p5anning ensures e6cienc/
%o55o4ing are the steps 2or organi3ing P/T/M/ :-
• 2irst of all date should be ./ed by considering school
time table " 'ob nature of the most of the parents
permission #as taken from the principal for the same$
• Then parents should be informed at least 3 days
before organi4ing P$T$M so that they could make
proper time arrangement to attend the P$T$M$ %
perform maintaining the date " time #as gi!en to
students to get it signed by the parents
• % room #as selected for the purpose of arrangement
of #ater #as made for the parents chairs #ere
arranged a day before to ensure e5ecti!e
communication bet#een teachers and parents$
(%or Parents)
 %re both of you #orking6
 Do you help your child in his home#ork6
 7o# much time your child gi!e to self study6
 Does he do his home#ork daily at home6
 Is he obedient6
 %re you satis.ed #ith your child progress6
 Do you .nd facilities a!ailable in school are satisfactory6
 Do you kno# your child has any bad habit or not6
 Do you check his home#ork daily6
 Is their any changes in the beha!iour of your child from last three
 Teacher should gi!e home#ork daily$
 Teachers should check home#ork daily$
 7ome#ork should be related to the nature of the students$
 It is the duty of the teacher to tell parents about their #ord truancy$
 Parents should be informed if they failed to bring home#ork$
 Teacher should understand student problem and only after that decision
should be taken$
 (ooks and uniform should be pro!ided to students in time$
 Students’ 8uarrels disputes should be sol!ed by the teacher
 Students should not be blamed unnecessarily by the teachers$
Parents Teacher Meeting , P$T$M$- that #e
organi4ed #as !ery successful #e came to kno#
many of the parents aspirations their problems* their
!ie#s about school and teachers* 8uestions put
for#ard #ere taken interesting by the parents they
appreciated our e5orts as a #hole it #as a #onderful
%o55o4ing conc5usions 4ere dro4n as a resu5t o2
〉 Most of the parents consider teacher something
like on almightly god #ho has solution to their all
problems related to their #ards$
〉 Parents kno#ledge le!el is !ery lo# they are
ignorant about the schemes of go!ernment for
meritorial students* institutes #hich help in
enhancing students personality and furthering
their career they ha!e many 8uestions are in the
obeys of their heart as these #ere left unans#ered
9$:"' B;
 It should be organi4ed from time to time$
 It should be planned thoroughly considering date* time* sitting and
#ater arrangements etc$
 Teacher should not blammed parents9students for the poor performance
of students$
 Parents should be told about the importance of their role in the
achie!ement of the students$
 Teacher should try to speak less " parents should be gi!en more time to
time speak more as it helps in kno#ing their problem* aspiration etc$
related to !arious elements of child learning$
 Parents should moti!ate their children to #atch ne#s* cartoon channel
and disco!ery channel$
#"!(#+ (%
0lass:+ ;
#"!(#+ (%
0lass :+ ;
$n2ormation !ard

CERTIFICATE This is to certify that PeetamberShambhoo student of ETE 2nd year DIET Karkardooma has completed his Parent s Teacher Meeting Report under the supervision & guidance of faculty member of School as well as regular Supervisor Dr. As per the knowledge & belief it is an original report done by his and has been submitted to anywhere else. Shyam Sunder. .

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