The average company will compete for customer by conforming to his expectation consistently.

But the winner will surpass them by constantly exceeding his expectation, delivering to his door step additional benefits which he would never have imagined . Cadbury offers such products. The wide variety products offered by the company include:

Now consider individual brand for the detail analysis of their advertisement campaign:


AD I : year 2009

In these adv company is promoting Cadbury dairy milk 2 shots, as “ kuch mitha ho jaye” for every happiness in our life. As in these ADV the man got money from the thief , and got reward also.

two shots of Cadbury dairy milk .AD II : 2009 In these Ad they show that . and when turn left found two pillow. 2. so for two happiness . the boy when turn right he found one pillow. CADBURY BOURNVILLE: .

3. and got the consequences accordingly.AD I: 2009 In these adv Cadbury want to say that “Listen the sound. CADBURY LITE: . feel the aroma and Don’t just eat bournville just Earn It “. so again in these AD also they stand on the same that you need to earn a bournville. AD II: 2008 In these ad as the person say that he did not earn it. In these AD the butler say I don’t earn it so the piano fall upon him as punishment.

4. CADBURY BUBBALOO . but her wife don’t allow her to do so. so Cadbury allow him to have sweet without sugar as Cadbury Lite.AD I: 2008 In these AD the man is looking for the rasogullas and thinking to have those.

AD I: 2007: In these ADV they want to promote bubbaloo as juicy chewing gum. that shows that if you chew bubbaloo you can feel the juices inside. as the children came there to do boating. and they get the water to boat. but water was not there. but as they eat bubbaloo . . AD II: 2008: In these ADV they introduce two flavor of bubbaloo strawberry and mixed fruit.

AD III: 2010 Bubbaloo cool mint: In these AD guys are playing and they get tiered . and they try Bubbaloo cool mint and they get freshed with the sea water . As they launched Bubbaloo cool mint. .

As with gems we can colour a Parrot. So we can have Gems when we want to have fruit. .GEMS: ADI: PARROT.5. AD II: CADBURY FRUITY GEMS-PHAL KHAO MASTI MANAO: 2006 These ADV basically shows that Gems are available in different fruit flavor.MASTI KE RANG: 2004 These ADV shows basically the different colours of Gems .

so that you can read and become smart . AD IV: CADBURY FRUITY GEMS : 2007 Here they introduced power ranger card free with fruity gems. . so he make Gems also small. so these also shows their presence in the market. where few children make fun of a scientist. AD V: GEMS-PLANET SHUBRU: 2008 Making these Ad shows the presence of gems in market.ADIII: CADBURY LUP : 2007 In these adv a magican make every thing small. AD VI: GEMS CHAIR POP: 2009 Here they show colourfull panda. by showing him the colourful gems onto his telescope. AD V : GEMS-SURPRISE: 2010 Here they are offering BENTEN toys along with the GEMS. and he think he discover a new planet called shubru planet. as they are eating colour full gems. Now gems are available in Re 1/-.

. and the boys donate after having the éclairs as the dairy milk is inside the éclairs .6. ADII : CADBURY DAIRY MILK ECLAIRS CRUNCH: 2006 Here they increase the product line by adding crunch.DONATIONS: 2006 Here the girls are asking donation for ladies hostel fund. DAIRY MILK ECLAIRS: AD I: CADBURY DAIRY MILK ECLAIRS. Now there are two éclairs now the normal one and the crunchy one.

7. ADV: CADBURY DAIRY MILK.ADIII: CADBURY DAIRY MILK ECLAIRS: 2007 ECLAIRS CRUNCH : 2007 and ADIV : Both are the Ads of new year just to show the presence in the market.ECLAIRS : 2009 Here they present éclairs as “ mitha bomb” as it blast chocolate inside you.PERK: .

as perk contains glucose. Here they target the young busy urban boys. ADX: PERK WITH GLUCOSE ENERGY-2010 In these ADV they show a boy .ADI. ADII. who can stay energetic for the whole day . AD VI These three ADV says that perk is new. ADIII These three ADV says that “ bore ho to muh chalao” CADBURY perk khao. ADVII. ADIV . . ADV. AD VIII. having just only a perk. “ perk khao. baki sab bhula do”. Cadbury light . crunchy and tasty.AD IX In these ADV they say that “ life atak jaye take it lightly”.

9.8. But in both these Ads the partners cheat each other and try to have temptation individually.TEMPTATION: Both these ADV says that TEMPTATION is” too good to share”. CADBURY CELEBRATION : .

may be Rakhsha Bandhan. 10. etc. which is not namkeen as” har snacks namkeen nahi hota” . It may be Diwali. . CADBURY BITES : In above three Ads . By these Ads they position bytes as meetha snacks. as in all Cadbury bring a new concept of celebrating occasions with Cadbury . they show bytes as “wafer ka swad and ander cream ta taste” isliye bytes jahan public wahan.The above Ads we can cluster them together.

11. 12. thandi sas ka blast”. HALLS MENTHOLYPTUS: In all above Ads they present Halls as “ Mentholyptus ka asar. CADBURY 5 STAR: .

and while eating the boy get surprise with those crunches.2010 Here in these ADVs the guys recall each other and after having 5 STAR they again forget each other. .2008. so they told that these are under 5 STAR. AD VI: CADBURY 5 STAR FRUIT N NUT –CLASS ROOM : 2010 These Ads basically launches to show the existence of of the fruit n nut in 5 star. AD III. nut.JO KHAYE KHO JAAYE: 2007. AD VII: CADBURY 5 STAR. fruit. AD V: CADBURY 5 STAR. AD II : CADBURY 5 STAR CRUNCHY ARREY : Here they add crunchies to 5 star. AD IV.2009 Here they are try to convey the message that CADBURY 5 STAR is so delicious that “ Jo Khaye Kho Jaye” so have it full if you have it half then half of you will get vanish.JO KHAYE KHO JAYE. These is again basically an Ads which make recall of the slogan “ JO KHAYE KHO JAYE “.AD I: JHONNY JHONNY : 2004 In these Ads CADBURY present 5 star as “ so soft that it melts in your mouth”. as when teacher ask for milk.


CB CONFEDIENCE CHAMPIONS . DANCER. So now it is much more tastier.AD IX : CB SWIMMING. ADIII: CADBURY BOURNVITA. AD V. ADII. CB GO KARTING CHAMPIONSHIP: 2006 .AD I. BATTING WORRIES :2003.KARATE. AD IV : CADBURY BOURNVITA. CB MAGICIAN.2003. CADBURY BOURNVITA is now available with the taste of 5 STAR.2005: Here in this Ads CADBURY want to say that . AD VI. CB JOCKEY . if you have the confidence in you then CADBURY Bournvita will add all nutritious required . so that you can easily achieve your goal in life. ADVII.5 STAR MAGIC: 2006 In these Ads CADBURY send a message that .ADVIII.

Cadbury with the magical taste of 5 star. AD X. Here they show that bournvita is a cool health drink . Bournvita uses the help of brand power .NATURE AND SCIENCE : 2009 Using these Ads . AD XI: CADBURY BOURNVITA 5STAR MAGIC: 2007 Once again shows its existence in the market.Here in all this Ads CADBURY want to say that . focusing on the season – Summer. AD XV: CADBURY BOURNVITA Li’L CHAMPS:2009 . if you have the confidence in you then CADBURY Bournvita will add all nutritious required . so as to gain the trust of the customer. so that you can easily achieve your goal in life. CADBURY wants to compete with the changing technology . as they show that new bournvita contains both the traditional along with the scientific products. That is why they call it as Cadbury Nature and science. AD XII: CADBURY BOURNVITA SUMMER ARREST : 2008: These is the ads published . AD XIV : CADBURY BOURNVITA : BRAND POWER : 2009 To gain the trust of the customer and to retain them. AD XIII: CADBURY BOURNVITA.

They conveyed the message that if you want your child to be like Sania Mirza then start bournvita health drink. 14. CADBURY DAIRY MILK : . “ mother and the child”. Here they target both the consumer and the purchaser.Here they use the face of the brand sport “ Sania Mirza”.


where they produce a hypothetical situation where Miss Radha won the tag of palampur. In these Ads they shows various situation as the reason for having Cadbury dairy milk. with its famous tag line as “kuch mitha ho jaye”. AD III. CADBURY place its DAIRY MILK brand as the replacement of the sweets. AD VIII: Amitabh’s ghost : 2007. AD IV: CADBURY DAIRY MILK: PAPPU PASS HO GAYA(LOVE/EXAM): 2005 It is one of the well known campaign of Cadbury dairy milk. as Amitabh recall dairy milk brand while listening to the word sweet from his driver. to celebrate they present dairy milk as sweet as “ kuch mitha ho jaye”.Since its inception. AD VI: Cadbury paanch rupiye coin toss/DUKAAN: 2006 They introduced the small pack of Cadbury dairy milk with Rs 5/-. AD V. in both these Ads they present two situation where Pappu came out to be a winner . AD VII: RADHA MISS PALAMPUR: 2006 These is again one well known Adv . so as a sweet you can use dairy milk. 2008 Here they show the recall value of Cadbury dairy milk. .

we can celebrate it for that they have the famous slogan as. AD X: IS DIWALI AAP KISSE KHUSH KARENGE : 2009 The concept of Cadbury’s new Diwali campaign is to seed the thought of sharing and bringing happiness to people’s lives. “ Kiss me close your eyes . miss me close your eyes” The famous slogan for Silk. So be it a simple act of kindness or taking the effort to fulfill cherished wishes. . Here they are trying to saw that you will forget all your important work while enjoying Dairy milk Silk. AD XI: CADBURY DAIRK MILK SILK : 2010. as the day when we get our salary . through the message “Iss Diwali Kyun ka kuch Mithas ho jaye”. Cadbury hopes to motivate thoughts and behaviour that bring a smile.AD IX: KUCH MITHA HO JAYE – PAY DAY: 2009 They again give one more reason to celebrate . “Meetha hai khana aaj paheli tarik hai”. The main focus of the TVC is to awaken & inspire people to appreciate those people around them who contribute a lot to their lives but whose efforts they rarely recognize and reciprocate.

. for the first time ever. So Cadbury bring its celebration brand for this purpose. This year. joy and celebration. Over the years. CDM urges consumers to also enjoy their much loved chocolate before embarking on an important task. in anticipation of a successful outcome. with the belief that it leads to a favorable outcome. ADXI: CADBURY CELEBRATION –RAKSHA BHANDHAN: 2010: As in INDIA we have the custom of giving gift to our sister in rakhsha bhandhan as shagun.AD X: SHUBH AARAMBH: 2010: This campaign is based on the concept of the Indian tradition of having something sweet before every auspicious occasion. CDM has been a special part of every Indian's moments of happiness.

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