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US History

US History

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Published by: Християна Йотова on Jan 18, 2011
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While Union military efforts in the East were frustrated and even disastrous, West of the
Appalacians, the war developed differently resulting in the first significant battlefield successes
for the North.

Kentucky, on the border between the Union and Confederacy was divided in it's sentiments
toward the two sides and politically attempted to pursue a neutral course. By autumn 1861 the
state government decided to support the Union, despite being a slave state. Kentucky's
indecision and the divided loyalties of that state's population greatly influenced the course of
military operations in the West as neither side wished to alienate Kentucky.

Below the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers where the Kentucky, Tennessee and
Missouri borders come together, Union Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant, under command of
Major General Henry W. Halleck, conducted a series of operations that would bring him
national recognition. It was just across the Mississippi from Kentucky in Columbus, Missouri
that Grant, later President of the United States, fought his first major battle.

The western campaigns continued into 1862 under Halleck's overall direction with Grant
continuing into Western Tennessee along the Mississippi. In February, Grant attacked and
captured the Tennessean Fort Donelson, providing a significant (though not necessarily major)
victory for the North.

About two months after the victory at Fort Donelson, Grant fought an even more important
battle at Shiloh.

Grant's troops killed Confederate General Albert Johnston and defeated the Confederate troops,
but at a steep price. Approximately thirteen thousand Union soldiers and eleven thousand
Confederate soldiers died, and Grant lost a chance of capturing the West quickly.


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