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1. An Index contains ________ that enables SQL Server to find the rows more efficiently. a. Values b. B-trees c.

keys d. On Disk Structures.

2. In a Block of transactions... A. If the outer transaction is committed, then the inner nested transactions are also committed. B. If the outer transaction is rolled back, then all inner transactions are also rolled back, regardless of whether or not the inner transactions were individually committed. a. Both A & B are true. b. A is true but B is false. c. A is false but B is true. d. Both A & B are false always.

3. A Transact-SQL explicit or implicit transaction that starts under a Multiple Active Result Sets session by default becomes a a. Explicit transaction. b. Batch-Scoped Transaction c. Implicit Transaction d. A New transaction can’t be started in MARS Session.

4. SQL Server can lock which of the following resources.... 1. A Single row 2. Key 3. Extent 4. Database

Read Committed c.5. a. Repeatable read d. a. 3. . All except 5. 4. Serializable. Table including all Indexes. Read Uncommitted b. 1. All except 3 and 5 d.. 6.. In which of the following Isolation Levels “dirty reads” are possible. 4 c. 2. 5. All e. 5 b.

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