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Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

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  • Recommendation for continued improvement
  • Root Cause Analysis:
  • Results and Improvement
  • Results and Recommendation
  • Main Objective
  • Reccomendations
  • Root Causes Analysis
  • Recommendation for Continuous Improvement
  • Solutions
  • Justification of Triage
  • The Planning Process and Implementation
  • Reccomendations for Continued Improvement
  • Background Information
  • Areas of Organizational Change
  • Practice/Recommendations for Change
  • Other recommendations
  • Forces and Constraints
  • Introduction and Problem Statement
  • The Aim of the Project
  • Prescription Forms in the Ministry of Health
  • How We Solved the Problem
  • Why WeUse the Prescription Form for Controlled Drugs
  • Reasons for Selecting These Alternatives
  • General Recommendation
  • Recommendations fro Continued Improvement
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Implementation / Results
  • Aims and Objectives of the Laboratory
  • Project Timeline
  • Aim Of The Project “Smart Goals”
  • Problem Definition
  • Alternative Solution and Implementation
  • The Problem of the Project
  • Results and Conclusion
  • Program Schedule
  • Program Evaluation
  • Notes
  • Project Mission Statement
  • Organization and Communication
  • DATA
  • Strategic Goal of the Project
  • Operational Plans
  • Solution
  • Results and Recommendations
  • Background of the Subject
  • Objectives of Planning Project
  • Time Scale
  • Monitoring and Review
  • Recommended Solutions
  • Smart goal
  • Problem Root Cause
  • Selected Solution
  • Completion of the Project
  • Future Rollout of the Project
  • Evaluation
  • Project Initiation
  • Root Cause
  • Solutions and Plan for Implementation
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Problem Areas and Solutions
  • Alternative Solution and Plan for Implementation
  • Dr. Emtethal Al-Jishi

Too long waiting list is not acceptable in MOH strategies and is considered as an
external failure. The need to monitor all waiting lists including Barium and General,
reporting with separate team.

Root Cause Analysis

1.Equipment and Space

Only one ultrasound machine - Aloka 700

Only one room available for such procedurein NHC

2.Management (administration)

The authorities are aware of the scale of the problem, but could not achieve the right
alternative solution due to lack of teamwork and analysis of the root causes.
It was based on getting moreRadiologists to NHC - The Chairman of NHC radiol-
ogy services insisting on getting more radiologists to do the examination. Now we
feel that that a Sonologist can help as an alternative.


Shortage of Doctors and they areoverloaded with work.

Sonologists who are listed for doing general radiography work feel less
motivated because of non-utilization of the training they have undergone.


Some of the physicians are not aware of the importance of the problem solving
examination as there is no time for routine ultrasound screening work that is not
related to patient’s problem


The physicians may decide through the Chief of Staff of Primary Care to train
their own physicians for ultrasound if we do not solve the problem.

The increased cost of new machine.

Sonologist weretrained by practical basis only and not through recognized
faculty. This may lead to medico-legal consequences in future, since it is not
passed through recognized qualification.

Since there is no recognized qualification in Bahrain for Sonologist doing
general study,Sonologist areless motivated as they get one grade or step and
cannot get above the existing grading. This may also lead to de-motivation in


Healthcare Management CQI Projects

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