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Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

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Iam happy to say that two points from the recommendations had been converted
to action which were opening a chronic clinic in Hamad Kanoo Health Center in
December 2001 and starting proper decentralization in two health centers in Bahrain
from January 2002.

Dr. Hala Sulaibeekh

Office of Plans and Programs
Ministry of Health


Healthcare Management CQI Projects

Improve the Utilization of the
Telephone Appointment System
at Al-Hoora Health Center 2001


One of the goals of the Ministry of Health in Bahrain is to deliver essential quality
and cost-effective services, with increased emphasis directed towards preventive
and primary health care services. Patient satisfaction is one of the desired outcomes
in any primary care setting, and it is widely acknowledged that patients’ involve-
ment in health care services and their opinion is necessary for the evaluation of
health care.
Hoora Health Center, a Class B health center in Region 2, is one of 19 health centers
distributed among different areas in Bahrain. It offers curative and preventive
health care including maternal and child health care, pharmacy, laboratory, medical
records and dental care for approximately 21,302 residents in the Hoora area. One of
the services provided in the health center is the telephone appointment system,
which allows patients to make appointments for the same day. Unfortunately, it was
found that this system was not utilized efficiently.

Problem Statement

Improper utilization of the telephone appointment system created difficulties for
patients and health center staff. Results of a study using a questionnairerevealed
that although 72% of patients chose the telephone appointment services, only 25%
of them were able to get the line. Those who could not manage to get their appoint-
ments by telephone had to come to the Health Center to register their appointments.
The resulting delay in appointments meant that patients had to wait in long queues,
stay in the health center, go home and return for their appointments or the patients
did not show up for their appointments, often resulting in loss of time for patients
who consequently complained through the media.
Data collected through the monthly outpatient statistics of Hoora Health Center
from April 2000 to July 2001, revealed that only 13 to 15% of appointments wereuti-
lized through the telephone appointment system.

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