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Creating Interactive Websites

Creating Interactive Websites

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Published by Bilal Soufiani

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Published by: Bilal Soufiani on Jan 18, 2011
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  • Getting a History Lesson in PHP
  • Understanding the Requirements for PHP
  • Operating System Support
  • Web Server Support
  • Exploring PHP-Related Software
  • MySQL Database Management Tools
  • PHP Editors
  • Working with PHP
  • Writing Your First PHP Script
  • Working with Strings and Variables
  • Working with PHP Functions
  • Error Handling and Trapping
  • Using Output Buffering
  • What’s Next?
  • Getting the Most from Your Idea
  • Brainstorming Details for an Idea
  • Researching Concepts
  • Planning and Information Gathering
  • Planning a Website Layout,Sections,and Features
  • Planning a MySQL Database
  • Planning for a Target Audience
  • Setting Up the Project Logistics
  • PHP Developers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Server Administrators
  • Project Managers/Team Coordinators
  • What’s Best for You?
  • Considering the Hardware Requirements
  • Understanding MySQL
  • MySQL Table Types
  • MySQL Column Types
  • What Is ADOdb?
  • Using MySQL Database Tools
  • Using phpMyAdmin: Web-Based MySQL Administration
  • SQLyog MySQL Manager for Windows
  • Connecting to MySQL Databases with PHP
  • Persistent and Nonpersistent MySQL Connections
  • Making the Connection
  • Designing Your Layout
  • Creating the HTML
  • Creating the PHP Code
  • Using the layout.phpFile
  • Introducing Classes
  • Creating the Basic Class Structure
  • Creating the META Content Class
  • Using the Meta Content Class
  • Preparing the Membership System
  • Creating the common.phpFile
  • Including a Welcome Message HTML File
  • Securing Web Directories
  • Setting Up the Membership System Database Tables
  • Creating a Membership Signup Script
  • Creating the HTML Signup Form
  • Creating the join.phpScript Structure
  • Processing the Form Information
  • Inserting the Members’Data into the MySQL Database
  • Sending E-mail with PHP
  • Displaying Success Message After Signup
  • Verifying the User’s E-mail Address
  • Looking at the join.phpFile Summary
  • Creating the Login System
  • Starting PHP Sessions
  • Creating the Login Verification Script
  • Creating a Lost Password Script
  • Creating the Membership Hyperlinks Box
  • Granting Member-Only Access
  • Logging Out
  • Planning the News System
  • Preparing the Website Administrator Access
  • Preparing the MySQL Database
  • Creating the News Article Category Management System
  • Creating the News Article Category Insert Script
  • Creating the News Article Category Update and Delete Script
  • Creating the News Article Category Administrator Hyperlinks
  • Testing the News Article Category Management System
  • Creating the News Article Management System
  • Creating the News Article Insert Script
  • Creating the News Article Modify and Delete Script
  • Testing the News Article Management System
  • Creating the News Article Index Include File
  • Creating the Read Full Articles Script
  • Creating a Hyperlinks Box
  • Challenge: Create a News Article Comment System
  • Adding News Feeds
  • Enhancing Your Website with Web Services and APIs
  • Working with Web Services
  • Using Google Language Translation Services
  • Using the Google Search Engine in Your Website
  • Working with APIs
  • Amazon Web Services API Made Simple
  • Planning Your Shopping Cart
  • Preparing the Code for Your Shopping Cart
  • Creating a Simple Storefront
  • Making a Shopping Cart Class
  • Shopping Cart Class: get_cart_idFunction
  • Shopping Cart Class: cart_addFunction
  • Shopping Cart Class: empty_cartFunction
  • Building the Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.phpInitialization
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php add case
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php default case
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php update case
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php remove case
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php empty_confirm case
  • Shopping Cart Interface: cart.php empty case
  • Building the Shopping Cart Interface: checkout.php
  • Providing a Shopping Cart Side Box
  • Testing Your Shopping Cart System
  • Creating a Products Catalog Hyperlink
  • Merchant Account Gateways vs.Third-Party Payment Solutions
  • What Is a Merchant Account Gateway?
  • What Is a Third-Party Payment Solution?
  • What’s the Major Difference?
  • Preparing Your Site for E-Commerce
  • Creating the Payment Processing Scripts
  • Processing Payments with VeriSign Payflow Pro
  • Processing Payments with PayPal
  • Completing the Order: ordercomplete.php
  • Testing the Payment Systems
  • Testing the VeriSign Scripts
  • Testing PayPal Payment Scripts
  • Utilizing Curl to Process Payments
  • Customizing This Project
  • Creating Custom Tracking with PHP and MySQL
  • Setting a PHP Sessions Counter
  • Tracking the Number of Users and Visitors Online
  • Tracking Search Engine Spiders
  • Creating a Quick Stats Box
  • Using Web Analyzing Software
  • Using Webalizer
  • Using Urchin
  • Monitoring Your Website with Alexa
  • Exploring Some Great Third-Party PHP Scripts
  • Using the phpAdsNew Advertisement System
  • Using the phpBB Bulletin Board System
  • Using the PowerPhlogger Statistics Tracking Script
  • Using the MyNewsGroups News Client
  • Finding Third-Party PHP Scripts
  • It Gets in Your Blood
  • Getting Support
  • PHP Support Sites
  • Live Support
  • PHP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Contributing to PHP
  • Keep On Truckin’
  • Popular PHP Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Date and Time Functions
  • File Handling Functions
  • MySQL Database Functions
  • String Manipulation Functions
  • System Configuration Functions
  • System Execution Functions
  • Text Formatting Functions
  • Control Structures
  • PHP Superglobals
  • Superglobal: $_SERVER
  • Other Superglobals
  • Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Error Control Operator
  • Incrementing Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • String Operators
  • Index

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