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Creating Interactive Websites

Creating Interactive Websites

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Published by Bilal Soufiani

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Published by: Bilal Soufiani on Jan 18, 2011
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The best part about working with excellent software such as MySQL is that someone is
always working on third-party software to make your life better. In my experience, I have
found some great third-party software applications and web-based scripts that allow me to
create, delete, modify, and manage elements of my MySQL servers fairly easily without the
need to learn command-line arguments for each action I take. This chapter will not cover
how to manage MySQL from the command line, but it will show you some great point-and-
click software that will make your life much easier.

WARNINGWhen managing a MySQL Server with root privileges, do notdelete,or drop,the database

named mysql. This database contains all of the necessary information to run your MySQL
server. Deleting this database will render MySQL inoperative.

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