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Draft Article, History of Rock Music:
1960 s: The 1960 s was the origin of classic rock music. This was the decade in which it all began, where Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and The Rolling Stones began their careers as stars in the eyes of the British public. Led Zeppelin, a British rock band from Birmingham, had a very unique and individualistic style, which made them stand out amongst a lot of other artists at that time. Although forming in the 60 s and creating their first album in this era, they also did a lot of work during the 70 s as well. Jimi Hendrix was a classic rock artist, who not only played a very unique style of guitar, but also sang as well. His ability to play the guitar in his style was like no other and was known at times to play the guitar with his teeth. His music was and still is inspirational, and is a great model to those who are looking for one. The Who created some classic rock songs and were well known for their MOD style. Some of their work was quite simplistic yet still worked with great effect, and therefore those new-comers into the rock industry should look at some of The Who s work as inspiration.

1970 s: During the 1970 s successful bands from the previous decades continued to produce excellent work, but new groups formed to entertain the masses of fans. AC/DC arose during the early 70 s and shook the world with their talent. They are classed by most as heavy rock artists, but they classified and still do classify their music as rock and roll. Their music is so popular, AC/DC are one of the highest grossing bands to date, yet their songs have a reputation amongst guitarists for being more simple than others, as they include simple scales (minor pentatonic scales) within the guitar solos. During the later years of the 70 s, other bands such as Dire Straits , Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles and others all arrived on our screens and in to our lives. Dire Straits had such unique style compared to other bands of their time as they managed to combine a mixture of rock music with country style as their music, and because of this became extremely successful. Although some of their songs are difficult to reproduce because of the unique way that Mark Knopfler played his guitar, some of the more rock based songs are easy to improvise once you ve learnt the main riff, such as Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms.

The 1980 s produced some of the most famous rock bands and songs ever created. Guns N Roses stand out amongst most of the bands from this period, but many others also shone during this era including U2, more from Dire Straits, The Waterboys, Bon Jovi and even a late forming from Green Day! Guns N Roses formed in 1985 and are still running to date, but with only one of the original members, lead singer Axl Rose. Nevertheless, they still produce excellent work and always have done, and because of their exceptional and very recognisable talent, they have managed to sell over 100 million albums worldwide. There most famous record is clearly Sweet Child o Mine, which is still popular amongst many people now, due to the very catchy opening riff. Their first album: Appetite for destruction has sold over 28 million copies, and includes severall of their major hits, and although their attitude isn t always appropriate, their work would be very good to use as guidance for new forthcoming bands. Many of the bands from the 80 s are still running and have been for nearly 30 years, yet some of their best work came from the classic rock era, such as U2 s records: With or without you and I still haven t found what I m looking for, Bon Jovi s records Livin on a prayer and Always and Waterboys records: This is the sea and The whole of the Moon.

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