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811/2008 Felix San Fransicso, CA Dear Felix, JUDGE KAREN is an exciting syndicated television court show in its

first season! Our court researchers have selected your small claims case against out of hundreds of others for a chance to be heard by retired Judge Karen Mills-Francisin her television courtroom. We know that every story has at least two sides and we would li;ce to explore whether your case would be suitable for arbitration on Judge Karen. We are looking for cases that revolve around matters of principle, not just money, and for litigants concerned with a fair and just resolution of their dispute. Judge Karen Mills-Francis served as a Circuit Court Judge in Miami-Dade County from 2000-2007. Previously she served as a County Court Judge for eight years prior to taking the bench in the Circuit Court. Known for her strong yet fair sentences, Judge Karen Mills-Francis has earned a reputation for her commitment to make people take responsibility for their actions and be held accountable. Having your case heard on Judge Karen may benefit you in several ways:

Judge Karen Mills-Francis hears only a maximum of nine cases per day. You will be given a specific time for your case to be heard.

We arrange and cover roundtrip travel to our New York City studio. If you win your case, you are the amount of the judgment awarded to

you in our television courtroom. Small claims judgments often go unpaid, but if we hear your case and you win, we pay you the money that's been awarded to you, and the decision is final. If you are interested in appearing on our show to resolve your dispute, or if you have any questions, please call me as soon as possible at I look forward to talking with you. or toll free at

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