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About this Course Training ini akan memberikan skills dan knowledge kepada peserta bagaimana mendesign sebuah IT framework yang konsisten dan berkelanjutan dimana hasil dari penerapan IT framework ini telah teruji pada manajemen pelayanan teknologi informasi diberbagai perusahaan Global sehingga penerapan framework IT tersebut dapat mencapai kualitas dukungan layanan kepada user. Jadi, sebelum ikut training ini bapak harus mengolek problem-problem IT diperusahaan bapak untuk nantinya dishare bagaimana pemecahannya sesuai dengan standar Frame Work IT-IL.

Training Outline ITIL Service Lifecycle Modules are: Service Strategy (SS) » The purpose of ITIL Service Strategy » Key Concepts in Service Strategy » Service Value and Service Provider Types

Service Design (SD) » The purpose of IT Infrastructure Library Service Design » Aspects of Service Desing and four Service Desing Ps » Key Processes within ITIL Service Design

Service Transition (ST) » Purpose of Service Transition » Key Processes and Activities in Service Transition » ITIL Service Transition Key Principles

Service Operation (SO) » Purpose of Service Operation Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

ITIL Service Capability Modules are:

Planning. Control and Validation (RC & V) Operational Support and Analysis (OS & A) ITIL Goals Provides best practice guidance for IT Service Management y y It aligns IT to business service needs A quality approach that leverages the management of the people. and the technology Audience y y y y System administrators System programmers Information Technology (IT) management Other IT professionals Fasilitas Training : y y y y y Training Module Sertifikat Training Trainer ± IT IL Certified Trainer Training Stasionary Lunch and 2X CoffeeBreak . Protection and Optimization (PP & A) Service Offerings and Agreements (SO & A) Release. processes.

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