Blinds UK Introduces the New Child Safe Blinds Collection

Dunstable, United Kingdom, January 18, 2011 --( encourages the use of child safe blinds by creating the brand new collection of Child Safe window coverings where spring operated roller and blackout blinds are featured. Bearing in mind that cord and chain operated window coverings are generally considered to be a dangerous choice for rooms with small children due to the risk of accidental strangulation and considering also that additional child safety mechanisms will not make them 100% safe, Blinds UK has created a new collection where only child safe blinds are featured. Dedicated to providing customers with more than quality products, but also quality information aiming to ensure that each customer is properly informed about each product prior to purchasing, the new Child Safe collection has been created with the sole purpose of encouraging families with small children to use adequate home improvement items inside their homes. By creating this new category, Blinds UK is actively encouraging the use of child safe blinds. What makes these roller and blackout blinds different from other types of blinds consists in the fact that cords and chains have been eliminated from the control system. The spring operation mechanisms is integrated inside the structure of the blinds so as to not pose any threat. Positioning it is as simple as pulling or lifting on the bottom part of the blind. Blinds UK has always been dedicated to encourage the responsible use of blinds and has always been dedicated to provide more information on child safety in regards to blinds and with the new Child safe window blinds collection has taken a new step towards encouraging the use of such window coverings in homes with small children. ###

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