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Ashlesha - Naga

Chandra in Ashlesha

Asalesha - Aslesa - Aazlesha - Aayilyam - Ahideva -

Ahidaivata - Bhujamgabha - Bhaujamga - Uraga - Vaba
Kak ( Tibetan)
Nakshatra trikona of Budha: Ashlesha , Jyestha Revati

The Ninth Nakshatra

16:40 - 30:00 Karkata (Cancer)
Location = "the head of Hydra": delta, epsilon, eta, rho and sigma Hydrae
-- The Circle of Stars

"The Clinging" - "The Embracing" - "Strangulation"

"All the snake-like associations of clinging, creeping, and poison; of
embracing and sexual union."
~~ Valerie Roebuck, CIRCLE, p. 107
• Hypnotizing, poisoning, seducing, squeezing - destruction of the


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drives away his hateful opponents.

defeat one' s enemies.

poison of the serpent to use on others.

powerful weapons."

~~ David Frawley, Fruits of Worshipping Each Nakshatra

A zlesha:
• intimate connection , contact
• embracing , embrace
• entwining, entanglement
• Adherence , clinging to
• he seventh Nakshatra
• serpent

• "breast-going"', a serpent , snake, a female snake
• A Naga (semi-divine serpent usually represented with a human face)
• The Nakshatra Ashlesha (presided over by the Nagas)
• lead

• Abending , curve: the arm, the breast, the hand, the trunk of an
elephant, a branch , bough
• coil of a serpent

• "slit", the vulva

• "serpent-asterism" name of the Nakshatra Aslesha

~~ Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionary

A shlesha, for females, from ~~ Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-
Shastra. p 94.
• "... this person is careless and unclean about herself and the manner in
which she dresses.
• She is not good-looking but indeed rather homely.
• She is distinguished by some disfigurement on face of body and
is rather miserable and unhappy.
• She has a secretive And rather bitter nature and is somewhat harsh and
unkind in her dealings with others, where opportunity presents itself.
• If she cultivated kindness and tact, her shortcomings might be forgotten
by those with whom she comes in contact.
• But her attitude and appearance are not conducive to popularity."

Ashlesha in lagna:
• Indira Gandhi, Katie Holmes, Alice Bailey (20th cen esoteric
author), Sarah Palin, former Alaska gov.; Madame
Blavatsky Theosophical esoteric writer
Chandra in Ashlesha:
• UK Queen Elizabeth II, actress Jane Fonda , actress Katie
Holmes, entertainer Barbra Streisand, USA Sec.
State, Condoleezza Rice

Ashlesha, for males, from ~~ Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-

Shastra. p 82.
• "Outstanding characteristic of these people is their rather unpleasant
and unsociable disposition.
• The y are Awkward and gauche in their manners and are not quick to
profit by their mistakes because of their inability to adapt themselves o their
surroundings and their apparent reluctance to be gracious or kind to others.
• This attitude militates against success in life and is a barrier to progress.
• These people should live less introspectively and learn to appreciate the
good in other people.
• They should cultivate the habit of doing things for others."


Ashlesha radix lagna:

• Gov Louisiana Huey Kingfish Long ;

Shri AurobindoGhosh; Henry Ford, Jawaharlal Nehru,
Chandra in Ashlesha :
• Mahatma Gandhi, UK-PM Gordon Brown , Beatle Paul
McCartney ; economist-Jyotishi Bepin Behari; Larry
Ellison (Oracle); Eliot Spitzer (gov New York - scandal)

General Description of Ashlesha characteristics -- from Das/ Behari

General General results of being born in

Ashlesha Nakshatra :
• You will possess the
quality of a penetrating
Character and general events:
• You will have difficulty
showing gratitude.
• You may be of
a duplicitous nature.
• You will possess the gift
of intriguing speech.
• You have the
qualifications of a
leader, possibly as a
• You will be very
• There is also an
indication of being soft
spoken and meek.
• But your external
shyness may
be misunderstood by others
as arrogance.
• You are not easily
swayed by others.
• Be cautious of this trait
when dealing with those of
questionable character.
• You do not keep any
distinction between rich or
poor, good or bad.
• You work well
independently and would be
suited towards managerial
• You are not of a
cheating nature, but are often
mistaken by others.
• You have difficulty
o between those
who are truly in
need and those who
are not.
• You enjoy being
recognized for your good
• You will be lucky and
popular, but have difficulty
controlling your temper.
o You may lose it
at inappropriate times
o and remain silent
when it may be
• You will have difficulty
enjoying your
fortune , mainly due to poor
• You will be the
recipient of Anonymous
3 . Education, sources of
• You may have your
education in arts or
• In the professional field,
you will get speedy
promotions and sudden
• A heavy loss of money
at the age of 35-36th years of
age and unexpected and
unearned income when you
are 40 years of old.
4. Family life:
• You will have to
shoulder much of the family
responsibilities, due mainly to
your being the eldest.
• You may experience
some miscommunication
with your spouse in the
realm of finances.
5. Health:
• You may suffer from
intestinal disorders.
• Be aware of addictive
tendencies with intoxication.

Description of the Four Padaa (quarters) of Ashlesha

Padaa 1 Das/ Behari:

• You are rich, kind and
• Henry Ford, intelligent.
industrialist entrepreneur
• You will earn your
• Alice Bailey (20th living through automobiles.
cen esoteric
author), theosophical • You will be respected
writer by your community.

• Eliot Spitzer (gov • You will be amiable and

New York - scandal)
cause no trouble to others.

Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu

Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 107,
• Usually laborers and
people of the service type...
• Bold, daring,
thoughtless and cruel;
• ungrateful, easily
angered, and quite stupid.
• Cause of great anxiety
and misery to the mother;
• may sell and use drugs;
• quite often contracts
venereal diseases
• Drug peddlers are
found in the first quarter.

Padaa 2 Das/ Behari:

• You will have difficulty
saving large amounts of
• Be mindful of serious
curable and preventable

Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu

Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 107:
• Thieves or people
who borrow money with no
intention of returning it are
found in the second part

Padaa 3 Das/ Behari:

• You may experience
• Shri Aurobindo G some discord with your
hosh relatives.
• You may suffer from
venereal diseases.
• This moon placement
indicates a troubled
relationship with your mother.

Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu

Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 107,
• And when the third and
fourth parts are rising, The
father of the native will
suffermuch financially
thought the native's acts.

Padaa 4 Das/ Behari:

• There is difficulty for
• Katie Holmes both the father and mother
• Madame together in a short span of
Blavatsky Theosophy time.
• Also, you may find that
sometimes you earn your
money in ways which you
must keep somewhat secret,
• and that also may take
place far away from your
place of birth.

Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu

Astrology Joytisha-Shastra.
• same as padaa-3

from BPHS, Ch. 94: "Remedies from the Effects of Birth in Jyestha
Gandanta" -- (Ranjan edition, 1995, p. 1035 Vol 2.)
• "A boy or girl born in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter of Ashlesha
Nakshatra destroys his/her mother-in-law , and
• A boy or girl born in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter of Moola
Nakshatra becomes the destroyer (cause of death) of his/her father-in-law.
Therefore , suitable measures, as may be possible within one's means, should be taken
at the time of the marriage of such boys and girls.
There will be no evil effect if the husband has no elder brothers.

9. Ashlesha -- 16:40 - 30:00 Kataka

Ruler: • Budha

Body • Ears of Kalapurushaa


• Auspicious events: Fierce

competition, things relating to
Related serpents, as in serpent puja, things
activities: relating to poison, rash actions,
starting a business, money exchange.

• Sarpas (Snake that became a God)

or Naga

Symbol: • coiled snake

Gana /
• Demonic / Rakshasa

• Kak - goddess
• Dengchen Lhamo, Dragon-tailed

BPL comments on Ashlesha:

• Ashlesha = intensely, relentlessly, insatiably needy
• Regardless of one's factual material situation, Ashlesha =
feels financially, emotionally, and spiritually impoverished
Naga Ruled
• Ashlesha is not a Rahu-ruled Nakshatra , but Ashlesha =
ruled by Naga kings (sarpa).
• The refore Ashlesha has traits of snake-like slipperiness, and
also qualities of pretense or deception that would be associated
with Rahu.
• Ashlesha are born to inattentive, distracted parents
(Karkata) who do not overly value the child.
• In childhood, the Ashlesha was effectively discarded by
• In adulthood, Ashlesha is engaged in reclaiming value
from discarded articles

• Compulsively Manipulative, needs to "squeeze "

information, Attention , affection, Agreement , or other value from a
person or object.
• Cheapness and compulsive re-use of personal items.
• Pretending to be subsistence-poor and crippled by debt .
• Ashlesha-sarpa = secreting away piles of money, all the
while "squeezing" money and favors from sympathetic others by
pretending to be terribly poor.
• Ironically, Ashlesha capable of supervising greed and waste
of corporations and governments on a massive
scale. Ashlesha compulsiveness = strictly in the personal sphere.
• Example:
Lyndon Johnson (birth time uncertain) was in reality one of the
richest men in America during the time of his USA presidency.
According to Wikipedia, " Johnson was famously frugal.

o Even as President, White House tapes recorded him asking a

photographer to take his family portraits for free, saying he
was a very poor man living on a weekly paycheck and had a
very great deal of financial debt. In fact Johnson was a
multimillionaire, but he still wasn't charged for the
photographic portraits.
o The White House press corps made jokes at his expense
regarding his habit of turning off all lights in the White House
when the rooms were not in use.
o Johnson's secretary revealed years later that he would wash
and reuse Styrofoam cups."
o ("Fresca" = a bitter soft drink made from grapefruit juice
and carbonated water.)

Pretending to be Poor

• Compulsive value-squeezing frugality - even when one is

quite wealthy
• Obsessive need to extract value from merchants by asking
for low-income discounts, "sliding scale".
• Obsessive need to extract value from government support
services by (fraudulently) claiming that one lives in poverty.
Embezzling, False Billing, and Stealing
• Ashlesha may overtly or covertly steal resources from others in the
compulsive belief that there is "no other viable way" for one to obtain
these "life sustaining essentials".
• Ashlesha-sarpa is very quiet and is rarely detected in the act of theft.
Ashlesha does not intend to harm anyone. One is simply following an
inner directive to "get what one desperately needs". This Nakshatra does
not engage in violent crime; and the Serpent almost always works
alone in its manipulative schemes. Does not join gangs or crime
syndicates, and waits in darkness for the opportunity to "extract value".
No direct attack.
• Ashlesha professionals such as physicians, psychologists,
accountants or attorneys may feel a compulsive need to "squeeze" profits
from large "parental" organizations such as insurance agencies, charities
and governments, via false invoicing or billing for services not rendered.
(See Chandra in Ashlesha for the core emotional trauma profile.)
• Ashlesha are very quiet and unassuming during their "squeezing"
operations; they have skilled record-keeping knowledge (Budha-ruled)
and endurance to pursue small-dose, long-term accumulations. Ashlesha
are famous shop-lifters, pick-pockets, and embezzlers. Even the very
wealthy Ashlesha may steal food.

Control Fixation on small, personal objects

• Ashlesha natives are famous for writing (quite long) letters on
scraps of multiple old envelopes and in the margins of already-used
correspondence. But this is not just modern recycling ethic! It is an
obsessive need to "squeeze" more usage out of a resource or an object.
• Addiction = a behavior which damages or interrupts one's ability to
perform one's normal tasks. Ashlesha may exhibit an addiction or OCD
(obsessive-compulsive disorder) fixationre: the normally productive habit
of reclaiming value from discarded articles.
o Ashlesha may be unable to release from active use the sorts
of small, personal-use objects which are normally disposed as
waste, or washed and dried, or otherwise cleansed, reprocessed, or
repaired before another use cycle is undertaken.
o The unique Ashlesha trait is not the habit of recycling
materials. Recycling is culturally normalized.
o What is unusual is the habit of using the personal materials
in a way that either interrupts which are normally (writing paper,
drinking cups, plastic water bottles, tea-bags, razor blades,
toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shoes, undergarments)

A shlesha illnesses
• The Ashlesha native can make oneself quite sick from toxicity or
infection, due to compulsive reuse of intimate personal items without being
able to relinquish control enough to wash or replace the item.
• See: Ashlesha lagna for educated woman who died of long-term
poisoning from compulsively reusing old tea-bags.

Happy Habits
• Ashlesha feel comforted and delighted with activities that
squeeze more value from small amounts of material.
• Ashlesha ladies may enjoy "quilting" which is an artisanal
sewing art that re-uses scraps of old household cloth from
discarded garments, old linen, worn curtains etc and re-
assembles these scraps into a sewn coverlet for the bed. (Quilting
is now a hobby in the USA; but not so long ago it was an essential
skill of scarce-resources housekeeping). Quilting involves
intensive handwork (Budha-ruled Ashlesha) and a quilting "bee"
is highly conversational (Budha).
• Similarly may be expert "scrappers"

Ashlesha compulsion vs. "socially responsible practice"

• In our era of shrinking natural resources and astronomically
expanding global population, the ethic of "reduce, reuse, recycle" is
commendably promoted throughout the modern world. Choosing to
"squeeze" more utility from a resource or an object, before disposing of
it, or "going without" an environmentally expensive luxury such as air-
conditioning, is a noble social practice in many cases.
• What makes Ashlesha's behavior different from modern and
traditional conservation practices is (1) the compulsive quality and (2)
cheap, tight control on personal items (drinking cups, razor blades) while
happily allowing the greater world to "run amok".
• Ashlesha rarely has a rational, altruistic global conservation motive.
Its concerns are strictly personal. Also, Ashlesha is unable to
stop hoarding, stealing, scrimping, saving, and obsessively re-using --
even in the face of abundant natural resources or personal wealth.
• Socially responsible practices like "reduce, re-use, recycle" are
rational programs of social behavior change that are sensible responses to
limitations in global environmental resources.
• Reusing one's razor blades until the face bleeds with shaving, or
drinking from an unwashed teacup after red mould has grown around
the rim, or compulsively over-billing for professional services when the
legitimate billing would still create a very substantial profit, are not
rational responses to environmental stress. They are compulsive
behaviors, connected with Ashlesha's deep trauma of not being able to get
the attention of the distracted parent, without slithering into their lap and
"squeezing" to get affection.

Graha in Ashlesha = 'Space Invaders'

• Graha in Ashlesha can manifest trauma-driven behavior
that is "inappropriate" = "not in its own space".
• Ashlesha is invasive, manipulative, and binding.
• The graha's karaka role will determine the object of invasive
attention .

Surya in invades the boundaries of the Fidel Castro, Alfred

Ashlesha: father, tries to entwine the Hitchcock, Martha Stewart,
father in order to disable him. Madonna,Barack Obama
This reaction occurs because
the father was invasive and

Like Guru and Chandra, Surya is

strong in Karkata so the native
has a strong and confident public
personality. Yet underneath the
confidence is a manipulative
insecurity. [.]

Chandra (see above) Mahatma Gandhi, Katie

Nehru, Queen Elizabeth II,
Desmond Tutu

Mangala invades the boundaries of the Hillary Clinton, Al Gore

in brother-competitors. This
Ashlesha reaction occurs because the
- one experienced entrapped,
invasion and binding in
The native is "trying to do
business" but the competitors
feel tricked and trapped,
"squeezed" for information.
Sexually manipulative. Likes
to strangle and bind.
A suspicious character:
emotionally, covertly jealous
and morally corrupt. Mark of
devious fraud: a charlatan,
thief, or cheat. Damages the
marriage agreement when in
domain-4 and damages the
emotional trust in marriage
when 4th-from-Chandra. [.]

Budha in invades the boundaries of the GW Bush, Fidel Castro

Ashlesha conversation partner.
Wants to be your friend, but
only for purpose of finding
out everything about the
person in order to use this
information for personal gain.
A fair-weather friend,
exceptionally manipulative
and secretive in dealings.
Often "trying to help" or
"deepening the friendship" -
the friend feels entrapped. []

Guru in most implications of the Osho-

Ashlesha uchcha Brihaspati are of Rajneesh.Rabindranath
course excellent, but Guru Tagore, Shri
in Ashlesha has a potential Aurobindo, Rudolf
underbelly which bears Steiner,Desmond Tutu
increased awareness. In a
jovial and sagacious style,
the native may invade the
boundaries of the children.

If receiving a strong (sexual)

drishti from Mangala, can be
a setup for pedophilia or
inappropriate relations with
children: the native is "loving
them" or "blessing them" but
the children feel entrapped.

At a higher level, the

native may manipulate
one's priestly powers for
personal trauma-healing
purposes, and embrace the
religious students in a very
tight psychological grip.

Shukra in invades the boundaries of Michael Jackson. GW Bush-

Ashlesha females and sweets-drugs- 43,om Cruise, Nicole
sexual pleasure providers. Kidman, Alfred Hitchcock
Manipulates and squeezes to
get one more drop of the
precious substance. []

Shani in invades the boundaries of the Camilla Parker-

Ashlesha servants. The native is over- Bowles,Hillary
involved in the lives of one's Clinton, Indira
servants and employees.
Gandhi, Al Gore, Adolf
Invades their privacy under Hitler
pretext of helping or needing
to protect the underlings in a
parental way. The servants
feel trapped.

Rahu in - invades the boundaries in a Aristotle Onassis; Bepin

Ashlesha highly amplified way. The Behari, om Cruise
object of strangulation-
manipulation will be
determined by Rahu's lord

Ketu in - invades the boundaries in a

Ashlesha detached and devalued way,
but the object of manipulation
will be determined by Ketu's